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I have a character in a mythic home-brew campaign that is quite powerful. He is a mythic Deadhand stylist monk, and using the master of many styles archetype, I have attained the Deadhand master feat at 6th level. My GM let me go through with this, even after I told him what the full extent of my power was. But that's not the issue. I am wondering how the Mythic Ki ability from champion mythic path (the ability that allows you to spend 1 mythic power to temporarily gain 2 ki) interacts with Deadhand style. It says in deadhead style: 'As long as the foe is affected by the temporary negative levels, you can’t recover the ki points you spent, effectively reducing the size of your ki pool.' So I can spend one mythic power to inflict two negative energy levels. Great. But what happens to that mythic power that I spent on it? Does my mythic power per day decrease, or do the negative energy levels disappear at the end of the round, because mythic ki only adds to your ki pool temporarily?

Thanks in advance!

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Ok, so a rope dart is listed as being: ' a 12-foot rope with a 6-inch-long, conical metal spike at the end'. I foresee a couple problems with this.

1) 20 ft. range increment. How is a 12.5 foot long weapon going to reach 20 feet and still allow you to pull it back as a free action?

2) 20 ft. range INCREMENT. How can you pull 100 ft. of total length out of a 12.5 foot long rope and STILL BE ABLE TO WHIP IT BACK INTO YOUR HAND AS A FREE ACTION. This makes no sense.

Is there a logical explanation? Because the rope dart description doesn't give one.

I know there is some talk about this over on the How does a rope dart function? thread. (located here: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2oz9c?How-does-a-rope-dart-function), but it was not the main topic.