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So the other two Geniuses are at Gen Con and will have limited Internet access. Following in Owen's footsteps, I'm going to give product away to whoever posts to this thread with a new product idea you'd like us Geniuses to do, or something that's missing from one of our existing product lines and the PDF you'd like.

To get your PDF I need you to send me a PM with your email address and a reminder of what you'd like me to send.

So Paizoians, what's missing from the Genius Portfolio?

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

Learn how awesome ancient secrets and fighting techniques can be when you get to learn what fits your character, instead of choosing from a present list...

With The Genius Guide to the Talented Monk you can make your monk so much more than flurry of blows and unarmed strikes...

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The first product from new to Super Genius author Will McCardell is now up. Get your copy of "The Genius Guide to Apeiron Staves" here!

Ok... But what in creation are "Apeiron Staves"?

Glad you asked! Apeiron (pronounced a-pay-ron) Staves are, simply put, to spellcasters what a magic sword is to a fighter. They are magical implements whose most basic function can be used without draining the magical reserves of their owner.

Awesome! Now tell me why I need one.

Need is such a... subjective word, but I can tell you that no self-respecting spellcaster will be seen in public now without one! And here's why! In the core rules, staves are treated as “spells-in-a-can” – a delivery mechanism for a specific number of abilities the user likely already possesses. So yeah, "normal" staves let you create some impressive effects, but at the end of the day they're little more than a different way to cast a spell. And frankly, we already have potions, wands, scrolls, and a multitude of command-word items to do this, which is why you can now get an apeiron staff.

Since I already own "The Genius Guide to Rune Staves and Wyrd Wands", what's the difference between Rune Staves and Apeiron Staves?

The two books are actually very different. Rune Staves are for the most part incredibly generic, giving flat bonuses to spell damage and they might include a special ability that makes specific spells or spell types more effective. On the other hand, Apeiron Staves always have a specific effect (such as summon a spectral hero at a location within 50 feet) and each staff also lets you enhance that effect in defined ways by spending charges (like giving the spectral hero a +4 dodge bonus to AC for 1 round at the cost of 1 charge), with each staff having at least 2 of these "augmentations".

Now we're talking! Alright, one last thing. Apeiron sounds like a word you made up and used to name you your 18 in all stats, elven fighter-magic user-bard who has listed under items "Everything in the PHB" and under spells "Everything in the PHB, x2" character from Jr. High. Be honest, did you just make that word up?

Nope. The word apeiron is Ancient Greek for “infinite” or “unlimited”, and maybe its most famous user was a 6th century B.C. Greek natural philosopher named Anaximander, which he used in his response to the Pre-Socratic natural philosophers of his age who were debating which element, Earth, Wind, Air, or Fire, was the basis of reality. He proposed that the universe was a creation of the infinite, or as he would say it, the apeiron. Which is why we think the name “apeiron staves” is appropriate for a type of magical staff that can continuously create a basic magic effect, infinitely.

Besides, it just sound cool when you can have your incredibly mouthy character say "Stand fast foul creature of the Abyss or feel the wrath of my Greater Apeiron Staff of Force! Take one more step and not only will you suffer (roll 5d4 + your caster level + your casting ability modifier force damage) massive damage, but by spending but 1 charge I can cause you to trip over your own hellish feet!"


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Not all Houserules are created equal.... ;)

The 38-pager Houserule Handbooks: Spell Points Compilation is available now in pdf! (POD coming soon!) This collects and reorganizes all 3 of our Spell Points pdfs (and makes editing corrections in the very few places we found them).

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

SF 7 Airdrops are short, cheap PDF's for Savage Worlds, similar to the Bullet Point line we have for Pathfinder. This first release focuses on five new pieces of equipment to help members of Strike Force 7 retaliate against agents of Skorpion. Or vice-versa....

The 5 new pieces of equipment are:

  • Khepri Bombs: These small metallic insects resemble the scarab beetles sacred to the ancient Egyptians and are a new tool now being used by Skorpion infiltration agents.
  • Masks of Nephthys: The result of decades of secretive research by Skorpion R&D, the Mask of Nephthys is a nanite gel that allows the user to assume the appearance of another person.
  • Metal Vapor Torch Gloves: These gloves generate a small blade of flame in the palm of each hand that can slice through a half-inch steel bar in less than a second.
  • Phoenix Attack Cycle: This Skorpion motorcycle is not only equipped with four H&K MP7 submachine guns, but upon command the cycle can also split into six rocket propelled missiles!
  • XM40 “Zeus” Enhanced Sniper Rifle: Developed exclusively for Strike Force 7, the XM40 sniper rifle is the most powerful, versatile, and effective sniper rifle ever developed. It's unique targeting system allows the sniper to guide the round fired around corners or others forms of cover.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

Thanks Liz!

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

Think you have enough Fighter Talents? Do you even know what Fighter Talents are? Wait.... Fighters can have talents? I thought only rogues get talents? And while we're at it, what kind of party has a cavalier, a barbarian and a ranger, but no fighter? Not to mention a GM who hands out awesome magic items at first level? (And does that mean Uni is the ranger's animal companion?)

