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Full Name

Hudor Nero




(Core) Water Sorcerer 4.0 | AC 12 {16 w/ Mage Armor} (T 12/FF 10) | CMB +3 CMD 15 (FF 13) | HP 30/30 | Init +2 | Fort +3 Ref +4 Will +4 (Cold Resistance 10) | Perception +0 | Speed 30' | Cold Ray 6/6 | Spells: 1 (7/7), 2 (4/4),







Special Abilities

Bloodline Arcana: Water Elemental, Elemental Ray, Eschew Material, Gifted Adept (Burning Hands), Spell Focus (Evocation)






Aquan, Common



Strength 13
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Hudor Nero

Male Human Sorcerer 4 (CORE)
PFS# 138079-4
Sovereign Court
XP: 9
Fame: 15
Prestige: 15


N Medium Humanoid
Senses: Init +2, Perception +0
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10
HP 30 (1d6 +2 Con +1 FC)
Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +4
CMD 15, flat-footed 13
Speed 30 ft.
CMB +3
Elemental(Cold) Ray +4 (1d6+2/x2) Ranged Touched, 30'
Unarmed +3 (1d3+1/x2) Non-Lethal
Spear +3 (Melee) +3 (Ranged) (1d8+1/x3) P, 20'
Heavy Crossbow +4 (1d10/19-20/x2) P, 120'
-25/25 Bolts

Boon: +1 weapon damage against creatures with the demon subtype.

-Ranked Skills-
+8 Knowledge Arcana
+8 Knowledge Planes
+4 Profession Brewer
+10 Spellcraft
+11 Use Magic Device

-Untrained Skills-
+2 Acrobatics
+1 Appraise
+3 Bluff
+1 Climb
+3 Diplomacy *+2 while in Irrisen (Boon).
+3 Disguise
+2 Escape Artist
+2 Fly
+0 Heal
+3 Intimidate
+0 Perception
+2 Ride
+0 Sense Motive
+2 Stealth
+0 Survival
+1 Swim

Eschew Materials (Class Bonus): Can cast spells without having to use minor material components.
Magical Aptitude: +2 Bonus on Spellcraft and Use Magical Devices checks.
Spell Focus (Evocation): +1 DC on Evocation spells cast.
Greater Spell Focus (Evocation): +1 DC on Evocation spells cast.

Deft Dodger: +1 bonus on Reflex saves.
Gifted Adept (Burning Hands): +1 Caster Level on Burning Hands spell.

Class Abilities:

Bloodline Arcana (Water Elemental): You may change any energy spell to use Cold energy.

Elemental Ray (1d6+2 Cold, 6/day): Standard action, ranged touch attack.

Cold Resistance 10


-0 Level- (Unlimited Usage)
Acid Orb (+4 Ranged Touch; 1d3/x2 critical; 25'+5'/2 levels)
Detect Magic
Disrupt Undead (+4 Ranged Touch; 1d6; 25'+5'/2 levels)
Ray of Frost (+4 Ranged Touch; 1d3/x2 critical; 25'+5'/2 levels)
Read Magic

-1 Level- (7 Usage)
Burning Hands (Reflex Half DC 16; 5d4 Damage)
Mage Armor
Ray of Enfeeblement (+4 Range Touch; 1d6+2 STR damage {Fort DC 14/half}, 25'+5'/2 levels, 1 round/level)

-2 Level- (4 Usage)
Flaming Sphere (Reflex Save DC17 for no damage)


-Winter Blanket
-Flint & Steel
-Trail Rations (4 days)
-Waterskin (water)
-Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2 (1d8+1)
-Wand of Endure Elements (50 charges) *24 hour duration per charge.
Belt Pouch
-GP: 5975
Traveller's Vestment
Heavy Crossbow
25 Bolts

Temporary Equipment:


