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The When Closing entry on the Torture Chamber reads (paraphrasing from memory):
"Each character takes 1 point of mental damage, which may not be reduced."

Is this intended to hit even characters at other locations? That's how we've been playing it, but I thought I'd check.

If it says "each character," then as written it would hit everyone regardless of location. Compare locations in other sets that do specify "each character at this location."

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Yep. Torture is bad, y'all.

Torture Chamber is just nasty. Once I realized it didn't matter where my guys were, they were getting hit anyway, I stacked the party there and closed it as fast as I could, then went to Manor House to restock. I think this strategy is the only reason I beat the third scenario.

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(rereads torture chamber)


Totally overlooked that it wasn't location specific.

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