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redeux wrote:

(I've mentioned it before but i wish all promos were at most time-exclusive meaning eventually they are made available for purchase through the store)

I agree 100% with this. Time limited cards stinks.

Vic Wertz wrote:

I'm not sure how many people would actually do that.... but I can tell you that the complete set of RotR cards, including the 8 promos, is 1163 cards, of which 130 are double-sided and 1033 are single-sided. So a full sleeve kit would be:

1 Clear 100-pack
1 Clear 50-pack
21 PACG 50-packs (on this page)

Note that PACG subscribers get 20% off the PACG-branded packs, while the clear packs are our usual 10% off MSRP for subscribers and nonsubscribers alike.

Me, reading this post 7 years later finally finishing collecting the remaining cards, and wanting to protect them so they're not damaged later...

$5 for 600 is a good price, but 12, 50ct packs is an absolute menace. Who in their right mind only needs 50 sleeves at a time?

I get this seems to be "industry standard" but it's a dumb standard.

I got a "Temptation of Big Die" card, but I don't understand what this card does or when I would use it.

Why would I roll to bury cards from my hand, deck, and discard pile?

I don't understand why I'd ever use this.

This (S&S) was my first entry into playing this "series" and I didn't realize until *after* playing with paizo volunteers at pax with Wrath of the Righteous, that for example a combat check with strength counts the "melee: strength +1" stat on some characters.

I thought that was only for general stat checks, not just combat checks. I hope a later edition makes that clear, because the rulebook is not really clear enough, or just flat out doesn't mention things making you look it up online. That's pretty annoying.