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I love the Pathfinder community. You guys rock.
I don't want to hand them the fight I just want them to feel like thier lives are indeed threatened. Even if a few players die that is ok, most of them have at one point during the adventure path anyhow. I just prefer to not TPK them.
Wind wall and fickle winds were the spells I was looking for. I do plan on splitting up the party via prismatic walls, forcecages and force walls. I just know that thier priest of Desna is going to dimesional hop them straight out. This is good though because it is starts to become damage control rather than the party being on the offense.
I'll check out the swipe spell, I can see how the lake of fire could really be used to the ememy's advantage in numerous ways.
I also like the idea of grounding them they love to fly around and get huge movement advantages I'll look into this. The larger room is something I'll most likely do as well.
The party wizard has an exceptionally high initiative and he has time stop as well, he is an intellent player and will also use many of the same tactics as BBEG (time stop, prismatics, forcewalls, quicken rod, ect).
Spells I know the party will have going are:
Protection from evil (no suggestion or charming these guys), mind blank, resist energy fire, acid, cold electricity communal, mass fly, holy word
The party wizard loves his dazing spells and likes to summon lightning elementals to disarm opponents.
Thanks all, I will take each and every one of those ideas into account, I like most of them, your feedack is really helpful and I am very greatful for your input.

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Rise of the Runelord Final Fight:
I have a large party of six that are about to fight Karzoug.

I am concerned that they will mop the floor with him and I want this fight to be epic. I do know that one issue will be that the party ranger will delay his action until BBEG begins casting then shoot the crap out of him with his dominant bow thereby disrupting his spells.

I do plan to change up some of his spells to better protect him, especially since the alchemist will be lobbing dispel bombs at him relentlessly.

Any suggestions? Any way to help against the arrows? I am interested on how this fight went with other GM's

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I have two questions for the Paizo community:

1.) Do the maps show traps or secret doors?

2.) How do other GMs deal with the "fog of war"? (I was thinking of maybe black construction paper covering undiscovered rooms)

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I would like the staff at Paizo to know I feel that this is a fantastic product. I probabaly speak for other Pathfinder gamers by stating I'd want the monter checklist for an original bestairy poster also before I made this purchase.

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Does Animal Fury allow the barbarian to add his str adjustment to hit or is it purely BAB.