Anyway, hot on the heels of the Genius Guide to the Talented Fighter (with four 5-star reviews!), comes the Genius Guide to More Fighter Talents, which adds over 25 new talents for you to chose from!

The Genius Guide to the Talented Fighter (did I mention it has four 5-star reviews?) rewrites the classic fighter class to use talents rather than static class abilities alternating with bonus feats. Rather than require all fighters be brave and balance their efforts between armor and weapon bonuses, each fighter can custom-fit the classes abilities to match a player’s specific concept. This greater flexibility allows the fighter to be the default combat-oriented character without limiting it to just one or two styles of fighting. Like a rogue, a fighter character can pick and choose from a range of similarly-powered abilities appropriate for the fighter’s role without making the class overpowered. The talented fighter still fills the same role in the party but can customize his combat style and abilities to fill a much broader range of concepts.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

Is your fighter talented? If not, why not? Sick of boring old static bonuses and lame feats you end up taking because you have to and every other feat bores you to death?

Well cheer up! Crunch Master Owen has put together one of his finest masterpieces to date. So pickup your copy of The Genius Guide to the Talent Fighter before Biff the Walking Feat Bot goes on strike!

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

The Genius Guide to 110 Spell Variants vol. 4 is now available!

Spell variants are based on the idea that there are a lot of interesting effects you can make with fairly minor changes to how a spell works, or by combining effects of multiple spells, or a spell and magic item or even a class ability. While a lot of spell variants are fairly obvious, such as having a major magic missile spell that deals 1d8+1 per missile rather than 1d4+1. This book brings 110 spells variants that are slightly more complex, and are designed to show how it’s possible to create new spells without too much work.

Or, as my favorite djin likes to say Phenomenal cosmic power, ity bity living space.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

While still in the throws of the Great Plague, the amazing "Mr. He Doesn't Known How To *Not* Produce Amazing Content, or as I like to call him, "Mr. You're Not Going To Let Nurgle's Rot Break 112+ Straight Weeks Of Product Releases Are You?", sent me a 20 page letter via snail mail that was clearly written while deep in a fever dream, but luckily (for him) the snail was well trained and managed to dictate this week's product: #1 With a Bullet Point: 8 Animal Feats.

If "Mr. You're Not Going To Let Nurgle's Rot Break 112+ Straight Weeks Of Product Releases Are You?" heroically keeping the streak alive doesn't pull your heart strings, then I'll have to play rough, because without your $1, I can't guarantee that Timmy* won't find a giant cave under his house after falling into the abandoned well his parents told him to stay away from, but Timmy just ignored them because they're stupid parents who don't know anything. And which, after being rescued, Timmy's parents (Jack and Diane) will ditch him during the opening night of Man vs Vole. When no one comes to claim Timmy, he'll be sent to boarding school. But, after burning down Buck's School For Not Gifted Youngsters, he'll be sent to, and eventually break out of, Sam's Sanctuary For Horrible People Society Hates. Then, after eluding the people looking for him, Timmy will fall down the old well again, but this time he'll make the cave his new home. With little other than the many mushrooms growing in guano he'll stalk (insert your town name here) as the Vole-man!

Finally, you better get this PDF or any of your characters with a familiar, animal companion, and/or trained pet will get eaten by said animal once they find out you deprived them of one of these amazing feats.

Without further ado, the eight feats (that will make your animal friends even more awesome than they were before you bought this) included are:</p>

  • Bloodhound: You can key in on the smell of blood, and know it indicates weakness in a prey.
  • Empathic Beast: Your trainer’s spiritual code has rubbed off on you.
  • Great White: You are an unusually powerful creature of your kind.
  • Homing Sense: You always find your way home.
  • Mighty Beast: Your appearance makes your rider or trainer look more impressive.
  • Sly: You are more cunning than most animals.
  • Soothing Companion: You always seem to know just what your master needs.
  • *Timmy Is Down A Well: You are more expressive than most creatures of your type.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

Have you ever wanted the power to cloud men's minds? I know I have - and now my characters can to!

Anachronistic Adventurers: The Sensitive is now available, rounding out the 6 "base" classes for Modern characters that are 100% compatible with Pathfinder.

What is a Sensitive and what does it do? Glad you asked!


The sensitive is a master of awareness and understanding; someone able to drink in all the sensations of a spring day and know a storm is coming, glance at a friendly face and sense the ill-intent it hides, or contemplate her own actions to reveal subconscious motivations. Sensitives are often religious or philosophical figures, often offering words of wisdom and guidance to those who wish to better themselves. Others are quiet contemplatives who seek on self-awareness, while a few put their perceptions to work delving into the urges and motivations of criminals and monsters.