#6-05 Slave Ships of Absalom: +1 XP, +2 PP, +519 gp
#5-01 Glass River Rescue: +1 XP, +2 PP, +526 gp
#3-18 The God's Market Gamble: +1 XP, +1 PP (No Fame), +359 gp
#4-19 The Night March of Kalkamedes: +1 XP, +1 PP, +518 gp
#8-05 Ungrounded but Unbroken: +1 XP, + 2 PP, +506 gp
#9-00 Assault on Absolom: +1 XP, +2 PP, +505 gp
#Siege of the Diamond City: +1 XP, +2 PP, +1251 gp
#6-18 From Under Ice: +1 XP, +2 PP, +1202 gp
#10-00 Hao Jin Cataclysm: +1 XP, +2 PP, +1250 gp


Buddy Friendship: You have done a favor for Lady Silviana in Absalom, and she is willing to repay the favor. If you would earn no Prestige Points at the end of an adventure that included one or more encounters in Absalom, you can cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet to earn 1 Prestige Point instead.

{}{}{}The Court Crows (Lady Darchana of House Madinani; Sovereign Court faction): You have impressed Lady Darchana, Second Lord of Absalom, and taken an important step in recruiting her to Lady Gloriana Morilla's cause. You can use this boon and check on of the boxes before attempting a Knowledge (Arcana) or Spellcraft check on the Isle of Kortos to roll twice and take the better result. You can attempt such a check untrained. You cannot use this ability if all three boxes are checked, but the boon may grant other benefits in future adventures.

Earth Affinity: Your connection to elemental earth has grown stronger over the course of your recent adventures. This boon has no mechanical effect on its own, but it may interact with other boons or play a role in future adventures--especially those set on the elemental planes.

{}{}{}Ungrounded Veteran: While your time in the Ungrounded was not easy, you rose to face challenges that Captain Othis threw in your way. You may check a box before this boon to call upon the skills you reinforced through your training, granting you a +2 circumstance bonus on one of the following skill checks: an Acrobatics check to balance on a narrow or slipper surface, any Climb check, a Knowledge (Planes) check to identify creatures or their weaknesses, or any Profession (Soldier) check. If you are not trained in the skill, you may instead check a box to treat yourself as if you were trained in the skill. You must choose to apply this bonus before rolling. When you check the last box, cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet.

Wish Exposure (Sovereign Court): The Sovereign Court is setting plans in motion to call upon the wishcraft of their genie allies. The first of these wishes has already impacted your life in a subtle ways. If you gain the benefits of a wish spell again, it provides greater benefits that it normally would. Cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet when you would benefit from a wish whose details appear in an adventure (e.g., increasing the amount of gold you earn on a Chronicle sheet). When you do so, increase the benefits earned by 50%.

Defender of Absalom: You aided Absalom in its hour of need, breaking the siege of demon-flesh monstrosities, undead saboteurs, and ghastly ships. The people of Absalom witnessed your triumphs and will remember your courage for several deeds in particular. Choose one (or two, if so instructed by the Overseer GM) of the following rewards corresponding to a faction's objective that either the House successfully fulfilled or that your table successfully fulfilled.
{} Tempest Guardian (Grand Lodge): You led the Muckruckers to victory in reclaiming Fort Tempest, which also salvaged some of the fort's besmirched reputation. The militia makes you an honorary Muckrucker, teaching you or a protege some of their favorite tricks. You can check the box that precedes this boon when making a new Pathfinder Society character to grant your new character one of the following as a bonus trait: fast-talker, resilient, or suspicious. Alternatively, you can gain the trait.
{} Maestro of Manumission (Liberty's Edge): You oversaw the manumission of hundreds of Absalom's slaves, which might mark the end of slavery in the city and recruit new talent to the Society. You can check this box when creating a new character to begin that character at 2nd level with 3 XP, 1500gp, and 6 Prestige Points.

Siege-Hardened: You survived the Siege of Nerosyan, and you have learned some impressive tricks for fighting demons. You gain a +1 bonus on weapon damage rolls against creatures with the demon subtype. Before rolling a caster level check to overcome a demon's spell resistance, you may cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet to gain a +3 bonus on roll.

Defender of Nerosyan: The city of Nerosyan stands in part because of your actions, and Queen Galfrey herself has taken note. While in Mendev or the Worldwound, reduce the cost of purchasing a Prestige Award while outside of a settlement of 5,000 residents or more by 4. You gain a 10% discount on any magical items that require a spell with a Good descriptor as a spell prerequisite. This discount does not stack with other discounts.

