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Well for each adventure I will have a card that lists all the proxies, and when you encounter or play one on the proxies list, replace it with the other card. Since each adventure has different proxy cards, it makes it feel like a different plane.I think I will use the Mythic path cards for this.

Hello everyone, I am a fan of Magic the Gathering (if you have not played magic the gathering, you won't understand this adventure flavor and storywise), and with Ixalan out, i thought it would be fun to start an alternate adventure path for the Skull and Shackles base set. The first adventure starts on Ravnica, then onto Amonkhet in the second adventure , then she reaches Ixalan in the third adventure. You play as one of Magic's planeswalkers, made into characters using drive thru cards. I am using drive thru cards to make this and I have been working on the Ravnica adventure right now. Right now I only have one character, Vraska a gorgon assassin, and one of the 2 main characters in this AP.

I think this scenario is fine. I mean, does anyone remember the scenario in Skull and Shackles where you have to get a number of plunder equal to the number of characters, and then you defeat Goblin Wielding.

God Caller Opal is a ghost. Shouldn't he have the Undead trait?

If we shuffle in the Goblin class decks, can we still play characters from the Goblin class decks, or do we have to use other characters?

It is a spell from AD6, that you display. While it is displayed you reduce Electricity damage to you to 0, and you can discard a card to use your Arcane + 4d6+4, and afterward you may move. At the end of your turn it goes away though.

Earlier in the turn Ahmotep cast Chain Lightning, then encountered Graven Guardian of Set. Would she have to reroll the chain lightning resul, due to the Guardian's power, or not.

Ride the lightning does not have the divine trait, doesn't let you use divine for the attack part, and doesn't let you use divine to recharge it, yet it says "If you do not have the Arcane or DIVINE skill, banish this card." Should the divine be removed?

Mummy's Mask Ezren is the best!

BTW, you spelled recharges wrong. "Resharges"

Some of the new ones in Mummy's Mask, are different too.

Safety bubble says "Check to Acquire: Intelligence, Arcane, Wisdom, Arcane." Shouldn't it say Divine instead of the second Arcane?

If the cultists get the favor, the Cameltrops will move the favor to you.

Well, the card says, "if you would discard cards as damage, discard stolen larvae first..." so the usual effect of failing a bane check causes you to lose the Stolen Larvae, and it gets shuffled into your location.

I'm curious if the designers' intention would be to add "or bury" (Stolen Larvae) to the conditional above.

If not, watch out for Rolling Spheres while carrying those bugs...

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Relevant text of Sting Operation:"You win the scenario only when all of the Stolen Larvae are in characters' hands."

Rolling Sphere: "If you fail the check to defeat, bury your hand."

Apparently, the Stolen Larvae get crushed under the weight of the rolling sphere, and we cannot win.

What we ended up doing was playing out until the final blessing and trying to loot open location decks and remove basic boons from the game. Then we replayed it, and won.

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In the scenario Sting Operation,we had Ezren and Alahazra at the volcanic vents, and Ezren encountered Rolling Sphere, which caused Alahazra to make a Dex., Acro., or Disable check, or bury her hand. She failed, and had to bury her hand, which contained 2 Stolen Larvae. Do we lose because she can no longer have the larvae in her hand, or do we do what the scenario power tells us to do when we take damage?

In the examples on how to encounter a villain and how to set up the table, it implies that the Towering Obelisk location is in the scenario A Sandstorm of Malevolent Will, even though the scenario card doesn't use Towering Obelisk as one of the locations. Which is correct, the scenario card or the examples?

If I am playing Mummy's Mask Ezren and I display Acute Senses, can I discard Acute Senses for my power? The same for Lem's recharge power in different sets.

When Closing must the 3 types of boons be different?