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I'd be interested in playing. I have a level 1 Hunter.

I'm trying to have one character devoted to each season since 6. Right now my season 7 character (Bard) and my miscellaneous character (Hunter) are free. If anyone is running a level 1 game from either season 7 or outside of 6-8, I'd like to play.

Player Name: Clayton
Character Name: Harrisk Grothurk
PFS #: 207267-2
Faction: Grand Lodge
Day Job: None

I've got a level 1 Halfling Hunter who rides a wolf.

I'd like to play.

Player Name: Clayton
Character name: Professor Yamino
Race/Class/Level: Human Bard 1
PFS#: 207267-3
Faction: Grand Lodge


NotEspi, my friend goldenfire119 and I were hoping to play together. Is there any way to switch one of us into the other person's game?

GM Hmm wrote:
I'm glad you two did! Do you guys play PFS already?

I've played some of the Phantom Phenomenon Quests and watched some on YouTube. She has never played before. I've taught the rules to her and we're trying to get a group of our friends to play this summer, but our schedules haven't lined up yet.

My friend and I are looking to get started with play-by-post. We are both relatively new with pathfinder in general. I was directed to ask here.

My friend and I are looking to play a play-by-post game. We are both relatively new at pathfinder and have our characters in mind. We need a few more party members and a GM.