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One the Kenabres map: L = Topaz Solutions, M = Nyserian Manor, N = Tower of Estrod, O = Defender's Heart, P = Grey Garrison

The evening passes uneventfully, with Wendaug sitting silently across from Verim most of the evening nursing an ale. Morning arrives all too soon with a dull gray rain, the sky streaked with sickly yellow slashes and occasional jagged bands of red lightning.

Rousing everyone at first light Irabeth ensures everyone is well fed and fully healed before ushering the party towards the door. Once we hit those positions we won't be able to give the Gray Garrison time to reinforce. Try to move quickly and return as soon as possible.

After a brief knock at the door, Irabeth hurries in and begins spreading maps on the table in front of the group. These are up-to-date given our current intelligence reports, including yours. According to your documentation, there are cultist outposts here, here, and here.[b] says Irabets, marking each location with an X. [b]I would like to have these three outliers neutralized within 24 hours. If we can drive the bulk of the cultists forces into the Grey Garrison, we'll be able to regain operational control of the city long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

Gesturing back out towards the common area, Irabeth continues. We have one room available, I would suggest you rest and attempt to acquire any arms and armor you may require. While I don't have the authority to requisition goods, several merchants did manage to make their way to the Defender's Hears with at least some of their wares..

Eyes narrowing as she watches Mia, Irabeth continues on. Though if the young lass has anything to share with us, I may reconsider that position.

Frowning as Mia insists on going, Irabeth refuses to allow her back into danger. There is no way I can permit a child entry back into a war zone. She will remain safely here under my guard.

Marking the locations indicated by Verim on the map, Irabeth looks concerned. We've already sent a group of crusaders to contact the mongrelmen. We should be hearing back from them soon. In the meantime, news of these stronghold combined is worrisome. The bulk of the cultist force is gathered at the Grey Garrison, here, [b] Irabeth muses while tapping the map.

We cannot afford to allow the cultists to dig in and continue operating. Most of the cities citizens are already either dead or enslaved and the few remaining are paying a steep toll. I will be dispatching men to the Gwerm manor and the Libram of the Broken Black Wing. Right now this inn is the best defended spot in the city.

We also cannot allow the cultists to continue consolidating their forces. There are two possible courses of action at this point. I could ask you to take out these cultist strongholds while we continue to scout the Grey Garrison, or we could strike directly at the enemies heart, a plan that would not have been possible without the mongrelmen's support.

Anevia and Lann disappear into a private room with Irabeth, along with several gentlemen in Eagle's Watch uniforms for the next hour before the group is summoned to join them. Sitting around the table is Anevia, Irabeth, Lann, a distinguished looking gentleman of advanced years wearing an Eagle's Watch uniform, and two officers of the town guard.

Looking up from a map of kenabres spread across the table, Irabeth gestures towards the unoccupied chairs. Have a seat, we have a lot to talk about and time is at a premium.

I have already dispatch an envoy to the children of the first crusade letting them know we are ready for them. Their assistance will be vital in the coming days. The attack on Kenebras was not isolated, the demons have attacked along our entire line, but we took the brunt of it. Had the demons hit Nerosyn as hard as they hit Kenebras, things would be much worse.

That said, things don't look good. Our wardstone has been destroyed and Lord Hulron and Terendeliv are dead. With the destruction of our wardstone, the entire wardstone system has been greatly weakened and the demons are amassing for further assaults. Only their lack of coordination and discipline has prevented a complete disaster.

In our favor, Nerosyn is sending reinforcements to help us. We are unsure how long it will take them to arrive, perhaps a week, perhaps longer. In the meantime, it will be up to us to slow the cultists down and prevent them from reinforcing their positions. Any information you may have obtained will be of great help.

Looking down at Verim, Irabeth frowns, a serious expression on her face. Don't drink too much. We are meeting in two hours. I need updates on what is going on in the city.

Still supporting Anevia with one arm, Irabeth approaches the group of adventurers, obviously relieved to have found her wife but still serious in tone. Welcome to the Defender's Heart. We'll have to debrief you, but that can wait until you have the chance to eat and clean up. Head inside, find yourselves an unoccupied corner and settle in. It's going to be a while before the Mendevian army can get here and there is plenty of grim news, but we can talk about that later.