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The only issue is that Dragon Disciple (unless the GM uses fiat) requires an arcane class that doesn't prep (spontaneous caster). :\ Neat idea though...

Anybody thinking of pre-applied poison? I kinda skimmed the thread, but I didn't see it mentioned. As Ogre pointed out, the concealed items have a higher cost. Sneaking it into the court of the venerable old baron for the devious assassin might outweigh the use of a poisoned dagger.

Kenway wrote:
Kenway wrote:

1) If your eidolon has 3 heads, you have to select bite for all three heads for all of them to have bite attacks. Do you have to select improved damage (bite) once for each head? Or just once?

2) If you took trip would all three heads also have a trip attack?

Also: Would each additional head also give the eidolon bonuses to perception?

Can you only have one attack per head? As in a bite, gore or breath weapon? Or could each individual head conceivably have all three?

Does each additional set of limbs (legs) grant you the ability to have another two claw attacks?

I wouldn't think so myself. Perception is the overall senses and the ability to process the information. Thus a monk with really well developed senses can have a better perception than a hydra. Looking through a fish eye lens gives a broader view, albeit a blurrier one. A better example is looking through a stack of papers versus skimming a database. The ability to process the large amount of info coming in is what determines it's value.

Also, if it gave a bonus per head it would probably say so. :D

EDIT: Answer only applies to the first paragraph after 'also:'.

As much as this amuses me, with all their alchemy, wouldn't it make sense if they had shatterproof glass? We have opaque plastic, so why not?

Unless a potion is bottled for hurling, something that costs more than most people make in (insert time frame here), you'd think they'd put it in something safer. Maybe it's just me, but I think practicality should be a factor.

Listening to covers... currently Immigrant Song by Demons & Wizards. ^_^

In the bestiary it mentions that "Both of these variant skeletons can be created using animate dead, but they count as twice their normal number of Hit Dice per casting."

As for zombies, I think it'd be the same.

EDIT: PRD - Look under Variant Skeleton.

Awesome! This is definitely a step in the right direction...thanks! :)

TL;DR version = I have a lot of soundtracks and music for gaming I have gathered... I'm looking for advice on must have "categories" for dividing it up into themed playlist.

I was taking a break from planning out the upcoming game of Pathfinder this Sunday to play Oblivion when I thought of something... A while back I added some theme music to the folders of Oblivion to add some diversity to the song choices. For those that don't know, Oblivion's folders are sorted into Battle, Dungeon, Explore, Public, and Special.

My idea is to sort all of my various scores/sountracks and gaming music into playlists in a similar fashion. The advice I seek is for what kinda suggestions of "themed playlists" to create. I'll include the obvious "Boss music" to the list.

Any other ideas?

If you're going by card art alone with a Rider Waite Deck than you could go with that... however, the meaning of the cards are actually different... for example:

I would think the sun to be a bard as the sun is usually a sign of happiness and good tidings. Also, death is a card of change and in a reversed position it is stagnation... somewhat like the hanged man. The antipaladin falls more under the devil ironically, as it is connected to bondage and restriction. If you'd like to more let me know... however if you're just going of the card art, then that's alright.

EDIT: I didn't mean to sound like a know it all. :p

Although you may be wanting to make use of the maps for an honest cause, I think there is a reason many of the publishers started using layers like this. The product in particular you are using is free, but others similar to it may not be. This is may be a piracy deterrent... and I'm not trying to derail this into that discussion here.

However, as a solution might I suggest contacting the creator of the PDF and requesting the image directly, seeing as they have the unlocked files? Whenever someone has contacted me with a reasonable request like that I'm usually inclined to give them what they need. Also, I'm usually much happier than if it just taken. Just another side of the coin...

Kavren Stark wrote:

To Philip Nichols list of archetypes based on combinations of mental stats, I'd add extremely low Cha and Wis with extremely high Int -- the character would be an autistic savant, brilliant at one or more technical or academic subjects, but utterly clueless when it comes to human behavior and interaction. The most extreme case (probably with both Wis and Cha of 3 or less) would be a frank autist, like the title character in Rain Man; slightly higher Cha and/or Wis would be characteristc of someone with severe aspergers.