However, it would be a mistake to think of all sensitives as “kind souls,” or to think that awareness of the thoughts and pains of others somehow ensures their motives are always pure. Some of those who find themselves in tune with the universe around them use that awareness to better manipulate and incapacitate others for their own ends. Sensitive villains can be tragic figures so troubled by the pain of others that they wish to control the world to bring peace (or in more extreme cases just put the world out of its misery), evil mesmerists who have learned to read signs of weakness as a form of power, or even bright-eyed madmen who can’t distinguish between their real insights and the voices of delusion talking in their heads.

Also included in this 19 page book are three new archetypes: the ESPer, profiler, and volur. In addition, you'll find complete rules for Psychic Abilities—mental "tricks" that allow characters to do things that violate the normal rules of the world around them, and that are common in fantastic modern-era adventure stories. Finally, we discuss how Psychic Abilities differ from Psionics, how they interact with each other, and give some advice on ways to incorporate both into your game.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

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The Pope announces his retirement ... the first in nearly 600 years. Asteroid 2012 DA14 comes within 17.5k miles of Earth -- the closest ever observed by modern astronomers and to top it off, fire rains from the sky over Russia.

Is it coincidence that Super Genius Games has just released their new "Genius Guide to Chaos Magic"?

We report, YOU decide.

And just what is The Genius Guide to Chaos Magic? I'm glad you asked!


Chaos magic is the eldritch force of pure, churning anarchy, outrageous coincidence, and unrelenting entropy. It is more than spells that draw on the chaotic element of the alignments that define the morals of creatures throughout the multiverse, it also is a way to dip into the pure stuff of madness and creation. Chaos magic requires its practitioners to embrace a lack of control, and accept that what they want isn't always going to be what they get. In return, they can create effects far beyond their normal level of power… though that isn't always a good thing.

Chaos magic is often considered evil by society, and while this isn't true, it’s an understandable position. Those who draw on chaos magic are often power-mad and, only slightly less often, just plain insane—and thus are high-profile troublemakers. And even among those who embrace chaos magic for scholarly pursuits, or as the only means to oppose powerful enemies, or because they have no choice, the unpredictable nature of chaos magic often causes them to do as much collateral damage as real, lasting good. No one wants a chaos mage living in the center of town, and while the power she represents isn't malevolent, it’s certainly antithetical to the goals of any organized society.

Even so, rare examples of chaos magic as an heroic power source do exist—mostly in lands suffering under crushing tyranny and merciless laws that protect only the rich and powerful. In such kingdoms, anything that disrupts the status quo may be embraced as a form of heroic independence and liberty. Such praise is generally short lived however—once the tyrant is overturned, the confusion and random mishaps caused by chaos magic is as mistrusted by the new regime (however evenhanded it may be) as it once was by the original oppressors.

Despite its questionable reputation, the power of pure anarchy is often sought after by those who simply desire power, and sometimes thrust on those who would prefer a more orderly kind of magic. Chaos is a natural part of the universe, and chaos magic cannot be contained or eliminated, no matter how many kingdoms would prefer it.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

The latest no-frills option for Death themed characters is now available! Get your copy of Bullet Point: 8 Death Knight Feats now!

High Concept: Eight feats designed to augment the options and utility of death knights (from The Genius Guide to the Death Knight), or any death-themed combatant (characters with classes that have death in the class name, have an archetype with death, killer or slayer in the name, or that grant access to the death or repose domains or true death inquisition—using their appropriate class levels as death knight levels for prerequisites) or character that has already taken a feat with “death” in the title (then using character level as death knight levels for prerequisites).

The eight feats included are:

  • Beyond the Pale Gate: Those you kill are unlikely to return to life.
  • Death Dealer: You are a master of delivering death blows.
  • Death Lord: The magic powers of death respond strongly to your call.
  • Death Resistance: You are resistant to the powers of death.
  • Deathly Wounds: The injuries you deal cannot be easily healed.
  • Grave’s Embrace: Your grasp is still and cold as the grave.
  • Lingering Spirit: Killing you does not stop you.
  • Reaper: You swing your weapons in great scything arcs.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

Thanks for the shout-out!

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

Hey, we'll be the first to admit that the feats in this book are so.... horrifically overpowered, that not only will they unbalance your game, but could, in the best traditions of the hobby, actually teach you how to summon succubi from the Abyss, make $1,000,000 with almost no work, and/or how you too can make sure your magic missiles hit the darkness.

All in real life.

Seriously folks, these feats shouldn’t be used by anyone, at any time, without really good reasons.

Although, the one exception would be GMs who feel they know what they are doing. These fine folks are, of course, welcomed to find interesting ways to add whatever they want to their games, no matter how horrifically overpowered they might be.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

Ever wanted to infuse your spells with the power of Hellfire?

How about not only corrupting your enemies with but a touch, but setting them on fire at the same time?

And seriously, who hasn't wanted to call forth Hellfire from their enchanted weapons?

With #1 With a Bullet Point: 5 Hellfire Feats, even the most celestially aligned character can now add a touch of the infernal to their arsenal!

