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Thank you


I received the 2nd Adventure Deck for the card game, but I did not receive the following promo as specified in this order:
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Sweet Dragon Costume

Sara Marie wrote:
JDazzle wrote:
My 2 side cart Class Decks did not make it into my order at all. Have they been pushed back again?
Yours were in two separate orders and not the sidecart so they did not ship with the subscription. I've combined the orders and sent you a new confirmation email.

That's odd because I remember checking up on the first order several times (the second one was made recently) and it said it was in the sidecart.

Also, this message is confusing/bad grammar:

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My 2 side cart Class Decks did not make it into my order at all. Have they been pushed back again?

I just found out my flgs has received their S&S stock while my subscription order has seen no movement in about 20 days.

I'm seriously considering cancelling my sub just so I could get the game now as, even paying full price, the price difference wouldn't be much from the sub & shipping costs.


I've read in this thread that there was talk about making errata cards available through Drive Thru RPG. Is this something that is still being looked into or has it been deemed not possible?


Oh, thank goodness! I was freaking out a bit, too.

Thank you for the update!

Oh, nice! Thanks for checking. I fumbled around a bit and found that part. Now I just have to wait for local events to start showing up :)

I was wondering when the Pathfinder Adventure Society will be updated to include the card game? I've never been a member but I want to find and participate in this game's events!