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I would add another power, recharge cards to add 1d4 each to another characters combat check at another location

if you defeat a bane using the firearm trait, shuffle one random card from your discard into you deck

zeroth_hour2 wrote:
In addition, it's possible to get to a point where if everything is special, nothing is special.

I think it is really difficult to get to that point. I'd like each boon to have a chance at being desired by at least someone or useful at some point in the adventure. You can only have so many cards in your deck and it is usually a bunch of high utility staples. I like finding a magic spyglass, magic leather armor, a potion of healing, another spell that didn't make the cut at the end of the round or an item that helps close a location for this particular adventure. Obviously everyone like finding blessings and cards that would actually replace a card in their deck but there is a zone of cards that falls between excellent and useless. I like cards that are designed to fall in that zone. There were a lot more of them in S&S than it RotR. I would scrap a lot of the cards (hundreds) in the core for cards in add-on and class decks.

I personally would use the cards you want to from the class deck. I don't see a point to adding cards no one wants to the card pool. You can argue adding some good cards makes the game easier. You could also argue by removing all the good cards it makes the game harder. I don't like playing a game where "I decline to acquire the boon" is something you say almost every time you encounter a boon. If there is a boon that everyone is going to say I decline every time they encounter that card, why are you playing with that card? Is making the game harder by being incredibly boring the goal?

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Why is there such a wild variation in AD #'s for cards? A lot of the the dual stat blessings were lower numbers in the CD than in APs.

Also Demon Armor is awful.

Daggers recharge if you are a fighter which is the only class that uses daggers and rarely at best.

The best armors are the armors of restoration and armors that prevent any kind of damage. Combat damage is awfully rare in my experience. Damage usually come from traps and BYA effects and it is rarely combat damage especially in later AD.

Combining two fairly weak B deck cards into one slightly better card isn't what I would call fairly powerful.

The best power on every armor remains, banish this card to reduce damage to 0.

Aw man, I was reading the Fruit of Life card wrong. I thought it said recharge a card from your discard pile and draw a card so a combo of a minor restoration and the minor wand of healing. Totally not worth it, especially with such a high recharge difficulty that only CD Lini and Maznar could make.

I think Gronk has interesting abilities without being an S-Class character. His d10+2 cap for wisdom is limiting. He has trouble recharging even the simplest of spells though he has lots of abilities that let him recharge those spells other ways. He's a good fighter with d12+4 for combat but it is card intensive to maintain. They have very carefully designed him to not have the breakaway capabilities of Alain, Lini and Damiel.

Both of his roles let him bury annoying cards that he or other players have managed to acquire. (mandatory weapons and armor for people who'd rather not use them.)

As a Woodwose, being able to have 11 allies in his deck without the usually debilitating drawback of having to discard allies to use their abilities is impressive. His restricted hand size is what is the real limiter on extra explores.

As the Feral Shifter he has a lot of innate healing, the ability to move during a turn (not at the beginning or end) but again limited from taking infinite explores and closing every location by a small hand size.

It is an improvement that all of the powers of a role are worth taking vs having 2-6 throwaway check boxes.

It's like a magic chainmail and a dagger merged into one thing. I would think that would be AP2 tops.

Lini and Damiel could probably play through an infinite number of scenarios without losing or dying.

There is a facebook pathfinder online play group and another PACG Community. If you want to discuss things, then groups are best. Community on FB is more like a blog. The community is mostly about OCTGN.

I think the most recent set is always the best as they continue to evolve, innovate and streamline.

You have to pull cards from the box an awful lot so you pretty much need all the cards.

You can use a dice rolling app on your phone, you don't have to worry about having the right dice and adding them all up. You are going to roll your primary die a lot because of blessings so that's going to be d10 or d12 mostly. The d4's are only things you bother rolling if you didn't pass purely based on your main dice.

The 1B is for RoTR Set B, so you know which box to pull open when looking for that card.

2 would be S&S, 3 would be WoTR, 4 is Mummy whatever and so on.

The database is helpful if say I need a location with high numbers of allies for a particular adventure I've designed and if I focus on a particular creature type in an adventure its helpful to see which monsters have that type. Its easier to be able to do in all on the computer instead of having to fiddle about with thousands of cards.

I really only care about the database for locations and monsters though obviously other people will have different needs.

Hawkmoon already has a database, I was really just asking him to share with me in a roundabout way.

Designing an adventure path is already time consuming enough. Its amazing Ron Lundeen did 2.

Data for Locations would be, for example:

Academy 1B11050110 InAr6

Data for Monsters:

Bugbear 1B GoBuWaEl Co10

I don't think that level of information is outside the scope of fair use

I think data for analysis and review is considered fair use. We are only using less than 5% of the information on the card. There are databases of all magic cards including the art which is copyrighted and apparently that's allowed.

That's not a very community oriented thing to say

I could use a searchable database for scenario design. How can I get one?

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

Not from me. It might depend on your party make up, but with a 6 character group, you'll see the Warrens, Mill and Courtyard (Acrobatics) and Wooden Bridge (Stealth) quite a bit. 16 out of the 33 scenarios in the game. So about half the time.

39 banes have one of the two skills as their check to defeat or as part of their encounter.

Do you have a searchable database of all the cards or something?

That's sarcasm right?

It should have been written exactly the way the cloud spells were but it wasn't so it ends up seeing a lot less use than it could have.

If you are playing a solo spell caster, black spot isn't really usable at all.