This Bullet Point includes five new feats that give characters additional ways to access hellfire, that infernal substance that is both a supernatural form of energy (similar to, but not exactly the same as, the mystic fires mortal spellcasters call upon to fuel such spells as burning hands and fireball) and planar material (similar to magic force effects), which was first introduced in The Genius Guide to Hellfire Magic (which was just updated with errata and bookmarks, plus a free Hero Lab file!).

The five feats of incredibly amazing infernal awesomeness are:

  • Burning Vengeance: Your touch of corruption can set the world ablaze.
  • Hellfire Channel: You can channel the power of hellfire.
  • Hellfire Spell [Metamagic]: You can infuse your spells with the power of hellfire.
  • Hellish Assault: Your strong emotions when dealing damage allow you to call on hellfire with your magic weapons.
  • Hellish Brute: You can infuse your mutagens with a sliver of the raw power of hellfire.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

The incredibly popular Genius Guide to Hellfire Magic (with four 5-star reviews, including the Endzeitgeist Seal of Approval!) has been updated with bookmarks and errata, plus we've also tossed in the Hero Lab file as a freebie!

Get your copy today!

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

Why would a witch empowered by the patron of agility have access to exactly the same hexes as a witch of a plague patron?

To players expand the customization options for their witches, SGG is proud to present Advanced Options: Patron Hexes!

This 6 page PDF adds patron-specific hexes that allow witches to use their key class ability to further their thematic connection to their patron.

The Patrons included and the hexes tied to them are:

  • Agility: Boneless Steps (Su)
  • Ancestors: Whispers from Beyond the Grave (Su)
  • Animals: Primal Fury (Su)
  • Death: Touch of the Grave (Su)
  • Deception: Eldritch Masque (Su)
  • Elements: Elemental Warp (Su)
  • Enchantment: Dark Desires (Su)
  • Endurance: Vitality (Su)
  • Healing: Healing Hands (Su)
  • Insanity: Babble (Su)
  • Light: Brightening (Su)
  • Moon: Witchlight (Su)
  • Occult: Gravebound (Su)
  • Plague: Mark of Plague (Su)
  • Portents: Third Eye (Su)
  • Shadow: Shroud (Su)
  • Spirits: Spirit Knife (Su)
  • Stars: Glory of the Heavens (Su)
  • Strength: Mighty Thews (Su)
  • Time: Spare Time (Su)
  • Transformation: Race Shift (Su)
  • Trickery: Master Trickster (Su)
  • Vengeance: Retributive Strike (Su)
  • Water: Waterborn (Su)
  • Winter: Hoar Blade (Su)
  • Wisdom: Insight (Su)

We've also updated Advanced Options: Witches' Hexes with the latest errata and the file necessary to use these hexes in HL! If you haven't picked it up already, what else could you be waiting for?

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

Just in time for your 13 dwarf and 1 halfling, kill the dragon, and retake the dwarven ancestral home, Pathfinder game comes: #1 With a Bullet Point: 14 Halfling Burglar Feats!


High Concept: 14 feats tied to halfling racial traits (including those found in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Race Guide) to allow halfling burglars (of any class) to feel like more than short elf rogues or gnomish bards without low-light vision (and if a group of players decided they all wanted to be halfling burglars, perhaps after seeing a good fantasy movie, also to give them way to differentiate their characters).

The feats included are:

  • Duck and Weave: You are adept at diving through the chaos of combat.
  • Hair Part: Traps are rarely designed to catch creatures your size and shape, and you've learned to use that fact to your advantage.
  • Knuckle-Cracker: You are skilled at hitting a foe’s hands with sling stones and forcing them to drop something.
  • Lucky Number: A group’s fortunes are improved just by having you as one of their members.
  • Marcherbook: You keep a journal of your adventures, and those of friends and allies.
  • Master Pickpocket: Your targets never notice when you decide to find out what’s in their pockets.
  • Old Blood: Your family is noted as having features that make you seem even more halfling than other halflings, and at the same time more adventurous and sneaky.
  • Parody: You can create songs or rhymes that anger your foes and throw them off their game.
  • Professional Burglar: You are not afraid to admit you are a professional burglar, trained in the art of entering buildings and steal the valuables within.
  • Proud Feet: Your feet are as tough and calloused as any boot, but still quite sensitive and nimble.
  • Riddlemaster: You can create a web of words that leave your foes bewildered.
  • Right in the Shins: You've learned how to take advantage of your small size and a foe’s distraction to hit where it hurts.
  • Scamper: You trust in your own ability to crouch down to a small size, and hurtle through tight spaces without pausing to consider the consequences.
  • Unseen By Most: If you focus on it, you can sneak about in places bigger and louder creatures cannot.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

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In the words of the always wise Dungeon Grrl, "The BRILLIANT Super Genius spell point system by Owen Stephens just got better!"

I couldn't say it better myself. :D

This product adds a series of feats for use with Houserule Handbooks: Spell Points, and are designed to both give spell-point spellcasters access to the same kind of mechanical, numeric bonuses characters that use other limited-resource powers enjoy, and to showcase how the flexibility of the spell point system can be used to add interesting options to a campaign and its traditions of magic.

