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Still no badge for me. Working on my wish list with the wife. Time to call it. I'm not getting a badge in time from Paizo.

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Tanis O'Connor wrote:
Parody wrote:

That'd certainly be better than the current choices of either 8 or 11 PM on Thursday. :)

Added Question: Can you play 8-00 twice, once with an RPG character and once in the ACG?

(For those who don't play in the PFS RPG: you can normally only play a scenario for credit once.)

Good question! We'll discuss and get back to you.

I had the same question as Parody.

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I like that there are two dwarf rangers but no elf rangers.

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DrJill wrote:
I think the divine skill is just there so he doesn't have to banish divine spells, but so he has a difficult time recharging.

It also allows him to attempt a divine check, like acquire some blessings, but without any bonus.

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Are Imrijka's role card powers reversed? Fate's Shepard has the role powers against undead, not Gravecharge Keeper.

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The wording of the power is "When you attempt a check" and "add 1 (2) to the check." The words "a" and "the" indicate to me that each ally can only benefit one check.

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I'm still trying to wrap my head around this and have a few questions. Let's take the example of Lem who has completed 1-1A, 1-1B and 1-1D. I get that Lem can advance to tier 2 and pick up a card feat after playing 1-2A because that's Lem's 4th scenario. All well and good. Now come the questions. For arguments sake, let's say Lem plays 1-2B, 1-2C and 1-2D next and that completes adventure 2.

1. When would Lem get a skill feat? After playing 1-2A (the first scenario in that adventure) or after playing 1-2B (the first scenario after advancing one tier)? I'm assuming the latter, but thought I would ask.

2. After finishing adventure 2, Lem advances to tier 3. As I read the rules, Lem also gets a card feat even though only 3 scenarios were played since the last card feat, because you get the remaining feats when you complete an adventure. Is that the right interpretation? Is this a mechanism for Lem to catch up with the rest of the group without ever having to go back and finish 1-1C?

Thanks in advance for any clarification.