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The poster said he was open to feedback is the reason I brought it up and reading it was the first thing that came to mind. I meant nothing by it.

Mackeson Slatethorne wrote:
Ok, Mackeson has been filled in. Good luck to all. Open to feedback.

Isn't Cayden normslly a human diety? How did Mackeson get drawn to him over another of the standard pantheon or a dwarven diety?

There's also Paragon of Speed or Spirits in the Stone

I want to have a nice estate and a verdant garden that I can tend to in my free time.

Can I invest money into an estate at the beginning?

Dotting in. I will be utilizing path of war and should have something together either tomorrow or the next day

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You know what game has gone 40 years without a second edition? RIFTS

I am moving away from Paladin. I will be submitting a Fighter using a shield as his primary weapon.

Necromancy Occultist is also good.

Just to note that summoners can take a feat to summon skeletons

Dot. Can we do custom gods or are we sticking to the pathfinder pantheon? Looking to submit also a Paladin with Oracle levels

Sign me up for the waitlist

Dot. I may reprise a previous character of mine for submission.

Are we going with it? Because I think I might rebuild as a Freelancer just to have all the abilities for my character in one convenient package instead of what I have now.

I know you said all ffd20 is allowed but I wanted to check with this specific thing before I start seriously seriously considering making my own Gunblade class. I like doing homebrew and design, I just want to make sure you're ok with it going that way.

Good lord, how did Freelancer make it onto ffd20? That thing's absurd.

FantheFlames wrote:

Reach weapons do not allow a wielder to typically target adjacent squares. As the Polearm Master archetype of Foghter says in their ability Polearm Training

Pole Fighting wrote:
At 2nd level, as an immediate action, a polearm master can shorten the grip on his spear or polearm with reach and use it against adjacent targets. This action results in a –4 penalty on attack rolls with that weapon until he spends another immediate action to return to the normal grip. The penalty is reduced by –1 for every four levels beyond 2nd.
If you could normally target and hit adjacent squares, this ability would be useless. As such, it seems fair to say it is not possible to normally target adjacent squares with a reach weapon.


My spending and statistics are updated, just got to write a background.

e-terah earthenchild wrote:
This still open?!

Yes, until the 31st

Well, at a glance two of your class features are just feats (Up Close and Arrow Slap). Charged Shot is pretty bad for 19th level. You don't have a capstone at all. The damage scaling of barrage is really bad considering you have to sacrifice a ranged full attack to use it. Pinpoint target should have an action requirement and duration attached to it. You should probably be using the magus spell list, wizard/sorcerer isn't really appropriate in this case.

Overall, though, you just need to come up for more things for this class. You only have 9 class features or so. It lacks, offense, defense, and utility abilities.

I can't really suggest any specific things for this class. However, if you're looking for a ranged archer with offensive magic you should probably look at an Eldritch Archer Magus.

I think it's pretty bland right now, it definitely needs more in the way of substance.

Is there going to be a full recruitment at the end of the month or is this it?

Crayfish Hora wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...

You should consider compiling all this information and sending it over to the ffd20 guy. The only thing that isn't really attractive to me in v2 is the dragon companion added to the base class.

Just wanted to give a quick update on the abundant tactics request earlier. It turns out that it is actually a ffd20 fighter talent available right at 2nd level.

Dragoon Suggestions:
Jump should read as "At 1st level, a dragoon has trained for years[...]". Also I want to make sure I'm reading this correctly: you can automatically jump 10ft/level as a move action or as part of a charge, correct? I'd consider adding text to clarify that this allows the dragoon to exceed their normal maximum movement speed.

I think Deadly Lancer progression should be 2d6 +2d6/level after 1st to make up for the loss of bonus damage from distance. 2d6 at level 1 is just fine and a cap of +40d6 at 20th isn't game breaking at all.

The second effect of pole fighting is amibiguously worded. You could just give them the Shield Brace feat for free without needing prereqs, or you could copy the text from shield brace and add it into the ability (which is technically the stronger option as it wouldn't require them to spend a swift action to use the style feat).

For War Cry, "The dragoon may spend a swift action to grant his bonus received with this ability to allies within 30ft." should go at the end of the ability rather than at the beginning. Also, clarify that it benefits allies excluding themselves (since you count as your own ally normally). Otherwise there would be no downside to handing out in 30ft bursts every time. Or, alternatively, you could change it to consume two daily uses to effect themselves and their allies within 30 ft.