And, as I've given Rain Man as an example, here are a few other fictional characters to consider.

Low Cha, Avr Int, Low Wis: Napoleon Dynamite. Not a nerd, not a geek, just a dork. He's not necessarily stupid, but he's nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is, either.

Low Cha, Low Int, Average Wis, alignment CN: Jayne Cobb. His Cha and Int are probably just a bit below average, and his Wis might actually be a bit above -- he's got very good situational awareness and survival instincts, but he's extremely uncouth, and doesn't give much of a damn about anyone but himself. That's where alignment comes in -- the same stats with, say, a lawful neutral alignment would be a totally different character -- probably an intolerant, narrow-minded prig more concerned with following rules than with whether those rules are sensible or just.

Low Cha, High Int, High Wis: Vaarsuvius. People ought to listen to V, but V's such an insufferable know-it-all that they can't stand to acknowledge that he/she's right a lot of the time. Actually, the gender ambiguity probably doesn't help V's charisma any, either: almost everyone relates differently to other people depending on their (perceived) gender, and not being able to perceive another person's gender tends to make us feel nervous and off balance.

If I high CHA allows you to convince people you know what you're talking about even when you don't, perhaps a low CHA causes people to discount what you say as being inaccurate, even when you're spot on. Even worse, perhaps when you are actually right, people a habit of doing the old bit "I have an idea, lets [paraphrasing of your idea]." That'd fit with the pushover factor as Jocund pointed out, perhaps ala 'Marty McFly's dad'?

Talonne Hauk wrote:
Kakarasa wrote:
I would think someone with a CHA 3 would be disturbing to be around. A step beyond a person you love to hate. Doing things that are socially reprehensible. For example maybe after killing foes in combat she eats the eyes VERY loudly or constantly wets himself in battle while chortling like a baby (in a serious roleplaying setting, not a silly one). I know that seems unpleasant, but it gives the character a creepy factor that makes almost everyone and everything it comes across abhor it. The works of Lewis Carroll are full of peculiar things. I've met a few people who were really nice but socially as awkward as a duck with velcro this minus having a functional personality. For those of you that have played Vampire the Masquerade - maybe like a mentally very unstable person in a Malkavian mindset, but not necessarily evil.
Okay, I see what you're saying... but would you want that guy in your party? This is a better description of a 3 CHA for an NPC, but there is a limit for a PC, in my opinion.

The majority of the characters I play wouldn't want a character with 3 CHA in their party in general, but if the storyline circumstances forced them together then perhaps they would have to tolerate the 3 CHA char. If I was playing a character like that I'd probably mention often that I'm playing the character and try to be as even with the role as possible, but with such a low score some characters in game would probably wanna boot them out by day one.

I agree on the limit to the PC, but then again, I would rule in my game if you had a permanent score of 3 to any stat that the character would need to become a NPC and the player would need to build a new one as this isn't sustainable over the long term. It'd be like spending an adventure path as Smeagul/Gollum and having to try to contribute as a full member of the party. The more the GM compensates, the more off balanced it would become IMO.

I've played an arcane caster that was transformed into a raven. While the concept was neat, eventually I had to concede that such a low score isn't playable without either a massive handicap or lots of compensation over the long run.

I would think someone with a CHA 3 would be disturbing to be around. A step beyond a person you love to hate. Doing things that are socially reprehensible. For example maybe after killing foes in combat she eats the eyes VERY loudly or constantly wets himself in battle while chortling like a baby (in a serious roleplaying setting, not a silly one). I know that seems unpleasant, but it gives the character a creepy factor that makes almost everyone and everything it comes across abhor it. The works of Lewis Carroll are full of peculiar things. I've met a few people who were really nice but socially as awkward as a duck with velcro this minus having a functional personality. For those of you that have played Vampire the Masquerade - maybe like a mentally very unstable person in a Malkavian mindset, but not necessarily evil.

