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Excerpt from Rin’s Journal translated from Halfing

Dearest Mother and Father I’m beginning to believe my brother hates me. First I’m dispatched as a common courier to deliver a message then shanghaied into this band of adventurer’s to retrieve some magic wands to save their city.

So first of all the wands are located in cave yea the cave I came to deliver a message about of course, and that’s not even the worst of it. Once in the cave we have to ride in a rickety contraption over an eerie green glowing lake yes a GREEN GLOWING lake.

Of course before we got to the other side one of the half-orcs olken by name decided to take a swim in the lake. Once on the other side Allen led us to the location of one of the wands. Did I mention that location happened to be in a side inhabited by spiders and you know how much I hate spiders, and these weren’t your garden variety spider either no they were the size of grain wagons back in the hillshire farms.

Ok so we manage to dispatch the GIANT spiders and keep exploring looking for one of these damn wands and what do we come across save a spider that is the size of a farm house and that’s not even have of it after perforating it with a few dozen arrows then the thing starts speaking in undercommon no less and starts blubbering about surrendering and it knows where the wands are and we will never find them without it so ok I lower my bow and except its surrender then Tolken shouts out “no quarter for the ebon triad” and walked kinda woodenly towards it and begins to slice on it likes it’s a honey ham till it fell down twitching.

So great now how are we going to find it so then Rink does something and then points up in the webbing and says the wand is over there.
Have I told you guys about Rink he is a human who has some dragon blood or something in him since I’ve seen him do some amazing things like fling a fireball around send magical bugs at his enemies oh and one more minor thing HE HAS A GARDEN INSTEAD OF HAIR ON HIS HEAD seriously it still kinda weirds me out but he is a good guy I think.

Since I saw him and Will consulting near Tolken after he killed the spider in no less then three different languages undercommon was the only one I knew I only caught about every third word something about not himself domination and then Will pulls out a scroll and starts reading it when Blud went to heal Tolken I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that saw it. Since it was right in front of me while I was harvesting some interesting bits off of that giant speaking spider. Niether Will or Rink are saying what they did to Tolken so now I’m wondering are they dominating him or did they free him from domination.

And then of course while inspecting the room we come across a large human female who kinda acts like Uncle Corus after he got kicked in the head just a tad crazy.
Well enough for now I need some sleep I need to keep my eyes and ears open like uncle Eldami taught me and remember no matter how frightening and scary something is put enough arrows in it and its just dead and dead isn’t scary those damn undead on the other hand are scary.

The Journeys Of Rinaldo, Rin to my friends and my faithful hound Tin-tin.One of my brothers the high Priest of Yondalla summoned me to the temple from the woods of Kebler in the Hillshire foothills. Nevermind that I was helping the elves hunt down human poachers no one of his seers had a vision
that I must get to cauldron within a three week and deliver a message to the shining man stay out of the caves it is a trap and beware a woman wielding a huge mace. So I off I went riding Tin-tin as fast as I could back to the Kebler woods to get pastries and sweetmeats from the Hillshire. So that took a day.One down twenty to go thank goodness it is only a two week ride to cauldron. So on the ride to Cauldron I saw signs of those damn human poachers so being a good ranger of Yondolla it was my duty to hunt them down. It took me a week to finally track down the last scroundel and bring him to justice. ok so I have thirteen days to make a two week ride I doubt one day will make that much of a difference.

So having arrived a day late at time I figured I would hunt for Feston he was one of the names I was given to seek out
at his house I discovered he had died with Kagon earlier that day. So with some quick thinking I turned a "Hi i'm here to help" basket from the Hillshire farms and Kebler woods to a "We mourn your loss as well" basket. Needing a diversion
and getting tired of the fat widows bawling I threw a muffin into her a mouth and headed for the temple of ST. Cuthbert to
check on Kagon with my new friends Buld and Drool. Boy was I in for a surprise at the temple. On the way though we encountered some drunken youngsters celebrating the flood. So being new in town we asked for directions and ended up in a drinking contest before making our way to the temple.

At the temple I found out Kagon had died earlier in the day. CRAP no one tell my brother I was late.He gives me enough grief about me being a ranger instead of a thief like our father or a priest like our mother no I had to hear the call of the wild like our "uncle" the great elven ranger Eldami "humans bane" he could put an arrow through a poachers eye at 600yds.

How was I to know this Kagon the shining man the gods speak to me would rush into the cave I was sposed to warn him about and meet his death bravely outnumbered and surrounded and the warning I should have given him would have saved his life. So now I'm stuck in this town and I'm hoping that nobody tells my brother I was late if he asks I was on time and Kagon ignored my message.


By torture are good Sir Kaikillah is referring to the only way I could think of to keep Kazmojen in a state where we could then take him to face justice in cauldron and find out what happened to the others he had sold off already. Honestly I think putting a half/dwarf half/troll head in a chest lined with daggers and shaking vigoroulsy to keep him from regenerating a perfectly reasonable idea. My party did not agree and neither did the gods since I lost my paladin hood and I am now on the path of redemption. I was shot in the back while facing off against two half/orcs and human with a whip. needless to say I was incapacitated and awoke to find Kazmojen atope a funeral pyre. Having no other choice we headed back to the temple with the folks we were able to rescue to receive are reward.