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I think you see where I'm going with this, would the person that released the sword still take damage from Vicious? if so I really don't know what the big deal behind dancing is then I mean +4 just seems so steep, am I missing something or, are dancing weapons just not that good?

; Kaigen

so what of the enhancements that come from the blade bound arch-type? can you stack more bonuses on an already enhanced by you class weapon? and would you be able to add something like spell-storing to the intelligent magus weapon from blade bound?

ie; I'm level 13 that gives me +4 from blade bound could I give it spell storing when it was only a +1 weapon then at 13 it looks like +4 spell-spell storing

sorry went a little beyond the scope of the original intent of the op's question. (maybe I should have made a new topic)

; Kaigen

thanks for all your thoughts, I think the best solution is for me to only really use spell strike with a meta-magic rod in hand. Cuz I don't want to give up spell recall or a level ^_^;
so I could work it with a meta-magic rod of quicken;
-cast quickened true strike (using the rod)
-cast what ever touch spell
-sword out of the glove
-deliver touch spell with spell strike

; Kaigen

How I understand it you have to me holding a metamagic rod, but if you want to use spell strike and spell combat you need a weapon in the other hand, which means you have no hands for semantic part of a spell.
would I, using a glove of storing be able to declare spell strike with the weapon in hand, then have it go away as a free action to cast my spell, only to have it come back to use it as the delivery method and the rest of my attacks?

; Kaigen