Eric Swanson wrote:

Eilodons do not heal naturally, so therefore a disease it has contracted is still in effect. I would say however, the disease does not progress while it is unsummoned.

In order for a disease to be cured, magic would need to be used, or the eilodon must throw off the effects by making its Fort saves.

Thanks for the perspective. I had a friend on another forum say nearly the same thing. The only real deterrent from this is the summoner has no spells to restore this. Thus either 'heal' only applies to curing HP and resting OR the Eidolon gets cleaned up each time it's resummoned.

The way it says the creature is a powerful outsider and is unaffected by Pro from Align feels like calling to me. Perhaps like how back in the day random adventurers could be summoned to into combat? :) Hmmmm indeed...

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

I had a player ask if his Eidolon contracted a disease if it would stick or fall off on the resummoning (after sleeping). I do realize that it is treated like a summoned creature. Therefore it should fall off.

At the same time, it is the same creature summoned over and over again. This gave me pause. *I was also curious how poison and other ability draining/damaging things would work.

Anyone wanna weigh in on this?

*EDIT = I was referring to how they would work should it stick.

After reading the remaining posts, I would first like to thank everyone who has posted and given their thoughts. It has become apparent the the best approach is going to be first, talking with the other group member privately so he doesn't feel like I'm ganging up on him, then calling the ninja and the player who introduced him for a chat. I'll let him know the overall tone of the group and make some suggestions as to what may accomplish his goals.

I also will spell it out in plain english that the group (a pre-existing dynamic) is heavy role players. If he isn't excited about roleplaying like they are, he's gonna have lot of non-combat down time where he may be bored, and that it's not okay to try to hustle this part of the game along as the other characters enjoy these parts (even his introducing friend).

I do often ask myself if I'm being unreasonable, and perhaps I am with the build, but at the same time, I have to ask if I'm unreasonable for allowing someone to play in a group of six that kills the fun...? :\

@Karel Gheysens & @Daedryn - These sounds like great ideas... all I really want out of this (as well as the majority of other players) is to have a reason for all of this in a roleplaying sense. I hated in 3e/3.5e when players modge-podged a bunch of classes together without reason just to get a slightly more powerful build or gain more powers. I think I'll have to sit down with both of them before next game and tactfully clear the air. I've offered him the option of coming in as an equal leveled Elan Soul-Knife (he has expressed splashing levels if he has to in gaining psionics). With a sorceress (elemental blaster), monk/rogue, and rogue/ranger (last two splashed 2 levels) the ninja is kinda redundant to what's already there.

@ProfessorCirno - A 15-ft whiplike weapon dealing 1d8 that can sneak-attack as a ranged touch attack without the armor restriction of a normal whip for starters? If I bring in any fire-protected enemies, he becomes absolutely useless... if not his damage output is going to be higher than the rogue or monk with less weaknesses.


@Rathendar and @Ironic Disaster - I personally have no issues with a ninja concept. One of the players is a monk with 2 levels splashed in rogue. He took the levels in rogue to build his concept of a monk trained in a 'cobra-sytle' of martial arts. From a role playing perspective, the monk/rogue comes off as a flavorful character and the actual ninja has had opportunities to have his moment in the spotlight, but always just blows it off. Where the monk will stop fighting a foe to shield a downed comrade, the only thing the ninja seems concerned about it damage output (I have suggested a fighter BTW).

As far a future arguments, I do see this being an issue. Every inch given is being exploited into a mile, and I'm already wary that the metagaming may become an issue as well.

@John Kretzer - I had a talk with the player who brought the ninja to the game, but his thinking is that the build won't be too powerful (on paper). The thing that made me feel like he was trying to exploit the system was that he wanted to gain all these psionic feats and not take a single level in any psionic class (except the prestige class). I pointed out that there's no way to gain access to any magical prestige classes without levels as a spellcaster and that gaining a psionic prestige class without a single psionic level felt a little abusive. :\


As mentioned above, I have a new player that one of my existing players has brought into our game (just starting a game of Kingmaker with mostly newbies). When I first asked him (the new guy) what kind of character he wanted to play, he pushed for playing a ninja (the playtest version). I was hesitant (we already have a rogue), but granted him the ability to play it, as long as he rebuilt the character with subsequent errata and if anything was immensely broken, he'd have to adapt. So far this playtest, core, APG, and Psionics Unleashed (by Dreamscarred Press) are the only things allowed.

