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I haven't had a chance to play 2e yet but I like building characters just as much as playing and would like to hear some feedback from others concerning the following about multiclassing with spellcaster classes:

-Is the difference between expert/master/legendary proficiency in spell DC very significant? I'd like to try to build a half caster using debuffs but I'm not sure if that +2/+4 difference in spell DC would ruin that sort of build.

-I get the feeling that when you take make any meaningful investment in a multiclass archetype, it's almost as if the archetype will overshadow your base class while only having the chassis of your actual base class. For example, a Fighter multiclassing into Wizard all the way up to Master Wizard Spellcasting plus Arcane Breadth seems like it has invested so much into Wizard and so little in Fighter, that it is just a Wizard that traded some spell slots and a few class feats for better (or the best) martial capabilities. It feels the same in the reverse if you invest in just as many Fighter multiclass feats on a Wizard. This isn't a complaint, but it feels odd and wondered if anyone else got the same impression.

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So, the Dimensional Occultist Witch gains the Planar Binding spells through the dimensions patron. Planar Binding seems to require you to be able to cast a Magic Circle spell. The Witch has none of the Magic Circle spells on their spell list. Does this make this feature of the archetype (the main appeal to me) useless or does this mean that casting Magic Circle is included in the casting of Planar Binding?

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I've been wanting to play a Spirit Dancer Medium for a couple years now, and every time I get to building one, I hit a wall where I don't know what feats/traits to take. I want to keep the spirits balanced and not focus on any one too much. Currently, I have my stats as follows and I'd like to not deviate too much from this:

Human (Dual Talent)

I've looked into combat feat paths and none of them are particularly appealing for what they take to invest in. Also, I feel like I either need to stick with an Armored Coat or take up to Arcane Armor Mastery to keep the Archmage viable. I also looked into feats that might have good non-combat utility in a dungeon but I can't find anything that pops out at me as worthwhile. I might just be looking for a good way to keep my martial and caster capabilities balanced. I feel the Guardian, Marshal and Trickster (to a lesser extent) don't need or can't gain as much additional support as the other spirits. Maybe I am just having a hard time sticking with something since I just haven't found an adequate theme to focus on. Anyway, looking for suggestions.

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I've seen plenty of discussion about taking the Sylvan bloodline with Eldritch Heritage. This is not about that. What I haven't found addressed is whether one can take Boon Companion through these feats. It seems people are assuming it can but Boon Companion's prerequisite is Animal Companion (or Familiar) class feature. The key part here for me is "class feature". Does the Animal Companion bloodline power count as a class feature or not?

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Update for Occultist fans unaware of the following!
I have done some research and the following round/level Conjuration spells are on the Occultist spell list:

- Cold Iron Fetters (5th lvl)
- Glitterdust (2nd lvl)
- Major Creation (for Rare Metal) (4th lvl)
- Pernicious Pranksters (3rd lvl)
- Rising Water (4th lvl)
- Roaming Pit (6th lvl)
- Straitjacket (4th)

Most of these spells seem to want to affect enemy mobility which is neat because it gives the Conjuration implements a focused (wakka-wakka) function. Straitjacket in particular also seems to have the added benefit of giving a crazed party member a chance to get rid of confusion and similar effects.

On top of all of this, I discovered that using the Psychodermist's Manifest Abilities by killing and utilizing the harvested parts of a particular Planar Binding target can temporarily net you those elusive round/level Conjuration spells. It's risky and overkill but it should work.

Now the only completely useless (and not even tacked-on) ability for the Occultist is Color Beam! I think we can all totally live with that. Have fun everyone!

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I did just come up with this idea that would involve jumping through a lot of hoops. Even if you happened to not have another Conjurer on your team, you could risk calling a creature with Planar Binding or Contact Entity that might have the relevant spells. Again, lots of work and probably lots of luck required but I think it could theoretically work.

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MrCharisma wrote:
I don't know if there's a good way to use it, but the HAUNT COLLECTOR archetype was written specifically to address this (the writer of the archetype said so). So while you can't make use of it, you can trade it out.

Though disappointing, I'd say this is a good enough answer for me. Thanks.

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Has anyone lately found a use for the Casting Focus resonant power for the Occultist other than Glitterdust, multliclassing or "hand it over to the wizard"? Any FAQ answered about it? I haven't been able to find anything on the forums. I had a few ideas and wondered if they were possible uses:

- Use it when casting conjuration spells through magic items. I'm pretty sure this only works with staves which seems a bit impractical.
- Use it with some of your conjuration focus powers (servitor and psychic fog). From my understanding, SLAs are treated just like their spell versions. Servitor is based on Summon Monster, a round/level spell in its base form. Same with psychic fog as solid fog. I still feel like this is reaching but might work.

I can't think of any other way to take advantage of this ability. I really wish the developers would give a quick FAQ/errata on it along with other small issues even though I know they're done with 1e and busy with 2e.

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So with Stage 2, does the Slowed 1 condition stay around until the disease is completely recovered from? Does it remain if it advances to Stage 3?

Quick Reference:
"Your touch afflicts the target with goblin pox, an irritating allergenic rash. The target must attempt a Fortitude save.

Goblin Pox (disease); Level 1. Goblins and goblin dogs are immune. Stage 1 sickened 1 (1 round); Stage 2 sickened 1 and slowed 1 (1 round); Stage 3 sickened 1 and the creature can't reduce its sickened value below 1 (1 day)

Critical Success The target is unaffected.
Success The target is sickened 1.
Failure The target is afflicted with goblin pox at stage 1.
Critical Failure The target is afflicted with goblin pox at stage 2."

