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Wouldn't it just be easier to just have it say "Wood Spirit is not legal for play,"?

One month for playtesting does seem quiet short and for information gathering as well.

Thank you both.

If I have say a Duck for a Spirit Animal and I have as my spirit, Life, and as my wandering spirit, Waves, does my Spirit Animal get the benefits of both spirits? As I am not really seeing a rule that goes against this from working where both spirits apply their benefits to the Shaman's spirit animal.

Valantrix1 wrote:

Ok, here is a question for somebody in the know. In the Order of the Green cavalier Order it says this:

Class Skills: An order of the Green cavalier gains Knowledge (nature) and Survival as class skills. In addition, whenever an order of the Green cavalier attempts a Survival check to track foes of the aberrant or outsider type, he receives a bonus on the check equal to ½ his cavalier level (minimum +1).

Shouldn't the bonus to track outsiders be a bonus to track undead? Everything else in the Order is focused on undead and aberrations, so I think that is what it should be.

Could be a typo if the rest of the Order is focused on aberrant & undead slaying.

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Thanks for reply. I was hoping to play female dwarf Kinetiscist/Oracle of earth named Toph. Can't wait to do so when book is released.

Would it be possible for someone like me to play a kineticist in PFS? Or is that no bueno?

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Serisan wrote:
Blind Kobold wrote:

* Cross out the list of added feats from the archetype for the "Bonus Feat" archetype and legalize it from there.

I like this option a lot.

I like it as it seems to be the one that requires minimal work and doesn't affect the setting as a whole.

Between work and family, I do find it be hard to go to a convention. I been contemplating going to PFS as well to branch out and meet other likeminded folk. I don't got any boons to trade and since nobody seem willing to trade for money I am out of luck.

Kyshkumen wrote:
Again I feel like I have to point this out. There is a strong online community that holds conventions for both VTT and PbP. These conventions give out the same race boons that the other conventions do. If you can post on these boards you have access to these boons if you put in the effort.

Could you point me in the direction to one of these so I can start participating more?