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This is all fantastic, thank you so much guys! I'll dive into those guides and start doing some research as soon as I get home as well!!

Don't really play fighters, so this is a fun diversion from my norm.

Hey gang, so it's been a LONG time time since I've played the ol' pathfinder. But I'm starting it again and I've decided I want to play a critical hit fighter (very original I'm sure) I want her to use the scythe to really hit hard with the crits, but I also need to know how big I can make the threat range.

How would you guys build her? What feats would you take?

Hey Guys,

New campaign in two weeks (wrapping up mine right now) and I've decided to play an angel turned mortal (tyreal in diablo 3 anyone?). I'm trying to figure out the build. I'm going to go Paladin and expect to get to roughly level 15.

Angel blooded Aasimar seems to be the race I'm going for so I can grab angel blood and wings later on (showing her regaining some of her powers as she grows). I'm really open to anything else though and want to bounce around some ideas.

I was thinking of going two handed and later on grabbing mithril medium armor to keep my fly checks low.


Some real good stuff there! Thanks for everything so far guys. Spirited charge and paired opportunists are great calls that I would have missed.

Have people found step up to be a good option when fighting spell casters?

Awesome thank you. As for the actual combat I was just going to ride until I got to the back line then hop off and get two attacks of opportunity from both me and my eldelon in case a back line caster tried to cast something.

Pounce is a fantastic idea though and I'm not sure why I didn't think of it! Thank you :)

Hi everyone!

So I've been tinkering with some ideas and I've always wanted to play a summoner. It's usually just me and my group of friends that play and the games are usually easy "my little pony campaigns".

However over the past two years our games are starting to become more and more lethal as the our little band of rookies start to mold ourselves into veterans.

With this in mind I've really been excited about the idea of a Summoner that buffs his allies for the first round or two of combat, then over runs the enemies front line in order to jump off the eidolon and engage the back line in melee with both the Summoner and his summoned friend.

The problem I'm having is how to build him? Half elves can get bonus evolution points but is that needed? Would the feat from being a human do me more good?

Also the rules on overrun are... dicey at best. Is this even possible?

And advice would really help me out. Thanks in advance guys.

Have you thought about luring them into acquiring cursed items? While underhanded tactics aren't a paladins usual MO you need to think about the advantages you still have. Powerful and evil characters will often get it into their head that they can do whatever they want without thinking about it. Use this to out think them.

If you exist in the same world you can set traps and ambushes. Try spreading a rumor of a set of holy avengers somewhere, the evil party will hear about that and most likely try to destroy them, but in fact it's just a dungeon that had a ton of monster that have ability drain attacks or deal negative level damage.

You don't really need to out fight them, just out think them. As good characters you have the resources and intelligence of an entire empire, they don't.

Wow so much great inspiration here. So little back story, this tomb would be the final resting place of one of the ancient civilizations kings. The civilization (called the Humak) fled to this planet and started a great civilization. Slowly the empire collapsed though as the aliens inter married with the local populations, until the empires collapsed.

so I'm thinking the tomb will be for one of the later pharaoh's so there doesnt need to be to futuristic, but I'm thinking that the cultists, in an attempt to excavate the tomb will have broken into another dungeon underneath, which would have once been a Humak mother ship.

It could add an interesting role playing dynamic, as the ships long slumbering occupants could be opposed to their descendants and both could take issue with the undead. Giving room for perhaps some role playing.

Perhaps the cultist them selves are torn between reverence or fear for the occupants.

In the end I want the world to start taking note of these tombs and have the pcs get untangled with the greatest powers in the relm start an arms race by grabbing the artifacts from these tombs.

You guys are awesome, thank you all so much.

Wow, what an exceptional response. Thank you gluttony for going so in depth with it. :)

So here's the situation most the dungeons are tombs for a long dead and ancient civilization. The civilization was so powerful as they actually came from another planet as refugees and brought the knowledge of thousands of years with them. With in these tombs are powerful relics that the people of the current world are now discovering and digging up.

The one they will be going into this week end has already been picked over by the cult that is also interested in these artifacts. Decendants of this ancient people can enter the tombs unmolested, all the members of this cult fit into this category, but the PCs do not.

So I actually want to give my dungeon life, but I'm confused on the process or the general idea. I don't want rooms to just be rooms.

Any advice on how you guys would go about making this "dungeon"?

And what's a red box?

So I need to make a dungeon for the weekend, but I won't lie, I SUCK at it. Like really hard. Most my campaigns are urban role playing but I have a few new people in the group who want a taste if dungeon crawling.

So, what do?

What's makes a good dungeon? Any advice on making one? Honestly give me ANY advice, because I need it.

Thanks in advance guys.


Pretty much anything on this channel can work.

Gwen Smith wrote:

One guy in our Skull and Shackles group has a wand wielding Magus with a rogue dip. He usually puts a wand of Truestrike in one weapon and a wand of Vanish in the other. His usually round goes Vanish->five foot step->Attack the now flatfooted enemy or Attack->Five foot step->Vanish (and now the enemy can't attack back).

