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| AC 47 (T 20, FF 41) | CMD 38 | Init +9 | Per +29 | HP 99/111 | THP 62/90



About Gror Durrikson

Concept & Appearance:

Gror Durrikson grew up in a small Dwarven community within Trollheim, raised on bitter ancestral stories of the Winter War, and with the knowledge that those around were too chaotic and undisciplined to be trusted to protect, let alone avenge. He -- like his father and uncle before him -- was trained as a Spellbreaker, working together with the Blackravens, protecting the Lands of the Linnorm Kings from incursions from the Witch-realm of Irrisen.

He worships both Torag and his brother Angradd. His father and most of his ancestors swore their primary allegiance to Torag, Father of Creation...but a small minority (including his now-lost uncle Dunag) believe that a more proactive stance is needed, and favor Angradd for his aggressive tactics. Dunag taught Gror that to wait and defend was to simply delay defeat. Sadly, Dunag disappeared on a foray into Irrisen 14 years ago and hasn’t been seen again.

Gror has taken up Dunag’s mantle, finding what allies he can who’re willing to make proactive incursions against the witches of Irrisen. He has grown powerful over the years, and won some hard victories against the witches...but he is wise enough to know that he’s not yet ready for a full assault. When drunk on too much ale he’ll rail against the looming threat of the witches of Irrisen, harranging those around him to take it more seriously. When sober, he knows enough to grudgingly accept that most of those around him simply don’t understand the need for proactive vigilance...and he should move on and find those who do. Accordingly he practices constantly, builds alliances, bides his time when he must, and strikes against the witches that he’s trained his whole life to defeat as often as he’s able.

Gror appears as a weathered Northern Dwarf of the Land of the Linnorm Kings...or as a Large, weathered, six-limbed white granite gargoyle

”The Call”:
Something was afoot in the Witch Queen’s realm; Gror could smell it. The elders nodded when he tried to rally them, but they were moving too slowly, if at all. The Blackravens were active, but not disciplined, not strategic enough -- moving, but not in the right direction.

OK then, for now I’ll scout alone. With luck perhaps I’ll uncover enough to persuade the others that we need to do more.

Gror started cautiously, methodically making forays into Irissen territory. Just scouting, unless he saw an easy patrol to bring down. He was looking for information right now, not trouble. It was slow going, but the bite of the cold and the wind was oddly comforting: he was out. He was facing whatever was coming.

Long days passed, with nothing much to show for them. Leads kept turning into dead ends. Gror’s certainty was unabated, but his supplies were getting depleted. With a heavy heart, he packed his backpack to return toward the Land of the Linnorm Kings, when...

Mariah wrote:

With a flash of bright white light a lithe and beautiful nude woman with skin the color of marble appears before you, hovering upon powerful white wings and radiating a sense of serenity. "Fear not mortal, I mean you no harm." she says in your native tongue. "My name is Mariah. I am an Archon of Iomedae, The Inheritor." Her voice is like beautiful music, pure and without fault. She carries a long thin gleaming silver trumpet that is covered in swirling, natural-looking patterns. "I am here because your deeds are known to us. My mistress bids me invite you to take part in mission of dire importance. Events have been set in motion that if not stopped, will lead to a terrible evil being unleashed on Golarion. We have prepared a gift for you that will make you stronger than you've ever been before, hopefully strong enough to avert disaster. My commander awaits us, with answers for your questions. Time is of the essence, will you come with me?" Her chest-length, midnight black curls wave gently in an unseen wind, as she extends one perfect hand out towards you, a look of urgency in her iridescent blue eyes.

Gror stared briefly. He squinted at her. Was this some Irrisen witchery? Some demonic trick? No, he was certain. She was what she claimed.

He had prayed each night for Angradd and Torag to send him the strength he needed to confront the witches of Irrisen. Those sorts of prayers weren’t always answered...but this might be the aid he sought.

He nodded to the Archon. ”Very well, Mariah. I think your god and I might be on the same trail, and I’ll make alliance with anyone I need to, to abate the darkness I see on the horizon.”

With that took her hand.

