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I just run into my first problem during play.
I am not sure if there is something in the rules that I did miss.:(
After defeating the Bandits I tried to close the Farmhouse.
To do this I had to summon a monster from the box.
I am always pretty unlucky so I got one that I couldn't beat.
How is this handled?
I get that the location is unlosed, the bandits are dead.

Do I shuffle them again into the location deck?
Do I (also) shuffle the random summonded card into the location deck?
Do I banish the random summoned card back into the box, discard the Bandits and hope that I find another way to close the location?

Please help me.

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I got two questions that came up the last days when I was talking to some of my friends.
After telling them of PS Plays and the different Adventures one of my friends asked why the Gamemaster should be the one who is not only having all the work but also the financial loss.
So they asked me if the GMs of the Pathfinder Society normally take an admission fee from the players for the meetings.
I couldn't answer that and would never thought of anything like that myself, but it is something that is bugging me since then.
Have anybody of you ever taken money from your (regular) players to compensate your expanses?
How would you handle this?

The second thing is the lending of scenarios.
One of my frieds got one of them for himself and asked me if it is legal to lend me the printout for me to GM it.
If it was an normal printed book I wouldn't think twice cause that is what you normally do to fellow gamemasters but something about these being PDFs makes it kinda fishy for me.
What do you think about it?

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I like to know how good the pregenerated chars are.
Can I recommend them to the players starting with the pathfinder society or should I take the time and efford and help them to their own character generation?
I guess most of my players wouldn't have ever played pathfinder before or would be very insecure in creating their own characters.
Is the build of the pregens one that a player would normally choose?
How are your experiences with these?

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Hi there.
I just read through the first Scenario and there was one thing that irritated me.
On Page 16 It reads under "Creature": "In addition to the silvered cat-o'-nine-tails Zarta gave the group, a silver-tipped riding crop lies on the table..."
I couldn't find the point in the adventure where the players obtained it from her.
Earlier they get an "... exquisit silver letter opener shaped like a dagger..." but there is no such thing as the whip.
Is that an error, or have i overseen anything important?

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Hi there.
As I am thinking about starting regular PS Events I like to know how much langage matters.
Is there any rule that regulates what languages are spoken on the gaming table?
As I reside in germany i guess most of my participants will be german and so prefer their native language.
Is it possible (eg. allowed) to run the events based on the german rulebooks (in addition to the english scenarios)?
If we would have a guest from another country I think it would be no problem to switch to english.
Is there really such an active community that it is possible that there might be someone from "out of town" visiting another group?
I really hope my questions arent to dumb but i like to be prepared before i start the whole thing. :)

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Hi there.
I am thinking about starting a regular Pathfinder Society meeting in our store.
Of course I will start with the free intro but where should I go from there?
Season 0 looks to me to be really old and not up to date with the current rules.
Am I wrong and should I start with season 1 or what else would you recomment?

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Hi there.
I have been a GM for years but i am really new to roleplaying systems with leveling.

I like to add some flavour to leveling by adding small scenes for every character that advances a level.

My group consists of a paladin, a bard, a ranger and a cleric.

As for the cleric and the paladin i have decided that they will be visited in their dream by avatars of their god and be "blessed" so they have a reason to know their new spells and abilities.

I am not sure about the other too.
For the bard i think i might add an npc bard that tells her some nwe stories or teaches her new songs.
And yeah, the ranger can meet one elder ranger too, but i am not really happy with that.
I don't like training montages and it will need more game time to play those scenes as with the other two.

I would like to hear what you have come up for leveling your groups up and if hou have any tips or advice. :)