Warm Friend in a Cold Land: You have befriended Uliyara, a stilyagi Jadwiga, and she proves to be a valuable ally in Irrisen. Whenever you are in Irrisen, you can apply a +2 circumstance bonus on all Diplomacy checks. You additionally bring Uliyara along with you on one mission to any location, allowing her to grant you the effects of this boon outside of Irrisen. When you use this boon outside of Irrisen, cross it off of your Chronicle sheet.

Savior of the Tapestry: You have averted the imminent collapse of the Hao Jin Tapestry, saving the lives of everyone who calls the demiplane home. One of these people have decided to join you on your adventures. Choose one of the following rewards corresponding to an objective that you successfully completed or that the House successfully completed, and cross the others off your Chronicle sheet.
These NPCs help you in three different ways. First you may spend 2 PP to learn the listed language from that NPC. Second, you may check a box that precedes a reward as a standard action to consult that NPC for assistance with one of the listed skill checks. You may use that NPC's bonus in place of your own when rolling the skill check. Finally, you may check a bonus that precedes a reward to receive the NPC's special benefit. Unless otherwise stated, this is a standard action.
The NPCs become stronger throughout their adventures with you. Their bonus on skill checks depends upon your character level (L1-2: +6, L3-4: +8, L5-6: +11, L7-8: +14, L9-10: +18, L11+: +22)
{}{} Serene Kappa (Eternal Lake): This kappa wishes to find a new lake on Golarion, but not before sharing his wisdom with the Society. Language: Aquan; Skills: Heal, Sense Motive; Special: The kappa cast water breathing (CL equal to your character level).

{}{} Radiant Ruby Feathers: Your repair efforts were so successful that the phoenix guardians had extra magical energy left over, which they have gifted back to you in the form of a pair of feathers imbued with sparks of Hao Jin's power. You can check a box that precedes this boon as a standard action to use one of the following spell-like abilities, gaining benefits based upon your level when you activate this boon. For any spell-like ability, use your character level as your caster level.
Levels 1+ You can use a spell-like ability from the following list: Burning Hands, Cure Moderate Wounds, or Lesser Restoration.
Level 5+ Add Cure Serious Wounds, Fireball, and Scorching Ray
Level 9+ Add Cure Critical Wounds, Restoration, and Wall of Fire. If you use Restoration to remove a permanent negative level, check both boxes.
Level 12+ Add Heal and Sirocco (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 244) Both spell-like abilities requires you to check both boxes.

Purchasable Loot:

Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (300gp)
Potion of Invisibility (300gp)
Scroll of Scare (150 gp)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (25 charges; 375 gp)
Potion of Bull's Strength (300gp)
Potion of Delay Poison (300gp)
Potion of Invisibility (300gp)
Silenced Scroll of Shrink Item (CL 7th; 700gp, limit 1)
Wand of Mage Armor (CL 1st, 15 charges; 225gp, limit 1)
Bracers of Armor +1 (1000gp)
Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000gp)
Elixir of Swimming (250gp)
Hat of Disguise (1800gp)
Scabbard of Vigor (1800gp; Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment 318)
Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement (16 charges; 240gp, limit 1)
Concealable Thieves' Tools (190gp; Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Intrigue 233)
Dusk Agate Extract (75gp; limit 3, Ungrounded but Unbroken Chronicle Sheet)
Invisible Ink (simple, 2gp; Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment 103)
Ioun Torch (75gp; Ultimate Equipment 305)
Scroll of Lesser Restoration (150gp)
Superior Loaded Dice (50gp; Ultimate Equipment 92)
Traveler's Any-Tool (250gp; Ultimate Equipment 323)
Cleats (5gp; Advanced Player's Guide 182)
Furs (12gp; Advanced Player's Guide 182)
Hat of Disguise (1800gp)
Potion of Resist Energy (cold) (300gp)
Snowshoes (5gp; Advanced Player's Guide 182)
Wand of Ill Omen (25 charges; 375gp, limit 1; Advanced Player's Guide 229)

Purchased Items:

Potion of Cure Light Wounds x3 (1 PP)
Wand of Endure Elements 50 charges (750gp)

Hudor's Chronicles & Tracking Sheet