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Purplefixer wrote:

I voted the Thassilon Crown down no less than six times during the post-cull phase. Any item that instantly makes a large, full-level-spread type of encounter a non-issue is a Bad Thing (tm). The idea of making all giants neutral to friendly struck me as a -very- bad idea.

Am I remembering the right item?


Dustkicker Boots

Yep. well, at least you remembered it :)

I did think it might be a bit much, but I thought as it's only one subtype it might be ok. Plus I didn't think neutral negated the encounter as neutral people could still attack unless I've misunderstood that, but I guess even having to explain my reasoning puts it at a big loss in a competition. I'd been playing through Rise of the Runelords with my Infernal Sorcerer and quite enjoying beating powerful enemies with my level 1 charm person spell. Nevermind. Always next year :)

Go on then, I never saw my item in voting so it's worth asking about.

Thassilon Crown


If an item fell too far down the list to get specific comments from judges (and I imagine that is the majority) would it still be possible to get a 'placing'? Eg. I start a critique thread for my item and get a simple: Your item placed 734/1100. Better luck next year.

ThatEvilGuy wrote:

I'm obviously not a judge but I think I have a general idea where you went wrong.

It is a SIAC that costs 3,000 gp to let you cast a cantrip, in this case prestidigitation, at will.

I'm also not too sure where mage hand fits into this item. I'm guessing that it did something else, probably letting you serve guests their wine, and take the glasses away, telekinetically to be extremely unobtrusive, but got cut to meet the word count.

Yeah, I realised a day after submission that the CL, and thus the cost was wrong. It should have been CL1 and 1000gp.

The idea was that it's a spell in constant effect, so even if you don't actively use it it keeps on doing things anyway. I originally imagined them as kinda like Magician's Gloves that let normal people show magical talent by means of wearing the gloves (and I love Prestidigitation). The idea morphed from there.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Hi. I would love any fedback, positive or negative, and to know which category it fell into.

I realised after submission that I could have made it CL1 and therefore cheaper but at the time made it CL3 because I (wrongly) thought that was necessary as Craft Wondrous has a minimum CL3. Hope that's not what (or all) that let me down :)


Butler's Gloves of Silver Service
Aura faint universal; CL 3rd
Slot hands; Price 3,000 gp; Weight -
These white cotton butler's gloves have a pleated back and are a brilliant white. They are used by noble families throughout Golarion to ensure that their house staff always look prim and proper. Any person wearing these gloves is under the constant effect of a prestidigitation spell. The gloves instantly clean any dirt or grime from the wearer's clothing so that they always look presentable. Their shirt is always tucked in, and their jacket buttoned up. If the wearer deliberately untucks their shirt they will find it tucked in the next round. The gloves themselves are a pristine crisp white and never pick up any dirt or stains. The wearer can also control the prestidigitation to perform any of the effects listed in the spell description. This is commonly used to clean and polish any silverware, chill wine, and to re-warm and season a guest's food as desired. While primarily of interest to those performing table service these gloves have more recently started finding their way onto the hands of wily adventurers who have been finding a multitude of uses for them.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, prestidigitation, mage hand; Cost 1,500 gp