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Ezekieru wrote:
John R. wrote:
20 of the 40 PF1 classes covered in the first year. Possibly even more through archetypes not mentioned........ XD
Gotta speedrun through the PF1E content to get to the truly original stuff for the next 10 years!

It's just, this book's description alone speaks volumes about the superior quality of PF2's product development over that of the latest edition of a certain other big name RPG. Keep on keeping it real Paizo! Don't sell out and get lazy.

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20 of the 40 PF1 classes covered in the first year. Possibly even more through archetypes not mentioned........ XD

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HeHateMe wrote:
I'm intrigued, what is the dual class option?

I'm pretty sure it's going to be optional rules for gestalt characters.

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The Occultist was also my favorite. I do think it was more complicated than most other classes, but mostly just due to the book keeping of allocating and tracking your focus points on top of spell slots and your resonant powers possibly changing day to day. Just a matter of knowing your character which should be expected of you no matter your class. It's only real fault was a few of its focus powers were irredeemably terrible.

I also loved the concept of the Medium and always wanted to play one except it's faults always turned me away from committing to giving it a good try.

Something I found interesting between these two was their very high yet different forms of versatility. The Occultist was very like the 5e Warlock in that you could build it so many different ways but even more so. You could build a melee heavy gish, a sneaky assassin type, a caster, a necromancer (I played a necroccultist as a makeshift "Antipaladin" for PFS) and on and on. The Medium on the other hand was versatile throughout the characters life by being able to swap roles each day (or on the fly as a spirit dancer). I would almost want Paizo to combine both of these classes into one, though I'm not sure how that would even be possible.

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The concept I'm trying to build around is a hermit Half-Orc Witch that is a bit of a survivalist. I'm trying to prioritize, intelligence, secondarily strength and constitution and thirdly, wisdom. I feel my problem is since I'm not trying to gain proficiency in any armor beyond maybe medium and since my dexterity is going to be a practically a dump stat throughout the character's lifetime, constitution will not be enough to keep me alive.

Should I allocate a few points from intelligence to dexterity? Should I instead dump wisdom and just rely on the related skill proficiencies and skill feats I plan to use? Are there other options that fit my concept that I'm not seeing? Or maybe, do I not even actually have a survivability issue with my current concept?

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If these classes return mechanically similar to PF1e versions, I predict them to turn out as follows.

Thematically, the Kineticist is nearly identical to the Sorcerer. Therefore, if it returns, I see it playing very similarly to before: non-Vancian "Warlock" game play of spamming your basic blast attack, focus on a particular element, pick feats that shape your attacks or give you wild talents. I liked the idea of burn but from what I hear, they would have to make it far less complicated. I would expect focus points to be expended for your various wild talents and then a burn mechanic might kick in if you are out of focus but want to keep using wild talents.

I agree with Garretmander about the Medium maybe swapping out a few of the CRB multiclass dedications but I think if Paizo does bring back the Medium, it'll probably be something completely different; something that I'd never think of.

With the Bard being the core occult caster, the Mesmerist seems like it would be be implemented as a Bard archetype or muse, making stares and tricks new types of composition spells. Probably one of the easier conversions.

If half-casting ever returns, I see the Occultist as one using the Occult spell list. From there, they will be able to have a larger pool of focus points equal to 3x their number of implements. Their implements can hold up to 3 focus points. Their resonant powers scale based on current amount of focus in an implement. Focus powers are more varied and replicate more archetypal spells from other spell lists. Implements still focus on schools of magic. Since the Occultist is getting a larger focus pool, they only regain focus points on a "long rest".

Psychic is another easy one to remake for 2e: intelligence based, spontaneous occult caster. Could easily be a new archetype.

I think we'll have to see a return of the Summoner and get a good idea of how a strict pet class will work before we get the Spiritualist. As much as I agree with Vorsk that I would prefer the Spiritualist as its own class, with how classes are looking so far, I am expecting it to be rolled in with the Summoner, or as an archetype of the Summoner.

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From what I understand the Occult classes from Occult Adventures were a bit divisive. I was actually a big fan. Does anyone know if there has been, not necessarily confirmation, but serious talk from the developers on whether or not any or all of these classes (Kineticist, Medium, Mesmerist, Occultist, Psychic, Spiritualist) will be returning to PF2e eventually?

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So, Wizards get a Focus Point from their Arcane School from the start and then get another added to their pool with Advanced School Spell. I'm not finding any other way for a Wizard to gain that last Focus Point to reach the max of 3. Am I missing something? It looks like all other casters can manage this somehow but I'm surprised if, of all classes, the Wizard can't manage this on it's own.

Edit: Incorrect title. Wrong word order.

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I noticed under some spell descriptions that for heightened versions they are labeled something like "Heightened (3rd)" and others "Heightened (+1)". I'm pretty sure I'm right but I wanted to make sure. The former indicates the specific spell slot level (or caster level for cantrips), the later is the base spell level +X.

I'm guessing the specified level is for spells that have significant mechanical changes at heightened levels while the +X is when the change is something minor like number of dice. ???

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Hi everyone, somewhat new to posting on these forums.

I'm still very shocked - but still pleased - that they are bringing back non-core classes so quickly. I really thought they were going to try to build the majority into the core classes with how 2e character building is structured.

I'm most excited about the Witch. I'm hoping that, on top of Hexes, the Witch works like the Sorcerer in that their spell list is based on their patron, but with prepared casting. I hope that the Witch is also written to emphasize their patrons more like the 5e Warlock - nothing very mechanically significant but just more for role playing in order to differentiate from other casters.