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MrSin wrote:
Yes you would! You'd look pretty inhuman at that point though I'd imagine.

My interpretation

Robert Brookes wrote:
Tieflings only have two hands; hands are claw attacks. Feet are talons, different natural attack.

Ok, sounds good.

If I take Maw or Claws (Claw), 2 levels of Barbarian (Beast Totem, Lesser), and 4 levels of alchemist (with the Vestigial Arm discoveryx2)

Would I now have 4 claw attacks, since I would have 4 arms?

Day after thought:

Does the FAQ for bite apply for claws? People (Tieflings) have 4 appendges, why couldn't all 4 be claw attacks? I realize that people don't have 2 heads, so the reasoning makes sense for a bite attack.

More different question. Same Tiefling. Different build.

Tiefling with Maw or Claw (Claw), barbarian with brawler rage feature


Barbarian Rage power Brawler says if you already have Improved Unarmed Strike, your unarmed strikes do a D6.

The feat Feral Combat Training (Claw) says anything that effects unarmed strikes, also effects the weapon focused natural attack.

Do the "Maw or Claw (Claw)"s also do D6's for damage?

I agree, that does seem to answer the question. Thanks.

Can you really expect that to have been found when searching for claw attacks of a Tiefling? Different classes, races, and natural attack.

Though, it did say "generally".

And, using some common sense actually is a very good way to get to the right answer in many of the stacking ability corner case scenarios you can come up with

And, passive-aggressive comments implying that common sense wasn't used, could have easily been omitted.

Magic is weird like that.

Could you post/link a source of reference?

Like what Andrew Reibe did? As you can see in his links, the abilities say "you gain" two claw attacks.

Citing common sense, and unbalanced (in my opinion) are not much more than personal opinions. I'm looking for something a little more definitive.

Look at this thread, same question not really answered:
Beast Totem Natural Weapons

This one talks about natural weapons, and bite attacks:
Making the Feral Barbarian

Unanswered question about ranger ability, and beast totem:
Beast Toem Lesser Question


Most of the responses say this doesn't make sense, but no one really cites a rule for why it doesn't.

Using an example from the posts above, if I have a tentacle cloak it says tentacles grow out of the cloak, and can make attacks. This is very similar to how the Maw and Claw trait reads.

That said, would you feel that a barbarian with the cloak cannot make tentacle attacks because it doesn't make sense? It seems to me, the barbarian would get both it's normal attacks, and the tentacle attacks.


I can see where you are coming from with this interpretation of stacking, but what basis do you base this opinion on?

If you have the maw or claws heritage feature, you gain two claw attacks. The feral and beast features also say you gain additional attacks, but they don't say this replaces a similar ability.

Many other abilities do say this, however. Take darkvision for example, many abilities that grant it, say it doubles the range if you already have it.

My understanding was if an ability doesn't explicitly say this is how it works, it's assumed it doesn't.

Hey all,

I've been playing a Tiefling, and really like it. I was trying out some different ideas for how to make a feral one, with feats and things supporting claw based attacks.

There's a lot of posts here, but I still have one question that doesn't really seem like it gets answered.

One build idea I have is an alch/barbarian. Beast totem, Feral mutagen, and the Claw or Maws (Claw) trait.

As I add either of the first two, the build seems to make sense, the tiefling becomes more feral, and what I believe happens is that it's hind legs (or feet) become clawed weapons, and allow you to do attacks with them.

When I add the third option, it doesn't make sense anymore. Does it become a 6 fingered man? (a 6 armed tiefling)

Any help would be appreciated (please note, I said I've read many posts here, and while many talk about the legality of it, - as in can you do it legitimately, none really make sense of the the logistics of it)

Also, how does one do a pounce type attack, does the tiefling literally have to jump on the character, in some sort of improvised grapple?

Thanks for your time

Dysfunction wrote:
Is this considered a permanent polymorph spell effect and does it carry over throughout scenarios?

Forgive my ignorance, first time poster.

Could someone explain how turning a monkey into a squirrel is opening the door for pun-pun, creating a problem with PCs intentionally turning into squirrels, blind orcs or deep-dark tiefling rogues?

While each of these thoughts has a valid point, perhaps their own thread would be a better place to discuss the pros and cons of those scenarios. I don't see how they are a part of this discussion. It's my opinion that anyone who posts to agree or disagree is contributing to the derailment.

People tend to get heated when talking about other topics (such as game-breaking, rule-bending things) and then stop constructively contributing.

I'm not a forum mod, but it's my opinion that this thread has gone off-tangent, in that constructive conversation is difficult to continue.

What is it about a monkey to squirrel transform that has people up in arms?