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Depending on the level, I think a Reincarnated Druid would be a really fun reoccurring villian. By 6th they still have the various wildshape forms to run away when needed, summons to act as meatwalls, along with plenty of movement-imparing spells to frustrate the party.

At 5th, if the PCs finally manage to kill them, they come back to life (in a completely new and different body) after a day, and can sense where their former equipment (newly looted by the party) is located. Even if/when the players realize it's the same enemy they've killed 3 times, they can never be sure if the new friend they meet a few weeks later isn't carrying a grudge across multiple lives.

I believe party could technically not use any spells on day 1, start adventuring early/without resting on day 2, use up their available spells, rest/recover spells, and then burn through a second set of spells later in day 2.

Paladin (saves), Bard/Skald (buffs for you and your crew), or Occultist (w/Trappings of the Warrior panoply) are the 3 classes that jump out with that stat spread. It'll be tough regardless, but I'd assume starting stats are going to be tough for the party in general.
Good luck.

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Pretty sure the Rogue is my "spirit animal", so to speak, regardless of game system. In my last few games I have tried to move away from that style (sneaky/sly/subtle, not the backstabbing/stealing from the party schtick), but each character did sort of migrate back that direction.
I'd love to try playing an Inquisitor, Vigilante or Occultist one of these days as a pseudo-Rogue, thanks to their customizability, but at this point my Pathfinder 1 options are limited to GMing. Some day, maybe.

2 feats will get an animal companion at level-3, with a third investment getting it fully leveled.

Nature Soul
Animal Ally
Boon Companion

Variant Multiclassing (VMC) into Druid would cost every 2nd feat (3rd, 7th, 11th), and would also provide a fully leveled companion (along with Wild Empathy and the Druidic Code).

Gaining a domain (via VMC Cleric or otherwise) and taking the Animal Domain will get them one at level-3, which again could be increased by Boon Companion.

There are at least a few more ways to get more restricted animal companions like those of Rangers or Cavaliers, but the above hopefully helps.

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Pathfinder is a game you play with friends; have fun, and remember that the others at the table are there to have fun too (including the GM/DM),

3 attempts so far, zero successes. Will most likely keep on trying.

Made it to Book 4 of Wrath of the Righteous. GM was moving out of state, and the group fell apart about 4 months pre-emptively.

I GM'd to the end of Book 2 of Giantslayer, life intervened with a player couple and we haven't met back up since.

Ran a single session of Kingmaker as GM for my long-time gaming crew (who were basically new to PF, but not 3.x), no player drive to have a second session. Oh well, only way to many hours of prep work for that one, ha.

As ZZA mentions above, the Ghoran race may worth a look, along with using Bloodrager as the primary class. The Abberrant and Verdant bloodlines (with the Crossblooded archetype) may be close enough to be fun and workable.

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Gunner Squire (Gunslinger)
Pack Mule (Fighter)
Weapon Bearer Squire (Fighter)
Combat Healer Squire (Paladin)

I'm sure there are a few others that can be molded to fit your specific theme, but the above are all magic-free (until 4th lvl for the Pally). Hopefully you can retrain some levels once you feel the character has grown into a true adventure/hero.

When in Book 3 of WotR, I was able to play a NPC the party had saved way back in Book 1 (adding class levels and filling out her background). I don't believe any of the other players realized who she was, unfortunately. Considering most of the original PCs that were around in Book 1 had died or left the party by that point, maybe it was simply appropriate role-playing.