After two sessions he's wanting to go back and swap his race for the Elan so he can use it to become a Pyrokineticist at 6th level (power points are granted by the race). He's wanting to take a bunch of the Psionic feats. The group is predominately role-players, whereas this guy is 110% a roll-player. When the other PCs ask him why he's taking this approach, he becomes very defensive and doesn't wanna discuss it.

My issue with all of this is that it feels like he's trying to munchkin his way into a character more powerful than the others. The rogue already is being out-shined a bit by the ninja's build at lower levels and seems to be irritated and feeling undervalued.

Which brings me to the problem... at this point I'm torn between just granting the character the build, saying no, or just telling the guy I think he needs to find a different group (one more munchkin tolerant). Before making a decision, I have decided to consult the wisdom of the Paizo boards. I feel bad with the idea of dismissing him, but I have two other people wanting into a full game (six PCs currently) and I wouldn't keep him if not for the friendship of the inviting PC.

I'd appreciate any advice or perspectives on the matter. I've tried to clarify the situation, but if more info is needed, I'd be happy to supply it.

If I used a time machine concerning this book, I'd use it to travel to the release dates and bring it back along with the new undead adventure path.

This is definitely on my MUST buy list!

mdt wrote:

One major issue I have with Min/Max is that the people who tend to take it to extreme (the ones who are dumping 2 or more stats to 7 or below) throw a hissy fit if you penalize them for it.

"Why do I have to climb! You put this in the game because I have a low str, you're just picking on me!"

"Why do I have to roll for talking to someone? It should be what I roleplay at the table, not what my 5 cha dwarf rolls! I'll never be able to roleplay if you keep picking on me like this, you just don't like the fact my dwarf is really good at hitting people!"

I'm sure someone can fill in one for each stat. Low con? How dare you use poison in the game! You're just picking on me because you don't like my build!

THIS. (For the record I usually GM myself, but play sometimes)

The big issue seems to be in my games with min/maxing mental stats. Physical scores are forced in the game (IE bashing down a steel door with 7 strength naked? Failed!) versus an extremely low wisdom (making sure not to forget to tie up the horses and bring along handy item X? Done!).

The other problem is that build that has horrible mental stats can cause issues at the table. The player with that build may be offended or hurt with the way they are treated by other players. It's possible that when the character with 7 INT / 7 WIS is treated as an idiot that the owner of said character will feel that there is hostility in real life, possibly damaging a real life relationship.

Ricca Adri' Thiakria wrote:

A side question:

What are the symbols for before someones avatar name?
ie: GeraintElberion has a crown and Thomas LeBlanc has what appears to be a hawk.

IIRC they're faction symbols from Pathfinder Society play... There may be more to them though... :\

Kolokotroni wrote:
In addition I recommend giving this a listen. Narrative Control Icebreakers the tale of Scalagrim the Barbarian Prince is a great excersize to warm up the roleplaying juices and teach a few key roleplaying techniques. It worked wonders on a friend who joined my group and was completely lost at trying to act in character and participate in roleplay.

I just started listening to this... thanks for the link!

A lot of the players in one of my games are a bit heavier on war-games and such. I get a lot of dry mathematics without many descriptions from them. I can't remember the thread it was in, but someone proposed taking away the maps. I moved the maps are behind the GM screen and had players describe their action rewarding them for effort. It seemed to help a lot. YMMV... either way, welcome to the bards! :)

cappadocius wrote:

Natives of Castrovel, Akiton, Verces, Eos, and the Liavaran and Brethedan Mooninites.

More Cryptids - Almas, Dingoneks, Hokkaido Wolves, Nandi Bears, Ropens, etc.

