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He pours you a glass and as he hands it to you he leans in then looks around the empty inn, like he is making sure that no one is listening and whispers

"meet at midnight, the white dove will be waiting"

"Of Course i think i have a nice red, its from Westcrown, have you ever been there?" he says with a smile, you notice him look at the dove on your breast pocket.

"Aye" jarvin says as his face grows stern again. "You'd do well to avoid it" he begins to stare out the window as if expecting to see something.

"Suits of armor that control themselves anong other things. Made of that star metal that they pull out of the mountain. Almost indestructible or so they say. And they follow orders to the letter never flinching and cant be reasoned with"

Jarvin shakes he head as he turns back to you "please rest we need not talk of such grim things"

For those of you that wishbto retire he shows you to your rooms. There are plenty of rooms available and more than enough for each of you to have your own rooms. Its around 7am you will rest for 8 hours rising again at around 3pm

Jarvin brings over some bowls of steaming hot goat stew and places them in front of each of you, as Zaci mentions she is a vegetarian, Jarvin looks confused and then finaly takes the bowl back, muttering something about carrots and horses.

"All sorts really" he says out of no where "dangers that is, Kellid tribes roam the planes some are even rumored to be cannibals and if they dont get you then the centaurs probably will, fiercely territorial they are, spear you for just walking the wrong way."

Jarvin starts chopping up some vegetables as he continues,

"But i'd take my chances with either of those over the monstrosities that come out of the Silver Mount, wouldn't want to run into any of those on a dark night... or in day light either now i thinks about it"

he shakes his head, a stern look upon his face as he comes back to the table and delivers a bowl of assorted vegetables to Zaci, your not quite sure if the stern look is from the talk about the monsters or from serving the vegetables.

New in town hey? well that's pretty obvious" he begins to chuckle lightening the mood slightly

He's not actually wearing a holy symbol he just mentioned milani's name, and i thought i would give you some context for flavor

Jarvin smiles at you warmly, if your mention of Asmodeous was off putting or upsetting he showed no sign.

Please sit i have some stew on the boil, and some fresh well water the boy fetched this morning, you probably already met Lenni, he's a good lad, he helps me around the place.

He looks a bit perplexed at your question Maldrek about setting up shop in Rendfell. But then just smiles at you and says.

Rest first, you can tell me about your ordeal and your plans on the morrow, by the sounds of it you should thank your lucky stars your alive, lots of stuff round here that will kill you if your not weary. A good meal and a soft bed is what you need now i reckon

Jarvin moves over to the counter and checks on the stew, he then starts to poor out some mugs of water for everyone.

you will have a short opportunity to ask him any questions you might have before he ushers you up to your rooms

A Kelish man, in his mid to late 50's who stands about 5'8" tall, covered from head to toe in a long tan robe is wiping down a table as the cleric burst through the doors shouting for a room. He looks very pleased to see you, clearly they don't get many customers around here.

"Welcome! Welcome! yes please come in weary travelers take a seat." He says with a wide grin as he gestures towards the table he was just wiping. "I have plenty of rooms available not to worry, could i fetch you a refreshment or a a meal before you retire to your rooms" His face suddenly looks concerned as the he approaches the cleric and noticed the obvious signs of battle.

By Milani's light are you ok? do you require medical attention, i think i have some healing equipment here, if not we can probably grab some poultices from the alchemist down the road.

Know Religion DC 15 - Milani:

The minor goddess Milani (pronounced meh-LAW-nee) is the patron of all those who fight against oppression and unjust rule. Her symbol is a rose growing out of a blood-soaked street.

Know Religion DC 20 - Milani:

Until the death of Aroden in 4606 AR, the goddess Milani was simply one of dozens of saints within the Last Azlanti's faith. She was the beacon of hope to all those who fought against repressive regimes, giving courage to those who had little but their desire to live a free life.

The death of her patron, combined with the tremendous upheaval and suffering that followed his death, gave her a focus and attracted many new followers. Those devoted to her found the courage to organize the rebellions against the infernal takeover of the Chelaxian Empire, helping many of her outlying territories break free of its control.

They fought against the slow slide into barbarism, restoring people's hope that a just and good society could be restored. Milani has never been as popular as Aroden's other followers, such as Iomedae, perhaps because the Inheritor's worship had already been firmly established before their patron's passing