Advancement Choices:

Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 1 | Summoner (Synthesist) 1: Summoner Cantrips, Fused Eidolon, Fused Link, Summon Monster I, Domain (War/Tactics) -- Seize the Initiative, Judgement 1/day, Stern Gaze, Strong Willed, Power Attack
Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 2 | Summoner (Synthesist) 2: Evasion (Eidolon), Cunning Initiative, Detect Alignment, Track
Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 3 | Summoner (Synthesist) 3: Summon Monster II, Defense Against Magic, Foil Casting, Steel Soul
Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 4 | Summoner (Synthesist) 4: +1 Wis, Shielded Meld, Judgement 2/day
Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 5 | Summoner (Synthesist) 5: Summon Monster III, +1 con (Eidolon), Bane, Discern Lies, Cornugon Smash
Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 6 | Summoner (Synthesist) 6: Maker's Jump, Devotion (Eidolon)
Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 7 | Summoner (Synthesist) 7: Summon Monster IV, Judgement 3/day, Intimidating Prowess
Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 8 | Summoner (Synthesist) 8: +1 Wis, Domain (War/Tactics) -- Weapon Master, 2nd Judgement
Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 9 | Summoner (Synthesist) 9: Summon Monster V, Extra Evolution
Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 10 | Summoner (Synthesist) 10: Aspect, +1 Str (Eidolon), Judgement 4/day
Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 11 | Summoner (Synthesist) 11: Summon Monster VI, Stallwart, Extra Evolution
Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 12 | Summoner (Synthesist) 12: +1 Cha, Greater Shielded Meld, Greater Bane

Gror Durrikson
LG Male Dwarf, age 80
Gestalt: Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) 12 | Summoner (Synthesist) 12
Diety: Angradd
Init +9/+4; Senses Darkvision 60’; Perception +29




AC 38/17, touch 18/14, flat-footed 35/17 (+14 natural armor +4 armor (Mage Armor), +3/-2 dex, +4/+2 shield, +3 deflection)
Additional conditional mods: +4 vs Giants

HP 90/111 (9d10+36/12d8+48)
CMD 38/26 (+9 base +12/3 str +3/-2 dex +1/0 size +3 deflection) (42/39 vs bull rush, trip, when on ground)

Fort +20/+16, Ref +17/+7, Will +22/+18 (including Base + AbilityMod +4 Shield Meld +4 circumstance)
Additional conditional mods:
- Will: best of 2 rolls vs Mind-affecting
- Dwarf (Steel Soul, Glory of Old): +5 racial vs Spell, Spell-like, Poison
- Defense against Magic: +3 vs Evocation, +2 vs Necromancy, +1 vs Conjuration
- Devotion: +4 Will vs enchantment spells & effects
- Evasion, Stallwart (save = no reduced effect for successful Ref, Fort, Will)




Speed 40/20 ft. Fly 40 ft. (Average)
Melee (9 BAB +12 str -3 power attack -1 large)
Additional conditional hit mod: +2 with bane claw, +1 vs giants

- (Power Attack) Claw (x4) +17 (1d6+18)
- Rend: free (1d6+18) if 2+ Claws hit one foe
- Grab: free grapple on every claw strike +23 (9 BAB +12 str +1 large +4 grab bonus -3 power attack)
- Rake: on successful grapple check, claw (x2) +17 (1d6+18)
- Cornugon smash: free intimidate check on each successful power attack
Additional conditional mods:
- Judgements (commonly used: justice +4 hit, destruction +7 damage)
- Greater bane +4d6 with left paw
- Holy (mighty amulet) Good aligned, +2d6 to evil creatures

Space 10 ft., Reach 5 ft.

Inquisitor Spells Remaining
1st (6/7)
2nd (6/7)
3rd (5/5)
4th (3/4)

Summoner Spells Remaining
1st (5/6)
2nd (6/6)
3rd (3/4)
4th (4/4)

Attacks of Opportunity
[dice=claw]1d20+23[/dice] (standard +17 +3 divine favor +1 magic fang +2 invis)
[dice=damage]1d6+29[/dice] (standard +18 +3 divine favor +1 magic fang +7 judgement)
[dice=grapple]1d20+29[/dice] (standard +23 +3 divine favor +1 magic fang +2 invis)

1/round, 5’ reach

[dice=AOO claw (power attack)]1d20+[/dice
2/round, 15' reach

Weapon Master (12/12) possibilities:
combat reflexes, eldritch claws, blind fight, demon hunter, furious focus, lunge, dodge


SPELLS (CL 6th) CONCENTRATION +18 (Inquisitor) +14 (Summoner)

Inquisitor Spells Known
0th (infinite): Acid Splash, Create Water, Detect Magic, Guidance, Light, Read Magic
1st (7/day): Divine Favor, Expeditious Retreat, Lend Judgement, Litany of Sloth, Protection from Evil, Hex Ward
2nd (7/day): Bloodhound, Invisibility, Surmount Affliction, Resist Energy, Tongues
3rd (5/day): Dispel Magic, Magic Circle v Evil, Litany of Righteousness, Protection from Energy
4th (4/day): Battlemind Link, Forceful Strike, Freedom of Movement, Holy Smite