The feats included are:

    *Cooperative Casting: You can help other spellcasters fuel their spells.
    *Eldritch Aspect: You can channel spell energy directly into your aura to take on the aspect of a magical totem.
    *Eldritch Blending: You have learned to call on multiple sources of magic to cast spells.
    *Eldritch Focus: Your deep understanding of one spell makes it easier to cast.
    *Eldritch Strike (Combat): You can use spell points to increase the magical boost you give your weapons.
    *Extra Spell Points: You have an unusually large reserve of mystic energy.
    *Magic of the Wild: You can draw power directly from the forces of nature.
    *Mystic Resilience: You are less likely to tire when you draw upon your reserves of mystic energy.
    *Spell Eater: You can absorb eldritch energy used against you.
    *Tantric Magic: You can turn the energy of physical intimacy into mystic energy able to fuel your spells.

Get your copy today!


Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

Owen swears that the time/space continuum wasn't disrupted, but I'm not so sure. Regardless, Genius Options: Masters of Time is available now!


Beings with powers that manipulate time itself, chronothurges, first appeared in The Genius Guide to the Time Thief and The Genius Guide to the Time Warden. Each of those books presented a new base class (time thief and time warden, respectively) that had access to two new powers sources, “motes of time” and “aevum.” They also offered hints of a world where a war waged through multiple, linked, parallel timelines and time itself could be stolen, damaged, or even destroyed.

The classes immediately garnered a large following, and requests for additional material quickly began making their way to Super Genius Games. The first book to offer additional support for them was Rite Publishing’s 101 Renegade Class Feats, which includes 7 feats designed specifically for use by the time thief, as well as feats for numerous other classes created by Super Genius Games and other publishers. Later we released Mythic Menagerie: Ravagers of Time, presenting 7 time-themed critters to give a GM a range of chronal allies and opponents for a campaign with temporal elements.

Now Genius Options: Masters of Time expands the classes and time-themed powers even further, with new ideas for chronothurges of many different types and classes, an outline on how timelines work (adapted from Ravagers of Time), rules for using chronothurge abilities to create temporal monsters, new ways for characters with non-chronothurge classes to gain some temporal powers (with new options for the barbarian, cavalier, cleric, druid, magus, sorcerer, witch, and wizard), and feats for time-manipulators of any type.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

This new BP, available at the very modest price of $1.00, is available now!


High Concept: Seven new feats based on the classic sin of pride, to make villains more interesting and let PCs express their own sins with panache.

The feats included are:

    * Better Than Anyone (Sinful): Your massive pride drives you to overcome anyone you are directly competing against.
    * Drive To Succeed (Sinful): Your massive ego gives you the drive to overcome failure, or but also punishes you if you still fail.
    * I Can’t Allow That (Sinful): The indignation you feel when others oppose you can fuel a mystic power of refusal.
    * I Don’t Need You (Sinful): Watching your allies fall just proves to you how much better than them you are.
    * Joys of Adulation (Sinful): You love it when people cheer for you.
    * Prideful (Sinful): Your sense of self-worth gives you a boost to skills and abilities.
    * That Power Should Be Mine! (Sinful): You can steal abilities from others.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

Now Available!

Ultimate Options: Bardic Masterpieces wrote:

Masterpieces are special performances for bards that represent the abilities of a grand master in a given bardic talent, and were first introduced in Ultimate Magic. Generally taken in place of a feat or spell known, masterpieces serve two useful functions for bard players. First, they give bards some flavor that makes them different than just “banjoplaying sorcerers with a lot of skill points,” and second, they increase a bard’s overall flexibility. GMs can gain similar benefits from adding masterpieces to a campaign or creating brand new masterpieces. Perhaps only the Choirsters of the Church of the Celestial Music have access to The Lullaby of Ember the Ancient, or the minotaur-dancers of Tarse are famed for their defensive cape dance the GM creates as a cultural option.

Of course, the ability to use a new option either for increased flexibility or as a backgroundappropriate flavor element is limited by how many examples of that option exist. Since Ultimate Magic had to cover all the spellcasting classes, it had only limited space to explore the idea of bardic masterpieces. It did give guidelines for GMs to create their own but that often takes time a GM may not have, and with only a few examples a GM might not be sure what kinds of things make good masterpieces.

To help expand the options available to bard players and GMs, Ultimate Options: Bardic Masterpieces presents a selection of new masterpiece options. At least a few options are given that will work for each of the Perform skills, and a few are listed that can be used by a bard focused on any type of Perform. In addition to typical performance masterpieces, there are several masterpieces for social skills – things learned as the pinnacle of a bard’s ability to understand, communicate with, and manipulate people. Although these masterpieces are often extraordinary abilities rather than supernatural (and carefully state this when it is the case) and represent a different kind of advanced bardic skill, they otherwise follow the normal rules for masterpieces.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

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Looking for something a little creepy this Halloween season? Then we've got you covered! The Genius Guide to Horrific Haunts is available now!