More creatures of American folklore - Hidebehinds, Snoligosters, Slide-Rock Bolters, Agropelters, Splinter Cats, Whirling Whimpuses, Squonks, and the like.

Yokai - Akaname, Enenra, Hitosume-Kozo, Kuchisake-Onna, Nurikabe, and their brethren.

I know this is a long way back and may have already been mentioned (TL:DR), but look here for american folklore monster similar to the above named.

EDIT: La Lechuza would be interesting...

Stephan wrote:
Timothy Ferdinand wrote:
running a campaign which includes a series of large skirmishes and I wondered if there were any rules published for Pathfinder to cover such large scale combat situations?
Kingmaker Adventure Path Part 5 "War of the River Kings" contains such rules.

This is the Mass Combat thread for Kingmaker.

It could have had a great story behind why. Maybe someone was trapped in a cabin during a snowstorm and had to use paper to light the fire while burning bits of furniture. *shrugs* It could happen...

There was a feat in "101 Feats" IIRC that allowed a PC to be treated as large in a limited way, but could only be taken at first level. Perhaps this may solve his desire to be large without being unable to fit into smaller places (where small PCs have no prob and Med are cramped)...

You should check out SORD for pathfinder. It's very useful actually... You can find it here...

EDIT: The GM Screen is great... this is just a little more comprehensive. :) Different products.

Splat books remind me of poor city planning. For anyone who has lived in a city/town that experienced an explosive growth period, it draws in a lot of people with new interesting features. The city layout seems not as important as having the available content there.

The books had neat thing in them, but all to often unintended consequences like players outshining each other or headaches with constantly having to make adjustments for uneven builds just killed the good that was intended.

Also, while it is true that many publishers have the bottom line of needing to make sales, the competition had become an arms race IMHO. Many of the players I played with back then would shop for the most powerful books they thought the DM would let them get away with.

While no one can expect all of the 3PP to discuss all of their products by to prevent unwanted overlap, the DM had to cross examine a lot of stuff... time that could have been spent better elsewhere. Worse yet, the guilt trip a player tries to impose when their newly purchased content is rejected.... woe the DM saying no to spent money. :p

All this said, I still buy a splat book here and there, mostly sticking to official content. There are a couple publishers that have earned my trust and are allowed at my table. I realize creating balanced content is a difficult thing and takes a lot of scrutiny. That's why I do not produce that kind of content myself. Especially if the flavor is right... :)

Just throwing in my two cents... the concepts described by James Jacobs insofar as the Carrion Crown is concerned is driving me to add a subscription. Paizo has yet to let me down with any of their products so far, so a little trust from me is due.

If you're already a subscriber, why not read over the first book? If you don't like it, toss it on eBay for a dollar or two cheaper and cancel then. If you like it you're in a good spot with the first AP book in hand.

Like I said... just my two cents.

I figured this was the appropriate thread for this...this pleases me. :D

I just came across this on check out number 5.

Compare this to number 111 on

I usually go to Fat Ogre, and have heard good things about Midnight Comics and Asgard games. I dislike Nan's. I guess it's about which part of Houston you'll be in (it's a sprawling city after all).

Concerning Nan's:
While I generally hold my tongue, I feel obligated to mention why to avoid Nan's.

I generally deeply dislike Nan's due to my experience. I asked the worker there to ring me up (I had approximately $90 in products). It took him 30 minutes to break away from the game he was playing, meanwhile the other customer and I waited. I only stuck around long enough to let him know I was taking my business elsewhere. I have also heard from numerous friends that I have met to play their that the owner has a severe drinking problem. He hits on peoples girlfriends/wives with unwanted advances, picks fights with guys that ask him to back off, and acts obnoxious and generally disrespectful. I've also heard horror stories that I will not disclose here. :\

Picked this up based on the review by Dark_Mistress. Great stuff! ^_^

Every year people I know make New Year's Resolutions that last until sometime in February. I'm going to list a few that I'm going to try to stick with until at least May. How about you?

What resolutions are you making and how long do you expect them to last?

