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I'm starting an evil campaign soon, and my character is a diabolist in the soul trade. His gimmick is to scam others into assigning him their souls—usually for marginal or nonexistent payment—and then re-sell those contracts at a markup to whoever's buying. (I've cleared this with the GM and the group.)

I'd like to write an actual contract—not an Infernal Contract, per se (since no devil is a party to the agreement), but one that my character will scam NPCs into signing, which forfeits their souls. Of course, I'd like this to be full of humor, confusing clauses, and almost-nonsensical legalese. I can't be the first person to write one of these, but I can't find anything of this kind on the boards.

What are your ideas for clauses to include? Better yet, are there pre-existing contracts out there somewhere that I might use as a launching pad?

(EDIT: I know there's an Infernal Contract in Book of the Damned 1, but that one is geared toward giving a whole bunch of power to the mortal—I'm trying to get souls for NOTHIN'!)


The When Closing entry on the Torture Chamber reads (paraphrasing from memory):
"Each character takes 1 point of mental damage, which may not be reduced."

Is this intended to hit even characters at other locations? That's how we've been playing it, but I thought I'd check.


I'm currently running Iron Gods, and I created a bounty hunter to kidnap one of the PCs. My hope is to turn him into a recurring villain, occasionally sending him against the PCs as he gets hired out by whatever enemies the heroes manage to make.

However, I think it would be awesome to engineer some scenario or side mission wherein the PCs are forced to work WITH the bounty hunter, albeit temporarily.

What are your ideas for this? I was thinking of some kind of cooperative escape mission—maybe the PCs get caught and tossed in cell alongside the bounty hunter—but other than that I'm coming up short.

Please help me brainstorm some other scenarios!


So, I have a gun tank in my home campaign. He wants to add abundant ammunition to his beneficial bandolier, either as a constant effect or as a times-per-day activation.

Either way, this combo seems extremely powerful... to the point that I want to ban it. He could just fire adamantine rounds for free all day long, making my robots' hardness basically irrelevant.

However, it doesn't seem reasonable to ban an item that's basically just adding a 1st-level effect to an existing item, especially when the party cleric can just cast the spell on the bandolier all day long anyway.
For party balance reasons, I want to avoid making the cleric even more of a background character to this super-powered gun tank so that she has fun too. Thus, I don't want her optimal choice every combat to be casting a buff on the gunslinger on the first round. I'm tempted to allow the bandolier for that reason alone.

This is an Iron Gods campaign, so we also have access to tech rules. I could make the bandolier run on nanites or something.

I've bandied this about the office a bit, but I'm interested in other opinions too. What would you do? How much would you charge for something like this? (I'm assuming as a given that the standard magic item creation formula is way to cheap.) Would you ban this combo, allow it, or make the item an artifact?

Thanks for your thoughts!


I just finished "Fires of Creation" with my group, and they're champing at the bit to get to the next adventure.
However, Scrapwall features prominently in that adventure, and while the book contains great descriptions of the various factions and hideouts in the settlement, there isn't much information on what kinds of merchants and other services are available.

Basically, I'm worried that the place will feel like one big open-air dungeon rather than a settlement where real people make their homes. How do I balance the ever-present danger and inter-gang tension in the streets with the feeling that this is still a town, such as it is?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

A quick synopsis: my players (lvl 4) are on a planet that is itself plagued. Direstone, the source and main vector of the blight, spreads through creatures and earth alike, slowly converting everything it touches into more Direstone.

In creatures, the disease eventually turns them into feral abominations, which hunger to replace their mutating tissues with healthy beings. So I'm throwing a lot of undead at the players.

I'm trying to build a system to simulate different levels of Direstone poisoning and exposure, building up into what is essentially zombism.

I know I want to have the poison build up for them...more like radiation than Zombie Rot, but I'm not sure how to apply cumulative penalties that aren't totally crippling (I want the players to feel it, but not to die to it instantly!). This stuff figures heavily, so they're going to get a lot of exposure.

I am thinking of attempting to adapt this document Fw5w/edit?hl=en_US#

But any guidelines, advice or ideas would be very helpful. THANKS!