I'd rewrite Counter Charge to say "When an enemy misses a dragoon with a ranged attack, or when the dragoon succeeds in a saving throw against a harmful spell effect, the dragoon may spend an immediate action to make a charge attack against the source of the triggering attack or effect." I cut out melee attacks with this text because you can't normally charge an opponent in melee, even with jump. Also, this ability should definitely be 1/day with additional uses per day over level.

I think Dragon Hunting should just give information as a spell like blood biography or scry.

Initiators Mettle is an odd ability to me. I kind of feels a little unwieldy. Also, am I reading the ability incorrectly or is charging a really automatically capped at +1?

For fancy footwork I would add text "once per round", "the dragoon may take this 5-ft step even if they have already taken a 5-ft step during their turn", and "The Dragoon gains +2 AC and attack rolls against that target until the end of their next turn".

For Springing Charge I think the original text from ffd20 is better.

The spear that pierced the heavens is a cool ability but I don't know about its usefulness. Throwing away your main melee weapon in a combat is always a risky gamble. Perhaps the ability could work like this:

"Starting at 9th level, when the dragoon declares a charge attack he may throw a lance, spear, or polearm at the target before making the charge. As long as the thrown attack is successful the dragoon calculates the damage for his charge attack as if he were wielding the thrown weapon (this ability does not allow the dragoon to calculate his damage as if he were wielding multiple weapons simultaneously). Additionaly, as long as the thrown attack was successful the dragoon may retrieve the thrown weapon as a free action at the end of their charge. If the dragoon uses this ability against a dragon, the thrown weapon attack is instead calculated as a ranged touch attack."

I also had this idea for a late level ability.

Crashing Thunder (Ex) wrote:

When using Jump to make a charge attack, the dragoon can consume one use of his Dragoon Training ability to make a breath attack at any point during his charge (including at the end). If the dragoon opts to use his breath weapon at the end of his charge then the point of origin for the cone is set on his target and aimed directly away from the dragoon.

Which makes up for not getting a pounce.

I saw that on the wiki, but I decided to go with a new location. Is that not alright?

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I don't really have a dog in this, just stopping by to drop off some info to say I don't know why you're bothering to use light loads as a metric. From the little research I've done it appears that medium/heavy loads don't limit flight so a Roc does appear to be able to carry an elephant.

Also, I don't think using templates and such as a comparison is all that fair. In case you weren't aware there are statistics for baby rocs (12/19/9/2/13/11 NA +5)

Alright, well, on another note: I've made progress on my character. Mechanically all that's left is minor calculations and gil spending that I don't feel like doing today (which means I can't post the character sheet just yet). I can, however, talk a little about backstory:

A stoic and enigmatic female gunblade user. She comes from the Solemn Woods; a forest that has grown to reclaim a long-ago destroyed city of the same name. How she ended up in the place isn't worth remembering - perhaps she chose to be there, or perhaps she had been lucky enough to be left for dead in that blessed place.

She was found by a nymph and given mercy that she did not deserve. This pure creature took pity on something horrible and ugly, but for what? Even though she knew not of nature, nor cared particularly for its aspects, she chose to remain in Solemn. From this choice a relationship blossomed, and she deeply loves her betrothed. More than herself, more than anything in her life. Yet her means of expression are narrow, so she becomes the relentless guardian of their sanctuary. She trades her hopes of tranquility for a blade without hesitation, if only temporarily. The solemn bride, the wild dog, the flower knight, these are the names given to her by those who sought their place with ill intentions.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated if you have it, I realize there's not a lot here. I've got a general plot-hook for my character to be participating in the campaign as well which may change depending on how the recruitment evolves.

I'm open to linking backstories if anyone is interested.

I must have missed that it was a touch attack, apologies.

It'd just be nice if Osafune had some kind of rider effect or something so that it did something at least to non-magic users. That's all I was getting at.

Personally I like Iaijutsu strike thematically, if not mechanically, so I'd want to keep it (just tweaking it to make it work), but those sword spirits are pretty good and add a lot of flavor for the class over levels.

So if I could offer my thoughts:

Does Ashura deal force damage? That would make it useful for something besides incorpreal creatures because it would bypass DR. Osafune also seems really situational.

Overall, though, I like a lot of them. CHA to AC against non-magical attacks specifically is something that may be difficult to keep track of, and also something that becomes significantly less useful after level 7 or so when magic weapons become really common.

Compared to base Dragoon, Skylancer is amazing. Awesomely so. If you ignore the ability to abuse Deadly Lance, Skylancer is a straight upgrade - even if you have no intention to TWF (which you get for FREE). Personally, I don't love the image of dual-wielding spears but you can still run a single spear with this archetype and use every other ability besides Two-Weapon Polefighting.