  • Review the more products - March (starting classes, less time).
  • Start and finish Insanity Workout/Diet - Lasts till March.
  • Learn a new language via Rosetta Stone - May :p

    EDIT: Bullet points and typo.

  • Awesome! Thanks again!

    Fixed... new info added... please unsuspend. :D Thanks!

    Mr.Fishy wrote:

    Mr. Fishy has a dwarven earth wizard and He Rules Ass. Team Dwarf!

    Mr. Fishy is half Dwarf that's why he's so bad ass. If Fishys could grow beards Mr. Fishy's would provide concealment.

    Elves cause cancer, people should hate them. Tordek wouldn't lie to us.

    Favorite 3.5e character ever - Dwarven Runesmith :D Team Dwarf indeed.

    Rockhopper wrote:

    Pathfinder has been kind to the Arcane Archer. I played one in 3.5 after PF had been released, and our friend convinced the GM to give me the 7/10 spell progression, since 3.5 gave zero. What in the world did they think a 7th level character would want to do by adding long range to a first level spell? Seems more like silly 3.0 logic to me. I applaud any veteran gamers who were able to figure out some fun or powerful combinations with such abilities, but I'm not one of them.

    The spell progression was useful and made sense to have, but didn't fundamentally power up the class due to being lower level casting. This part of the fix in Pathfinder isn't what I would call making the Archer viable, but rather simply making it a coherent prestige class.

    I did rather enjoy the free magic enchantments on my arrows in 3.5, though. By the end of the game I think I was at a +4, allowing me to funnel my money into Str and Dex boosting items instead (though I can imagine some people would rather upgrade at their own pace, or if they stumbled upon a +4 bow they might kick themselves).

    The GM also designed a bow for me that would transform its +1 bonus into a flaming, frost or shock so that my +3 arrows and +1 bow wouldn't be redundant. The new bonuses in PF circumnavigate that redundancy, which is nice. IMO, nothing bites like getting a class feature you already had access to, and thus getting nothing instead. Overall a good fix by Paizo again.

    Arcane Strike is also a godsend to the AA. The fact remains, though, that Arcane Strike is just as nice, if not a bit nicer, on the Eldritch Knight, who sadly seems to edge out the AA for the most part.

    In the end, Paizo did a good job taking the old AA and making it more viable. The problem is the old AA is still not all that ideal in gameplay. What can one Phase or Seeker Arrow do? In a movie or comic book or something, it'd let you hit some escaping villain, but in Pathfinder, the chance that that single arrow will actually stop someone is fairly poor. If it...

    I think with all prestige classes Paizo's stance remains the same. They didn't want them to outshine the base classes and they wanted to make the choice between staying or going prestige a hard one. I can appreciate this as a GM since in 3.5e all of my players felt that mechanically it was inferior not to prestige and wanted to pick up splash levels of this and that (much to my chagrin).

    The biggest improvement to all prestige classes however IMO was when Paizo declared that they did not want race to be a qualifying factor and that it was an artifact left over from 3.5e.

    Perhaps we will see more stylish tricks coming are way with ultimate magic? One can only speculate... :D

    There are spells that can be fun. If the bow used is a +1 Distance Composite Longbow (I can't see how this would be too expensive for an AA) then the range increment becomes 220 ft. Use a spell like Deep Slumber that is limited to Close, you could combine it with a sneaky thief nearby and shoot it from 440 ft and the bow's bonus makes it so you need a 5 to hit the AC. Knocking a creature helpless from that far away could be extremely useful. There are other examples... at a high level what about a ranged Mage's Disjunction? If the minimum BAB to go AA is +6, you should be able to shoot 660 ft safely unless you roll a one and in some games that's fail anyhow.

    I know... sleep effects at higher levels are not useful, but if you can pull it off then that helpless status effect versus a fireball? Sleep all the way!

    EDIT: Wouldn't it be fun to use the ability to Transmute Rock to Mud from afar? At a good distance I doubt they'd even hear you casting... >:D Even better if you can pull it off underground or while they're sleeping. An arrow hits the ground with a faint thump and suddenly it's a rude awakening.

