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And its again me:)

Is elemental special Through Maelstrom Rift isnt available to GMs now? Or its bug?

I've got:
Serpents (both)

But Maelstrom Rift dont

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Thanks a lot!

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Have same problem - got 4 Star in November - still cant get access to 4 star scenarios. Buy button is not active

Can you help me?

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Kalindlara wrote:

I was working on this myself. The answer is, unfortunately, no. However...

My plan is to play a wild child brawler with such a companion, getting me a full-BAB non-spellcaster class with full companion. I then take four levels of cavalier (either green knight or order of the pike), using Boon Companion to continue advancing my companion. Then, probably back to brawler. Close enough for me. ^_^

Oh, this is sad :(

But alternative very cute. I think i go for Ranger with boon companion.
Thanks for answer! :)

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Hello everyone!

Throught GM'ing AP, found this good animal companion - Faerie Mount.

But in PFS list of mounts very restricted. But some archetypes allow to use more companions. So I found 2 of them - Beast Rider and Huntmaster(with only one animal)

And there are some troubles.
First -Im not really sure about list of companions for Beast Rider
Second - Not sure what animals treat as 'Dog' for purpose of Huntmaster

And last - Order of Paw - only 2 options of mount - right?

So, I asking for advice, is there option for PFS Legal Cavalier on Faerie Mount.

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IVLars wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

P.P.S. Azurite is taken, so i take Tanzanite - maybe it actually better for character history.
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Name - Jarakshassa, The Azurith Sage
Race - Samsaran
Alignment - Neutral Good
Class - Wizard Admixture 3/Druid (Storm Druid) 3/Mystic Theurg 4
Description - Jarakshassa, third reincarnation, born on island Jalmeray. Grown in peaceful pagoda, Jaraskassa found our way into gaining knowledges and mysteries of this strange world. Get shards of past memories - about Vudra, bardic legacy and other unobivious things - he tried to get into Pathfinder Society not only loreseeking, but get more knowledge about Sage Jewels. Time passed, magic power growed and Jarakshassa get his first bunch of adventures. Ironic, almost every adventure take place onto cold, north lands.

And moment of glory. Samsaran, born in warm island, who doesnt fear any cold stands in one line with greatest sages of this world to retake ancient knowledges. And he done it.

Now, Jarakshassa known as Azurith Sage, gathering power to keep secrets and gain new knowledge of this strange, but beatiful world.

P.S. Wife recommended Azurith like the stone of Ancient Egypt, granted power of Gods and symbolizing increase power of mind and in Eastern mythology symbolyzing Yin

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Nathanael Love wrote:
I thought they could as well- they are primarily made of Wood, right?

Yes, but some members of our community says that no, beacuse of GMG

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Alway thought, that crossbows can be Darkwood. But in Gamemastery Guide in RandomLoot wrote that Crossbow dont have acces to special materials.

So in PFS cant be Darkwood crossbow?

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Russian segment have an up activity

Localization of Core rule book, Bestiary

There's big popularity of PFS games. So failure in special might be HUGE problem.

Please, we need help!

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Goblin Race Boon - only way to get - special event that already happend?

We Be Goblins - nice, but not that I need :(

But anyway thanks for helping!

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Is there in Society way to play with Goblin character? Or it's can't find enywhere?

My sweet dreams ;(

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Thanks, 2-3 variant really seems good, try it next time.

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Hello! I've started DMing Pathfinder from Begginner box, but now we re playing with normal rules using all of stuff. But we have such a problem- only 3 of us. So our modules not such balanced. I try balance myself, but I didn't have much experience. Please, I'll be glad to see any advices :)