Dimensional Jump by itself is iffy. It's not a charge which means it loses a lot of potential synergy which is bad considering there is no real dragoon feats already (you can't even take Death From Above anymore). However, it lets you skip acrobatics so you don't need to do anything with DEX and it has a much more workable distance requirement (something I forgot to mention with the original dragoon is that dungeons are not going to consistently provide convenient 60ft jump lanes so the whole gimmick ends up being super-situational).

However, that all turns around because YOU GET POUNCE. You can drop damage boosted full-attacks whenever you feel like and you're still getting serious buffs from mighty charge.

Aero shield is also a useful ability and gives you something to do with your swift action.

Overall I'd say it's a great archetype, but it loses a good chunk of damage from losing Deadly Lance so you'll want to invest in something to boost it back up. The only real complaint I have is that it's not clear Spring Jump would let you use Multi-Bounce as a standard action.

Temporal Knight:

So, I'll be honest. I have not done an in-depth analysis of Knight. I don't generally like playing super-defensively in Pathfinder and the Knight class itself just has too many of those kinds of abilities. This goes into discussions about how AC doesn't scale well and the best way to defend oneself is to just win initiative and kill enemies before they can damage you, but this is all beside the point.

Because we're talking about Temporal Knight, and from what I'm reading this thing is crazy good. First of all, I need to make it clear that you only lose two class features taking this archetype: your capstone (who cares) and defend ally (it's bad anyways). In return you get an ability called Motes, and motes are ridiculous. 3+level per day, not only can you add a bonus to any attack roll, skill check, or saving throw as a FREE ACTION (already amazing) that can be declared after the results are revealed, it also let's you take an extra swift action which opens up all sorts of action economy nonsense. Then, if that wasn't enough (because this ability alone is worth dipping just 1 level to get motes), it scales with level to give you even more things to do with your free action. Move action as a swift action (i.e. pre-nerf runner's shirt i.e. pounce), a bonus to AC, and pounce for OTHER PEOPLE, and the ability to ignore most combat debuffs by simply reducing the duration to 0. This ability gives you boosted offense, defense, utility, and buffing all in one convenient package.

Then there's talents and while I'm not going to analyze each one individually, it should be obvious that getting stuff like haste, teleport, mirror image, and the ability to spend two motes a round (again, ridiculous) as a non-caster are all amazing. They're better than friggin' sword saint talents at the very least.

Basically Motes are the reason you're playing the knight and every other class feature is just a bonus.

Go with an ability called "Stance" that's in the same vein as Stalwart Defender. An ability that benefits staying still, focusing, and holding attacks.

Crayfish Hora wrote:

The samurai does look like a normal Pathfindery samurai, which is not what the FFT samurai was like. The Dragoon is a neat class, because I'm partial to it. But I believe the half-falling damage should be full falling damage negation.

But how to fix it!

Oh boy, I hope this wasn't a rhetorical question because I love talking about this sort of thing!

spoilered for length


This class is so weird because it's such an iconic Final Fantasy thing with a cool gimmick that isn't actually found in Pathfinder, yet I think it falls flat.

Right off the bat I have a problem with Deadly Lancer. The bonus damage from distance should absolutely be capped. Considering 1 level of druid can net you a 600 ft charge distance you can just drop +60d6 uberjumps on things and I think that's just too much for a 1st level ability.

I also think it'd be cool if the class offered the ability to use Strength OR Dexterity for jumping/acrobatics. Since Acrobatics is tied to dex the automatic thing would be to pump dex, but then you realize that most spears and polearms can't be finessed so you end up needing strength anyways.

Then you get into the rest of the class and I just think that it doesn't have any cool, class-defining abilities beyond 1st level. Pole Fighting only helps IF you're wielding a reach weapon and doesn't do anything otherwise. Armor training is just armor training. Steadfast pike provides a bonus to something that I have legitimately never seen done (bracing vs charge). Hardy landing is meh (max fall damage is 20d6 and boots of the cat are only 1k so you can pretty much guarantee only ever taking 10 damage from a jump). Dragoon Training and Fighter Training are both meh. Tail sweep is kind of interesting but the way it's written is confusing and it is essentially just whirlwind attack as a free feat. Flexible flanker is cool but is it really worth waiting until 9th level to have? Same thing with Springing Charge, Shellbreaker, Step Aside (17th level? Really?) and Pike Defense (a whopping +2 AC that doesn't stack with existing shield bonuses...)