Summoner Spells Known
0th (infinite): Mage Hand, Open/Close, Message, Arcane Mark, Resistance, Mending
1st (6/day): Enlarge Person, Reduce Person, Mage Armor, Grease, Magic Fang, Rejuvenate Eidolon (lesser)
2nd (6/day): Evolution Surge (Lesser), Haste, Glitterdust, Barkskin +5 AC (120 min), Summon Eidolon
3rd (4/day): Protection from Energy, Magic Fang (Greater), Stoneskin DR 10/adamantite (120 min), Rejuvenate Eidolon
4th (4/day): Evolution Surge (Greater), Teleport, Wall of Stone, Contact Other Plane


EIDOLON Quadruped Form (17 pts) 


Appears as a Large weathered stone gargoyle with four legs and two arms.
Str 28, Dex 17 Con 18

0:Legs x2
1:Claws x2, Pounce
2:Fly, Grab (Claws), Rake, Rend, Arms




Str 34/10, Dex 17/7, Con 18/18, Int 12, Wis 22, Cha 15 
 BAB +9 ; CMB +20/+9 (+24 grapple); CMD 35/17 (39/21 vs bull rush, trip, when on ground)
- stats include Belt of Giant STR +6, Headband of Mental Superiority +2

Initiative: +9 (dex, wis)
- seize the initiative lets him give one member of his party best of two rolls, 9/day

Traits: Dominator (+2 to demoralize), Glory of Old (+1 save v spell, spell-like, and poison)

Feats: Steel Soul, Power Attack, Cornugon Smash, Intimidating Prowess, Extra Evolution, Vigilant Eidolon

Fly +9/+4 (3 ranks +3/-2 dex +3 class)
Intimidate +37/+25 (12 ranks +2 cha +12/+0 str +6 stern gaze +2 trait +3 class)
Linguistics +6 (2 rank +1 int +3 class)
Perception +29 (12 ranks +6 wis +8 feat +3 class) (+31 w/unusual stonework)
Sense Motive +20 (5 ranks +6 wis +6 stern gaze +3 class)
Spellcraft +14 (10 ranks +1 int +3 class)
Survival +20 (5 ranks +6 wis +6 class +3 class) (+22 vs giants)
Swim +16/+4 (1 rank +12/+0 str +3 class)
Know (arcana) +14 (10 ranks +1 int +3 class)
Know (dungeoneering) +5 (1 rank +1 int +3 class)
Know (geography) +5 (1 rank +1 int +3 class)
Know (history) +5 (1 rank +1 int +3 class) (+7 for dwarves & their enemies)
Know (local) +11 (7 rank +1 int +3 class)
Know (nature) +7 (3 ranks +1 int +3 class)
Know (nobility) +5 (1 rank +1 int +3 class)
Know (religion) +5 (1 rank +1 int +3 class)
Know (planes) +13 (9 ranks +1 int +3 class)

Racial Modifiers: +2 Con, +2 Wis,
giant hunter: +4 AC vs giants, +1 to hit giants, +2 to track giants,
hardy: +2 save vs spells, spell-like effects, & poison,
stability: +4 CMD vs bull rush, trip, when on ground,
stonecunning: +2 perception vs unusual stonework,
surface survivalist: treat wind & cold conditions as -1 step severity,
lorekeeper: +2 know(history) checks pertaining to dwarfs and their enemies,

Favored Class (Inquisitor)
: +6 to level for Judgement abilities

Languages: Dwarven, Common, Skald, Giant, Abyssal




Belt: Belt of Giant STR +6 -- 36,000 GP
Headband: Headband of Mental Prowess +2 INT, WIS, CHA -- 16,000 GP
Neck: Amulet of Holy Fists -- 16,000 GP
Chest: Baldric, Bane (+5 rounds of Bane) -- 10,000 GP
Shoulders: Cloak of Resistance +4 -- 16,000 GP
Ring: Ring of Protection +3 -- 18,000 GP
Body: Harness, Eidolon Anchoring -- 6000 GP
Runestone of Power (3rd) -- 18,000 GP
Wand of Cure Light Wounds -- 750 GP (50/50)
Wand of Rejuvenate Eidolon (Lesser) -- 750 GP (50/50)
Wand of Rejuvenate Eidolon (Lesser) -- 750 GP (50/50)
1750 GP left