The Truestrike is there when he's already flanking, if he needs to hit someone with concealment, or just really, really wants to hit this guy.

Did you find that this build was effective? Can you post it for me so I can get a good look at it?

These are all grat ideas! Thanks so much guys. And the plan was only to be able to cast one spell at a time, say some buffs or fire ball or something. Then charge in behind the damage rag and start mixing it up in melee. After I deal with the threat if my friends are still in danger maybe a heal or another buff. Rinse, repeat.

Most my characters are based off a role playing idea. This will be the first time I make a character for combat. Just need a cool back story for him (or her) now.

That's a cool idea as well! What would the draw backs be to the build? I'm at work right now so I really can't dig for answers myself :)

Hey guys!

For a while I've wanted to build a two weapon wand fighter. Basically a fighter/Mage that fights with two wands in melee but blasts or heals with wands early on in combat.

Now I'm not the type who knows a ton of the obscure rules and feats and such, so I ask you guys, how would YOU build this character?

Edit: for stupid auto correct phone

alright, thanks guys!

This is interesting. So if a character uses a large katana in two hands without the exotic weapon feat, what would the penalty be?

minoritarian wrote:
I've used "collaborative storytelling with dice" to lure people in.

This is exactly what I say!!

I find when I'm in a bind for town or NPC names, I use old Greek or roman settlements. It makes this sound familiar and coherent but most players can't quiet put their finger on why.

Thanks guys, pretty much EXACTLY what i was looking for :)

Hey guys, it's been awhile since I've played and I'm totally excited to get back into it, but I was looking for your help on something.

I'm used to playing a magic user, it's sort of the roll I'm always stuck with and it's also my favorite, but I want to get away from being the damage this time and try something new.

I've never really tried being and enchantment heavy caster, as I've seen them as an all or nothing spell type, but between the kitsune bonus to enchantment spells, there favored class option for sorcerers, and the fey bloodline arcana, the DC seems pretty good, even with early levels.

But YOU GUYS are the veterans, what else can I do to improve my character's DCs?

Any help is really appreciated, so thanks in advance.

Thanks for the fast and helpful responses guys! I'll be sure to harass you in the future.

So I'm trying to solve a dilemma, I'm not a rules heavy DM but I'm going to be starting a campaign where I'm going to have to be, so it's time to buckle down and harass you guys with my questions!

First up: Attacks of opportunity and Vital strike.

Do they work together? I guess that would hinge on the tougher question of: are AoO's considered attack actions?

Honestly, any time I play any type of caster, I find that a ring of sustenance is a must. But that's just me.

That said I'd really like to thank you all for your advice, it helps a lot!

Yeah. I think it was a combination of a bunch of things honestly. The advisary style of the previous campaign, the lack of role playing experience, the inclusion of new people into the group. And everyone just having a rotten day before hand.

I'll go over what I expect from them and I'm sure it'll work out, there just so competitive with each other...

Okay, so it sounds like I'll be talking to them about it. We're all pretty good friends but there's just something about pathfinder that makes them seem super competitive with each other.

The last campaign "Apotheosis" was run by one of the other people in our group. Frankly I need to take my share of the blame here for the character I played.a little background: I have been role playing for a little over two decades now, since I was eight, and role playing has ALWAYS been the best part of any campaign for me.

With that in mind I created psion (using psionics unleashed) who had been alive for 2000 years and used mind swap when the current body he was in became to old, as you can imagine, he was not a nice guy.

The back story went that he had recently taken the body of and elvin boy, and I spend the first six months of the campaign pretending to play this whole other innocent little boy. Frankly, I figured the players would catch on sooner...

Suffice to say when the rest of the party found out they were actually traveling with and evil megalomaniac bend on world conquest, they were understandably upset. I figured however, that at this point we were too far into the story to simply go our separate ways as the evil we were facing was far worse then Indrid (my character). This was my reasoning as far as role playing went anyway.

Now this is where the two campaigns differ greatly. With my over two decades of experience, I was very prepared to deal with any backlash from my character being evil, however, everyone else is now only been playing for a little over a year, and having things escalate is not what I really want.

Our GM for apotheosis and I as a player were both okay with the pvp that was going on because it was directed 100% towards me, and I could handle it. But personally, even if my players were all veterans i find a lot of aggression between PC's leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I had hoped that as role players they could all move past the last campaign, but I sometimes forget that they are all still new players and have a hard time separating things.

Seems like a fair solution, but I'm having trouble deciding where the line is between "acceptable" actions against other pc's and "non-acceptable".

It's hard to tell that where I should draw the line when I enjoy some interplay between the pc's. When is it far enough, you know?

So I've recently started a new campaign with my regular group, and added two new people to it. Unfortunatly the strong personalities in the group, and what maybe some rough feelings about the end of the last campaign, have left the party more at each others throat then focusing on the mission at hand.

Frankly, my NPC isn't one to keep the peace so I'm frustrated on how to unite them. Do you guys have any advice? Anything would be helpful.