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Full Name

Harec Tintissi


Lashunta (Korasha) Mechanic 2 | SP. 14/14 | HP. 16/16 | RP. 3/3 | EAC: 14( KAC: 16 | fort: +4 Ref: +7 WiLL: +2 | Int:+2| Per:+5| spd: 25ft.


male| mechanic 1 ATT: acid rifle +2 dmg. 1d8 or knife +1 dmg. 1d4+1|darts:10-/20

1/1 day Memory module(re-roll a skill check) skill focus Athletics| custom rig arm|at will: daze, psycho hand, 1/1day detect thoughts|


Chaotic Good






common , Brethedan, Castrovelian, Draconic



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Harec's boons| chronicles

Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 13
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 8
Charisma 12

About Harec

Male korasha lashunta themeless mechanic 2
CG Medium humanoid (lashunta)
Init +4; Perception +6
Defense SP 14 HP 16 RP 3
EAC 14; KAC 16
Fort +4; Ref +7; Will +2
Speed 25 ft.

Melee survival knife +3 (1d4+1 S; analog, operative)
Ranged tactical acid dart rifle +3 (1d8 A & P; critical corrode 1d4; analog) or
. . static arc pistol +3 (1d6 E; critical arc 2; stun) or
. . frag grenade I +2 (explode [15 ft., 1d6 P, DC 12]) or
. . incendiary grenade I +2 (explode [5 ft., 1d6 F plus 1d4 burn, DC 13]) or
. . shock grenade I +2 (explode [15 ft., 1d8 E, DC 12]) or
. . smoke grenade +2 (explode [20 ft., smoke cloud 1 minute, DC 15])
Offensive Abilities combat tracking

Spell-Like Abilities:
(CL 2nd)
. . 1/day—detect thoughts (DC 12)
. . At will—daze (DC 11), psychokinetic hand


Athletics +6, Computers +7 (1 ranks), Engineering +8 (2 ranks), Perception +6, Physical Science +7, Piloting +6 (1 ranks), Profession (electrician) +6, Survival +6

Feats Iron Will, Skill Focus (athletics)
Languages Brethedan, Castrovelian, Common, Draconic; limited telepathy 30 ft.
Other Abilities:
artificial intelligence, basic hireling access (+2), bypass, exocortex, memory module, overclocking

Combat Gear:
frag grenades I (2), incendiary grenade I, shock grenade I, smoke grenade;
Other Gear:
lashunta ringwear I, frag grenades I (2), incendiary grenade I, shock grenade I, smoke grenade, static arc pistol with 1 battery (20 charges), survival knife, tactical acid dart rifle with 10 darts, battery, consumer backpack, darts (25), field rations (1 week), [i]mk 1 ring of resistance[/i],
credstick (73 credits); Augmentations custom rig
Ally boon::
Basic Hireling access:You can requisition basic assistance from the Starfinder Society. Prerequisites: All Factions Tier 0 Cost: 1 Fame
Benefit: You bring on a non-combat ally that can assist with a
certain set of skill checks. This ally can perform the listed skills with
a total bonus equal to your level. You must expend any necessary
actions and be in range to perform the action yourself. The ally’s
result cannot be modified by class abilities or spells, but can be
improved by a successful aid another action. The ally does not
participate in combat, cannot be killed outside of combat, and has
no effect other than providing the ability to attempt skill checks.
When you select this boon, you must select one of the following
sets of skills.
Set 1: Computers, Engineering, Physical Science
Set 2: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate
Set 3: Culture, Medicine, Survival
Set 4: Life Science, Mysticism, Physical Science

Slot-less boon Welcome to Starfinder:
Tattoo of Starfinder:
You have a magic Tattoo, commemorating your induction into Starfinder Society. As an immediate action when you're struck by a critical hit or dealt at least 15 points of damage from a spell or supernatural ability, you can check the box that proceeds this boon and expend the tattoo's magic to gain 10 temporary hit points that last for 1 minute. You also regain one previously expended resolve point when using this boon.

Social boon:
AbadarCorp acquaintance: During your hunt for a renegade Starfinder on Akiton, you interacted with a representative of the AbadarCorp. Depending on your interaction, you may have earned the ire or respect of the Pact World Corporation. Both outcomes for this boon could have positive repercussions in future scenarios, which you will be told of prior to slotting your boons. Your GM will cross out the affiliation you failed to earn. AbadarCorp annoyance: | AbadarCorp respect:

Faction boon:
Exo-Guardian Champion:You’ve declared your allegiance to the Exo-Guardians and dedicate your missions to furthering the goals of that faction.
Prerequisites: Exo-Guardians Tier 0 Cost: 2 Fame
Benefit: This Faction boon allows the character to gain
Reputation with the Exo-Guardians faction. A character with this
boon slotted at the end of a successfully completed scenario gains
Reputation as detailed in the primary and secondary success
conditions of that scenario.