So it's just a class that deals a crapton of damage and it does that right from 1st level so, honestly, I'd be hard pressed to justify actually investing anymore than 4 levels in Dragoon.


I've got two major problems with this class. First: Iaijutsu strike sucks. It sucked for the sword saint and it sucks for the ffd20 samurai. Seriously, it's ridiculous. It takes a full-round action, it requires having your weapon sheathed, it applies a huge AC penalty, and you can only use it against the same opponent once and in return ALL you get is the equivalent of a single sneak attacks worth of bonus damage. I rewrote the ability a long time ago:

As a standard action the sword saint can draw his weapon with blinding speed to deliver an especially deadly attack. When he does this he makes a single melee attack against a target, but makes as many attack rolls as he can, based on his base attack bonus. He makes the attack rolls in order from highest bonus to lowest, as if he were making a full attack. If any of the attack rolls hit the target, the sword saints single attack is considered to have hit. For each additional successful attack roll beyond the first, the sword saint increases the damage of the attack by the base damage dice of his weapon, plus an additional 1d6 for every four sword saint levels he possess. Precision damage and extra damage from weapon special abilities (such as flaming) are added with damage modifiers and are not increases by this attack. If one or more rolls are critical threats, he confirms the critical once using his highest base attack bonus -5. If he successfully confirms the critical then the entire attack is considered to have been a critical hit and the damage for the attack is multiplied as normal. In order to use this ability, the sword saint's weapon must be sheathed at the start of his turn. After making an iaijutsu strike, a sword saint takes a -4 penalt to his AC until his next turn, but his weapon is now drawn and he may to continue to fight normally.

Second: it ends up with the same problem as the Dragoon, only to a lesser extent. It doesn't really have any interesting late-level abilities (except for resolve; resolve is my favorite thing ever). Combos are cool and Sen is a really, really cool concept but they don't really get expanded upon. Weapon Expertise, Brutal Slash, and Terrifying Iaijutsu all suck hard (especially terrifying because you end up getting Frightful Presence 6 levels later, making terrifying Iaijutsu worthless).

I think it'd be cool if the class expanded into the cool quick draw/readied action class. Like a bonus for making readied attacks that makes it actually worthwhile and a bunch of stuff that works off of quick drawing. Like, what if you could apply vital strike to the next attack you make after drawing your weapon? Or shoot sword beams? Or you could ready attacks like barbarians Come and Get Me? Or natural dimensional agility?

Another problem I have with ffd20 overall is that there's no feat support. The only feats are magic related and just "extra x" which I think is really a shame, because there's a lot of opportunity to add interesting stuff using feats.

Yeah, thats fine. Something to look forward too at least. I feel like a bunch of the sword saint talents are kinda sucky, but that goes for a lot of stuff in ffd20 in my opinion. The creator put a lot into it and it shows, but the quality varies. Like, the fighter is a great class overall while the Dragoon and the Samurai are both not great, I think.

Its still cool to see content like this, especially when its still being updated.

Another question, this one is a little different than the others.

Could I take abundant tactics as a sword saint talent? I'm taking barroom brawler and being able to use it more than 1/day would be nice. If not, it's cool. I figure there's no harm in asking.

How much does this setting deviate from Ivalice? Can we take whatever creative liberties necessary?

What are you looking for for backstory? I'm looking at providing about 1-3 paragraphs.

Four or five.

Do you mean "fighter feats" like feats with fighter as a prerequisite or feats taking with levels in fighter?

Personally I preferred the setting of Tactics Advanced (Marche did nothing wrong), but perhaps it's because I played it as a kid and am nostalgic for it. I only played Tactics when it came out as War of the Lions on PSP. A2 sucked, though.

Anyways, I'm working on my character right now. I spoke with Dodekatheon via PM so right now I'm building a human Fighter (gunblade specialist) 1/Sword Saint (Blademaster) 1 and we'll see how it works. I don't know how far you are in setting up the game so I'll just put it out there that I'd love to start at level 4 because that's when my character comes online. I can still work with level 2 if we end up going with that for the official recruitment, I just won't have access to any combos yet.

Are we using any unchained rules like Background Skills or Combat Stamina? Both my classes only have 2+ skill ranks...

Didn't Ivalice have the judges, or was that only in Tactics Advanced?

I don't know, in my opinion it is a very real possiblity and something that should be given proper consideration.

That said, I may be available depending on what you need specifically. If you want to PM me we can discuss details.

Wouldn't that present a conflict of interest with the co-GM also playing?

What would co-gming entail?