Super Genius Games

The latest in our well-received line of Anachronistic Adventurer PDFs in now available. Get it here.

What is Anachronistic Adventurers: The Luminary? wrote:

“I threaded a sufficient number of loops, trying the length over the edge. Then I said to Elsie, who sat cowering, propped against the crag, ‘You must come and look over, and do as I wave to you. Mind, dear, you must! Two lives depend upon it.’

‘Brownie, I daren’t? I shall turn giddy and fall over!’

I smoothed her golden hair. ‘Elsie, dear,’ I said gently, gazing into her blue eyes, ‘you can always be brave, where those you love are concerned; and I believe you love me.’ I led her, coaxingly, to the edge. ‘Sit there,’ I said, in my quietest voice, so as not to alarm her. ‘You can lie at full length, if you like, and only just peep over. But when I wave my hand, remember, you must pull the rope up.’

She obeyed me like a child. I knew she loved me.”

-Lois Cayley, Miss Cayley’s Adventures, Grant Allen

The luminary is an object of constant attention, and often fame. Through force of personality and the ability to read the strengths and weaknesses of those around her, the luminary can bring out the best in her allies and befuddle and vex her foes. A luminary may seem to be little more than a cheerleader or mascot, but her power to control and alter the morale and inspiration of those around her allows the allies of a luminary to do far more with her than on their own, even if they never realize how crucial her presence is to their success.

Since a luminary’s force of personality is hard to miss, many take roles that suit the constant attention they inevitably attract. The most well-known luminaries are performers and celebrities, but people with the ability to influence and inspire others can be found in many walks of life. A luminary may be a natural born leader, possibly even a military commander, rebel organizer, or rabble-rouser. Some luminaries work behind the scenes, acting as deal-makers, radio news announcers, extremist writers, or salacious pleasure-providing criminals. More rarely a luminary may even use her power of gaining attention work to “hide in plain sight,” allowing a spymaster to pose as something innocuous, ranging from a rich playgirl to a vapid celebrity famous only for being famous

Included in this 20 page book are three new archetypes: the celebrity, headliner, and fixer as well as rules expanding the use of the Diplomacy skill to allow characters to influence the attitude of entire groups, be that as small as a gathering on a corner or as large as an entire nation. Finally we touch on the idea of Progress Levels (PL), a simple way to determine the general technological advancement of a campaign (and outlined in more detail in Anachronistic Adventurers: The Enforcer).

This is the 5th in the line, with one more to go: The Sensitive, coming soon!

Super Genius Games

The High Concept: Additional abilities that can be added to the classic handy haversack magic item (with the cost, weight, abilities and requirements added to the normal information for a handy haversack).

The additional abilities included are:

  • Handy Holster: Your handy haversack includes a weapon belt.
  • Hasty Haversack: You may remove an item from the handy haversack as a swift action.
  • Haversack of Holding: Your handy haversack's main compartment holds as much as a bag of holding.
  • Horrific Haversack: A horrific haversack is larger and heavier than a typical haversack, because it’s main compartment is actually a small wooden chest.
  • Homogenous Haversacks: Homogenous haversacks are a set of handy haversack that share a common set of extradimensional spaces.

Get your copy today!

Super Genius Games

The High Concept: Five feats that greatly expand the options available to characters who wish to specialize in the classic and venerable control water spell.

The feats included are:

  • Eldritch Well: You can summon up water into the spaces you magically create.
  • Greater Water Control: Your ability to control water is greatly expanded.
  • Water Lord: You have become a duke of the element of water.
  • Water Knight: You have become a knight of the element of water.
  • Water of Life: Your water spells are also blood magic.

Get it today!

Super Genius Games

And some Spell Points. :)

First off is the first in a new line: Houserule Handbooks: Spell Points: Spell points are a resource used to cast spells, as opposed to using the normal rules of spell slots and spell preparation.

Tired of politicking and investigating? Itching to kick down a door and steal a pie from an orc? Then the Megadungeon Delver's Player Options book is for you. And the best part is, it's free!

Next up is a nod to our friends over at LPJ Design with #1 With a Bullet Point: 5 Machinesmith Feats. We offer up 5 feats to expand the options available to machinesmiths from Classes of NeoExodus: The Machinesmith.

And finally, Crunch Master Owen adds some spice to everyone's favorite speed spells in #1 With a Bullet Point: 5 Haste/Slow Feats. These feats allow spellcasters using the classic and venerable spells haste and slow (and blessing of fervor, if it is used in the campaign) to have as many options as characters who use material weapons.

Click on the links for full descriptions and get your copies today!

Super Genius Games

The Summer of Bullets continues with: #1 With a Bullet Point: 6 Antimagic Field Feats, which already has a 5/5 star review!

The High Concept: Feats that expand the function, utility, and tactical options available to casters who take the iconic antimagic field spell (and a selection of other spells with emanations centered on the caster and a duration greater than instantaneous or that work against magic effects).

