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I haven't seen any thread on how to handle multiple "Roll twice and take the <best/worst>" effects.
So, how would more than one effect be handled in, say, these situations:
* Fortune+Misfortune
* Fortune+Perfect Strike
* Misfortune+Perfect Strike

Do you roll sets of d20s, or do you roll iterative results?
Meaning, in the case of Fortune+Misfortune, would it be

Worst of(Best of(2d20), Best of(2d20))
Best of(Worst of(2d20), Worst of(2d20))


Worst of(Best of(2d20), d20)
Best of(Worst of(2d20), d20)

Who uses it? How do you use it?
My GM never calls for its use. Assumedly because it would bog the game down even more. Honestly I see his point. Just wondering if anyone has uses that make it fun to use/have.

Was that intentional?

Ultimate Magic wrote:
Spells: A <WITCH ARCHETYPE> replaces some of her patron spells with the following: <SPELL LIST>

Are the replacements optional? Is that what it means by some? Or does the entire list get replaced? Why the weird language?

I've seen the FAQ entry related to how multiclassing monks treat their BAB for Flurry of Blows. (If you were too lazy to click the link, you add the BAB from the other class, and use the Monk Level as the Monk BAB).

Where it is slightly fuzzy is: when do I start getting my third flurry attack?
My current character is Monk(Zen Archer)3/Inquisitor3
BAB: +4 (Monk +2 / Inquisitor +2)
Flurry: +5/+5 (Monk +3 / Inquisitor +2)

My understanding is that next level, if my Flurry BAB goes to +6, I get the next attack
(either Monk4/Inq3 or Monk3/Inq4, same results as far as BAB, will assume Monk3/Inq4)
BAB: +5 (Monk +2 / Inquisitor +3)
Flurry: +6/+6/-1 (Monk +3 / Inquisitor +3)Lab

In HeroLab, that third attack doesn't show until Monk6. Anyone know of a rule that can sort this out? I'll need something in writing so I can show my GM.

Ok so there's been a lot of flak out there about guns targeting Touch AC.

Let's explore some alternatives?

I'm only looking for ideas that jive with the original intent: that guns have some sort of penetrative property at closer ranges.

Here's one that I've cobbled together from my own ideas and suggestions from a couple others:

All guns have a penetration rating (PR).
Shots from that gun ignore their PR of Natural Armor and/or Armor bonus on their target within the first range increment.
At each range increment for that weapon, attacks from that gun ignore 1 (or 2) less Natural Armor and/or Armor bonus than the previous range increment (this would obviously require some testing).

Maybe we can make the PR some multiple of the Misfire Rating, such as... let's see, x3?
(The logic behind this is that firearms with higher misfire rates probably use more powder, which means a lot more energy behind the bullet.)

Firearm Pistol
Cost 1,000 gp
Dmg (S) 1d6
Dmg (M) 1d8
Critical x4
Range 20 ft.
Misfire 1
Penetration 3
Capacity 1
Weight 4 lbs.
Type B and P

Firearm Musket
Cost 1,000 gp
Dmg (S) 1d6
Dmg (M) 1d8
Critical x4
Range 40 ft.
Misfire 1-2
Penetration 6
Capacity 1
Weight 9 lbs.
Type B and P

other suggestions?