At this point I'm playing either Hakumen or SQUALL, but either way it will be a Sword Saint (Blademaster).

We'll see what Dodekatheon has to say. If he still wants to run a gunblade user then I'll grab a nodachi, otherwise I'll rock the revolver.

Madcaster wrote:

So many fun classes. I'm slowly narrowing them down.

While I'm at it, a question about a Skylancer, Dragoon's archetype.
** spoiler omitted **
Does that mean a Skylancer doesn't have to take TWF feats and automatically gains their benefit if wielding two spears/lancers/polearms?

It's -4 to attacks, so I'm not sure if its a good idea, but it is epic - dual wielding glaives and jumping around the battlefield.

If you're gonna play jump-man then I'll probably just run pure Sword Saint

If you can get a casting of cheetah's sprint (like through the fey magic alternate racial trait for humans) you can get like a 600 ft charge speed and pull of insane jumps. Also, there's a trait in ffd20 that let's you wield two-handed weapon one-handed

Crayfish Hora wrote:

Okay, let's see.

@Johnnycat. A revolver only has 6 shots. The other gunblade weapons have 10 or 20 shots. Why not...get a standard gunblade and say "it's a revolver"? I would probably have a gunblade revolver in the middle ground, a d10 shooting and a d8 slashing. But with less range and less bullets.

The revolver gunblade is a specific device used by squall in FF8. Unlike other gunblades, it doesn't really shoot bullets which makes its operation unique. Here's the content I have for it:

Revolver Gunblade:

One-Handed Melee Weapon (Exotic)
700 gp
Dmg (s): 1d6
Dmg (m): 1d8
Critical: 19-20/x3
Range Increment: -
Weight: 5 lbs
Type: Slashing

Exotic Firearm
Cost: 700 gp
Dmg (s): 1d8
Dmg (m): 1d10
Critical: x4
Range Increment: -
Misfire: 1-4
Capacity: 6
Weight: 5 lbs.
A mark of gunblade designed specifically for close-quarters combat. Rifling has been removed completely and the barrel now resides almost entirely inside the blade. The gun action has also been modified to accommodate a larger caliber of shell rather than the standard issue bullet. The revolver encourages fast, brutal combat and is favored by commandos, shocktroopers, and mercenaries. The cylinder holds six shells.

Pulling the trigger creates a small explosion with an incredibly short range. The user can fire shells to attack an area and everyone in it, not a specific creature. The user targets an adjacent 5 ft square and makes an attack roll; the targeted area has an effective AC of 10. Every creature within the affected area takes the weapon's damage.

Gunblade Expertise (Combat):

You've mastered the use of the Gunblade, allowing you to unleash withering hails of sword blows and gunfire.

Prerequisites: Proficiency with at least one Gunblade, Two-Weapon Fighting

You treat Gunblades as double-weapons. You do not provoke attack of opportunities for firing your Gunblade while wielding it in this manner.

Blast Dive:

You've learned how to use the recoil from your gunblade to propel yourself across the battlefield.

Prerequisites: Acrobatics 3 ranks, proficiency with at least one Gunblade

As part of a move action or charge you can fire your gunblade, increasing your base speed by 10 feet until the end of your movement. This consumes 1 bullet.

Relentless Revolver:

You've learned to fire your revolver just before you strike an opponent, creating a shock wave through the blade that boosts damage.

Prerequisites: BAB +4, proficiency with revolver gunblade

Whenever you make a successful melee attack with a revolver gunblade you can pull the trigger at the same time to increase the weapon damage by +1d8. This damage is multiplied on a critical hit. This consumes 1 bullet.

The intention of all of this was to try and recreate squall's moveset from Dissidia, so if that's not what you want then don't worry about it.

Gunblades from ffd20 are not the same thing as gunblades from FF8. Also, given the reference to War of the Lions/FFT then it should be fine to have a time-travelling gunblade user.

If you want, I can provide homebrew statistics for a revolver gunblade.

Starting level? Anything except level 1 would be nice. Depending on the answer I am planning Dragoon 1/Sword Saint (Blademaster) X


4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 1, 1) = 9
4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 3, 5) = 10
4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 6, 3) = 18
4d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 5, 3) = 12
4d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 2, 5) = 10
4d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 1, 6) = 12

Yeah, I'll take the point buy

What kind of tech level for a setting?

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What's the question?

Raisse wrote:
Oh, hmm, I like the name, though the flavor doesn't quite fit. Good idea though.

Awakened from Stasis

You'll just need to change the flavor slightly, not a big deal.

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