But then you have 3 sets of slightly different card backs and card sizes. (Chinese printing, US printing and Drivethru) You know what would make me want a packet of the corrected cards? A extra set of the all the promos.

Also fix stupid cards like elven boots and cards that are so incredibly narrow that you might never be able to use them.

There have been such advancements in the game since RoTR that probably 50% of the un-errated cards could use tweaks like trait modifications (adding basic/elite)and power revisions. Also zest up the monster deck so there aren't any repeat monsters.

The only problem would be how much demand would there be for RoTR 2.0?

Its easier to do for the new digital product than reprint the whole RoTR block with matching card backs etc.

I could see doing a kickstarter for it so you could see if it was worth doing. Throw another 7 promo cards in for KS plus a set of all the promos printed to date and it might do pretty well.

you could have a higher level sponsor tier that you could pick a card and have new, better art done for it

This is just a rhetorical question because no one has failed to defeat a giant gecko. :)

Does anyone think this is an interesting creature ability?

It sounds like the additional wording means discarding the spell counts as playing a spell but using it for your combat check without discarding it also counts as playing a spell.

I saw an errata'ed copy of an orb and boy is the text crowded.

I know this question may be years out of date but the Jellyfish Cape can be recharged to succeed at a con/fort check to defeat a bane with the aquatic trait. Does this work only against the few barriers that are aquatic AND have a constitution/fortitude check to defeat? What if you are hit with man overboard which requires a con/fort check to banish after you fail the initial check to defeat? Does it work against BYA con/fort checks from aquatic monsters?

On a related note about BYA checks on banes, you can't use the eye patch on them because they aren't checks to defeat?

So you can't discard multiple orbs to add extra dice?

..and if you can't play attack spells you can't use the orb even if it was already in play?

Character Name: Enora
Role Card: Occularium Scholar
Skill Feats: Intelligence +4, Wisdom +1, Charisma +1
Power Feats: +2 hand size,
to obtain spell, item or defeat barrier, use knowledge,
Discard a spell to reduce cold, fire, acid, electricity or force to 0
recharge a book to examine top 3 and put them back in any order
Card Feats: Spell +3, item +3, ally +1
Weapons: -
Spells: Disintegrate x2, Sign of Wrath, Swipe, Corrosive Storm, Blizzard, Augury, Detect Magic, Haste
Armors: -
Items: Codex x2, Robe of Runes, Ordikon's Staff, Wand of Flame, Ivory Dice
Allies: Old Salt, Mountaineer
Blessings: Pharasma, Lamashtu, Milani, Nethys

Sailed through everything except for AP2 with the Skinsaw Man, Haunts and Iesha Foxglove. Took 4 tries for the stars to align just so. This scenario was extremely punishing for a solo player. Barely scraped by with a win against Karzoug, eight cards goes by so fast because of all the hard checks you have to make.

The ability to defeat barrier against their weakest difficulty with a d12+7 base is extremely helpful. The book of knowledge becomes recharge to defeat a barrier. I thought the reveal a book to add 1d4 to any check would be a must have but actually to ability to have a magic spyglass effect from recharging a book was more vital. You just can't go around encountering cards unless you know what they are ahead of time. An arcanist must always be prepared and how can you be prepared without fully researching the future possibilities. Before the ability to defeat barriers with knowledge the masterwork tools were critical.

The ability to self heal spells when casting spells is key. Detect magic and augury were staples for essentially the whole game as were wands of minor healing, surgeons and as much healing as I could find during the adventure. Almost every spell and every item are auto-acquired. When I did take damage, it was usually spells that were easily recharged after a turn or 2. I had to pause now and then to churn cards and rearrange my hand before continuing on to the next encounter (which I knew ahead of time) and would change locations and come back later when I had the right cards.

Look at the rise of Napster vs the current streaming services. If you price it too high then people will just take other alternatives. If it reasonably priced and well done then people won't bother looking for alternatives.

I don't know that I would start with RoTR either. Its really not very good compared to the newer paths.

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Damiel was grossly overpowered as was Lini. Staggering amounts of healing, bonuses to everything and the ability to explore multiple times. The trifecta of power.

I thought swipe was the be-all end-all of cards. Its an auto-acquire and an untyped damage spell that you can also use on other player's combats.

I used haste for a brief period with Ezren but my brother revolted when I would get infinite explores.

We used holy candle in the beginning but we realized we'd never even come close to running out of turns with scouting and extra explores and there are items we couldn't part with to fit the candle in.

Scouting is vital when you would get completely trashed by encounters you aren't prepared for. If there is a bane neither of you can beat, you need to be able to put it on the bottom of the deck. If you have a healer then scouting becomes less important because you just recycle everything.

Lini and Damiel are both ridiculously over the top characters who can solo 8 locations all the way through the AP.

Kyra is really strong as another poster has mentioned as is Radillo. They can't quite solo 8 locations through the whole AP though.

Ezren would be ridiculous if he had any blessings and there weren't a handful of monsters that can't be defeated with spells.

So it DOES count as being played for the purposes of the Maze of Sloth but DOESN'T count as playing the spell. I can't see how that could be confusing at all.

If she is playing the spell as a second card doesn't she get to recharge it because she automatically recharges spells?

Siren is still the scariest monster in the game and we are in deck 5. My brother didn't want to remove it even though it is a bane with the elite trait because it is so challenging.

Is it possible to get a list of the cards you get in this product so I can make a more informed decision about which add-on and class decks I want to buy first?