The six feats included are:

  • Alarm Field: Your can add additional minor effects to your antimagic field.
  • Anchored Field: Through the use of special rituals and crystals, you can tie an antimagic field (and some other emanations) to a location rather than center it on yourself.
  • Antischool Specialization: You can block or dispel just a single form of magic.
  • Conditional Field: You can set your antimagic field to be automatically suspended under specific conditions.
  • Suspend Field: You can temporarily suspend the effects of an antimagic field you have cast.
  • Wall Emanation: You can turn your antimagic field into a wall.

Super Genius Games

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June 14, 2012 Redmond, WA — Super Genius Games is already one of the most popular and prolific 3rd-party publishers of support material for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but this summer they’re taking it up a notch. Since November of 2009, the company has published at least one Pathfinder-related PDF product every week, and now they proudly announce that from June 14 until September 13, 2012 they will instead release two products every week. They’re calling the event the Summer of Bullets, in no small part because a good number of the products will be part of their “#1 With a Bullet Point” line of supplements.

“Bullet Points are particularly short products,” explained Hyrum Savage, Super Genius Games’ co-founder. “Each one features just a few examples of a very specific game feature, like ’8 Barbarian Feats’ and ’4 Ghostbusting Items,’ and this summer we’re going to let the bullet points fly so be sure to check out the Summer of Bullets website!”

Each week during the course of this event, Super Genius Games will release their regularly scheduled product early in the week (generally on Tuesdays) and then a bonus Bullet Point product later in the week (generally on Thursdays).

“The bonus products will all be spell-related,” said Owen K.C. Stephens, Lead Designer for Super Genius and author of all of the Bullet Point products to date. “They’ll feature material that will let spellcasters use their spells in new and novel ways. In effect, they can gain some new capabilities without having to learn any new spells.”

Another highlight of the Summer of Bullets will be the release of three new products in the Anachronistic Adventurers line: The Luminary (for diplomat/faceman characters), the Tough (for thug/biker/bruiser characters), and the Sensitive (for high wisdom perceptive/spiritualist characters). Each of these products will present new base classes that allow you to play modern-era heroes in your Pathfinder game.

“Anachronistic Adventurers line grew out of the ideas we had a few years back,” said Stan!, Super Genius Games Creative Director. “In 2010 we ran a Kickstarter campaign we called ‘P20 Modern’—a full-fledged modern-era RPG based on the Pathfinder rules. Although the fund raising wasn’t successful, we didn’t give up on the idea completely. We just broke it into smaller parts. With these three, we’ll finally have all six of what could have been the base classes for a modern-era Pathfinder game.”

At the end of the Summer of Bullets, Super Genius Games will release the “City of Lights”, an adventure that ties directly into the Anachronistic Adventurers line and is the first in a series of adventurers and supplements that support Pathfinder games in modern settings.

Super Genius Games

Now available!

The High Concept: Six new types of swords, based on weapons from the real world (and using their common real-world names, making it easy to find pictures of them with an Internet search), to expand a campaign's options for unusual characters or distant cultures.

The following swords are included:

  • Cinquedea: Light martial melee weapon
  • Executioner's Sword: Two-handed martial melee weapon
  • Estoc: One-handed exotic melee weapon
  • Kampilan: One-handed exotic melee weapon
  • Manople: One-handed exotic melee weapon
  • Swordstaff: Two-handed exotic melee weapon

Super Genius Games

Thanks for the love Paizoians!

Super Genius Games

Be smart, shop P-Mart! You know you've always wanted a bookstick, well now you can! #1 With a Bullet Point: 7 Magic Firearm Properties has you covered.

The High Concept: Seven magic properties designed specifically for firearm weapons (from early firearms &ndash; such as those highwaymen, musketeers, and pirates use - to more advanced weapons appropriate in western or pulp-era campaigns).

The properties included are:

  • Boomstick: You can deafen your foes.
  • Burrowing: Your bullets can deal long-term damage.
  • Dependable: Your firearm misfires less often and is more reliable than standard firearms.
  • Dimensional Capacity: Your firearm holds triple the weapon's normal capacity.
  • Entangling: Your firearm can entrap your foes.
  • Hot Lead: Attacks with your firearm deal fire damage.
  • Ricochet: Attacks with your firearm can hit more than one target.

Super Genius Games

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Super Genius Games

It might be one of the first spells you pick up, but with these feats it'll definitely find a use until you take over for your god! Check out #1 With a Bullet Point: 7 Cure Light Wounds Feats here!

Inside you'll find the following feats:

  • Bolstering Cure: You can turn extra healing into bonus vigor.

  • Cloak of Curing: You can hold a charge of cure light wounds in your aura, allowing allies to grab it when needed.

  • Lay on Cure: Like a paladin, you can heal yourself more quickly than you can heal others.

  • Lingering Cure: You can expand the healing you do by drawing out the time it takes to be effective.

  • Moderate Mastery: You’ve expanded your healing expertise to more advanced cure spells.