    IIRC when one shoots at a spot on the ground the AC is 5 (standard 10 everything gets -5 for 0 DEX), modified by the distance from the spot. It's a -2 penalty for each increment beyond the maximum range, and a bow has ten maximum range increments allowed. That's 100 ft x10 maxing at 1000 ft and -20, giving the spot on the ground 25 AC. Considering some of the ACs of the stuff you may be fighting, the 25 AC may be easier to get then the foe and you are less likely to lose the spell that way. Add in the abilities and it's not so bad.

    I may be wrong, I'm also writing this after being up all night... FWIW.

    There always seems to be a shortage of Fey Humanoids IMHO... I second KnightErrandJr's vote.

    KaeYoss wrote:
    Maerimydra wrote:
    Also, I don't think that there's any rule 0 in Monopoly.
    There are tons of house rules, though: Sometimes, all money you lose through cards are put into the middle of the board and you get it when getting on free parking. And the way you get out of jail (or can stay in) is often different from game to game.

    With Monopoly, what sucks is when you want to play by the rules and the players that haven't read the rules get pissed that you don't want to throw $500 + taxes collected for free parking. Mechanically adding extra money in kills the game and causes it to drag on for hours (why many people dislike Monopoly when compared a controlled game like Settlers of Catan). I've yet to meet anyone who uses the auction rules built into the game. When shown them in the rulebook, most seem astonished.

    As far as playing 3e/3.5/PF, I've met players who are similar to this in not understanding the rules, but usually it's because they're either too lazy to read the actual rules or to afraid of questioning their DM/GM to do anything. Anyone with the internet and a little interest or spending a little time in their LFGS can find out about the SRD/PRD. It just comes down to what they want to do with that information from their. Taking advantage of the ignorant is just a fact of human society. This is just my opinion, take what you will from it.

    EDIT: Just saw the second post KaeYoss... +1 to what you said.

    Just my perspective, but I would think that the resource of having this quality content is like having money under the mattress for Paizo. However, the since the content can be looked up in threads, it would only be selling for the art and layout. Some people wouldn't buy what they can look up for free.

    On the other hand the PRD is free and gives players a chance to read over the rules before buying the core stuff. The fantastic artwork makes the core rulebook well worth it... something is just awesome about having a dead tree copy. :D

    One other thing is that Paizo might want to pay the authors for their work used (IIRC James Jacobs said in a thread a while back if they used an entry they would probably pay for it). I've heard all of the writers at Paizo stay pretty busy and have a steady workload, so I can't blame them if you can't spare the time.

    Despite ALL of this, I would LOVE if this was open content, even if only permission was given to do a community project. I would hands-down buy the pdf and print it off myself if Paizo okayed it. One can only hope... :D

    Somehow I didn't see Azmahels post in my RSS...
    @ Azmahel - Agreed +1!

    Just picked up on I sometimes host party games like Mafia or Werewolf (the party game, not the WoD version) and usually like to use time era themes. This seems like it would be perfect for that. I'm a bit of a cooking junkie, so I'm looking forward to trying a few of these recipes as well. Keep up the good work and love the humor!

    I've been picking through a lot of free products lately, seeing what typically is out there. For a free product I was most pleased with this. The usual clean style and grammatic skill is still top notch. As the others have said, your other works are better. Considering how this product is still pretty good however, I'd think it to be a tribute to how great the witty humor is in most of your stuff. Looking forward to future works! ;)

    Yep, that would be a definite purchase.

    I appreciate your help. I hope to have this problem squared away soon.

    I have two issues:

    First, I need to pay with two non-listed credit cards if possible. (Wells Fargo switched over my Wachovia account 3 days ago and still I'm still having issues with them).

    Second, I never received the print copy of the APG and it is supposed to be shipping with the Bestiary 2. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't left out somehow. :D

    Please contact me at the number listed on my account or let me know if you can't spread the payment over two other cards. Thanks and keep up the good work! ;)

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