  • Shared Cure: You’ve learned that sometimes, the healer needs to be healed too.

  • Reinforced Cure: You can add a little extra magic to your cure effects.

Super Genius Games

Is there a Doctor in the house? You might need one, or at least a Thief, or perhaps a Warden when (not if!) one of these bad boys show up!

From the annoying and hard-to-pin-down CR 1 leap insect, to the CR 22 lord of time, the Chronal Dragon Great Wyrm, we've got you covered when it comes to temporal adversaries!

Get Mythic Menagerie: Ravagers of Time today!

Super Genius Games

Tired of tossing aside the longsword you father gave you as a family heirloom once you hit 4th level?

Looking for that iconic magic item your character can use his entire adventuring career?

Look no further, Relics of the Godlings is here!

Super Genius Games

Lay the smackdown on some heretics this weekend! Check out the latest Bullet Point, 6 Spiritual Weapon Feats here.

Super Genius Games

Coming this Sunday!

Super Genius Games

Thanks Paizoians!

Super Genius Games

Hey look, it's a new Prince of Hell!

From the product page:


Some individuals possess an intangible quality that not only inspires confidence, but makes those around them feel special simply through acknowledgement. The highly charismatic know when to lay on the charm not only to inspire, negotiate, and perform, but also to erect a pleasant veneer to hide an ugly core. They keep their inner personalities well guarded, and for good reason – people would dislike and even fear the person that lies beneath the pleasing exterior. It is normal for people to keep elements of their personalities hidden from others, but there is a deadly deception that occurs when people intentionally mislead others into believing that they are driven by altruism when they in fact live according to their baser, self interested motivations.

Phosonith, one of Hell’s most promising princes, revels in the pleasant façade he projects, only dropping it in the privacy of his beautiful but twisted towers in Stygia’s city of Ess. He is a crafty administrator with a reputation for implementing beneficial changes for his city, though he hides angry, cruel, and violent tendencies. Behind closed doors, Phosonith violently lashes out at any who disappoint him or thwart his ambitions. All the while, he impresses Asmodeus with his ability to tempt some of the most noteworthy mortals with the notion that with enough wealth, power, and renown, they may succeed through charm and the appearance of compassion, while they are in practice condescending, cruel, and abusive to those around them.

Super Genius Games

Heads up everyone... Next week we'll be releasing The Tomb-World of Alak-Ammur, a Dungeonpath adventure for 12th level characters written by the amazing Monte Cook!

Here's the "back cover" text:


Even within the deepest recesses of history's own heart, one cannot find a sorcerer more powerful nor infamous than the man known as Alak-Ammur. His origins lie hidden behind a veil of lies and half-truths so thick that it is useless to even speak of them. Know simply this, that Alak-Ammur grew strong in the ways of arcane lore as easily and quickly as other men take to breathing fresh air.

Few were surprised, even in his own time--or at least all records seem to indicate--when Alak-Ammur disappeared mysteriously. Most of his kinsmen and peers assumed that he had died, although in truth he had neither kinsmen nor peers. But assumptions about men like Alak-Ammur are so often wrong that it hardly seems worth relating that they were.

But they were.

The sorcerer left the world of his birth and explored the myriad worlds beyond. He lived for a thousand more years than his fellows knew, for he never returned to that place he had once called home. When it came time for him to die--when his body could no longer continue to house his spirit--he used his magic to fashion a tomb for himself. But Alak-Ammur's tomb would be no more a normal crypt than he was a normal man.

True to his nature--and his nature was power, pure and simple--Alak-Ammur crafted for himself a world in which to put his physical form to eternal rest. Not a large world, as world's go, but truly an entire world as distinct and unreachable from any other world as, well, another world.

If one could find this tomb-world, surely it would hold great secrets, it would solve vast mysteries, and it would make one wealthy and powerful beyond imagining. If such a deed could be done at all--and survived.

Originally part of Dungeonaday.com, this PDF clocks in at 32 pages and is completely linked and bookmarked. You can see the cover here.


Super Genius Games

Got an idea for a character and it just won't work as a single class? Worried about taking a hit if you "level dip"? Don't fear, the Geniuses are here with the Genius Guide to Feats of Multiclassing!

Now it's easier than ever to play a blue-eyed barbarian with a roguish streak.


Super Genius Games

Like fire...
This fire in my skin...
This burning...
Is turning me to sin...
It's not my fault.

Hellfire—the stuff of legends and nightmares. Classically associated with the wrath of the gods and the acrid scent of brimstone, hellfire is also one of the background elements of hell and the torments that await there. Hellfire represents a common element of many fantasy stories and classic mythologies, but has very little presence within the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The Genius Guide to Hellfire Magic adds hellfire as a new option for a broad range of spellcasters, adding options for grim antipaladins wielding hellfire scourges, determined inquisitors calling down hellfire cages to imprison their enemies, and even good-aligned clerics and wizards drawing on the building blocks of hell to fight for justice and honor—though facing constant temptation to call upon more vile forces as they do so.

Get your copy today!

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