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My Google-Fu is failing me. I am curious if there are any rules on medium creatures using Large or larger sized magic items. Is there a way to convert them or... I don't know. What I do know is that everything I search on this leads me to commentary on wielding oversized weapons. Full stop.

Can you lend a brother a hand?

The clams hit Santa over Belarus.


I am starting a campaign that will take place, in part, in the world mode. One of my characters is a level eight human Cleric of Iomedae. He is focusing on backpacking the muley fighters with some supplementary me late involvement himself. He is wisdom heavy, and intends to use alignment channel a great deal on a sorted outsiders.

Could the group please suggest a kit of magic items for him (33,000 GP)? He wants to focus on his channeling, so items to boost charisma and the DC of his offensive channeling are desirable. Outside of that, he needs all the usual things a growing cleric needs to get by in this crazy old world. Is domains are good and sun, he will be wielding a long sword (with a war hammer back up) and will use breast plate and a large shield for armor.

Thanks in advance.

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A common complaint about fighters is that all the do is deal damage via weapons. They have little by way of out of combat effectiveness, and are heavily reliant on items to be effective as mid to higher levels, and generally do not shine as the superlative warriors they are meant to be when compared to other martial classes.

What I have been toying with is a system that I call the Knack. Knacks replace bonus feats, armor training, and weapon training. They are gained at the same levels Fighters would normally gain bonus feats (level one and even levels thereafter). they are divided into Minor, Major (6th level) and Master (12th level) Knacks. Please have a look at them and tell me what you think, as a whole or individually. Should some be moved up or down categories? Should some be omitted? Should some be changed, or others added? I would appreciate anything you have to give.

Starting Kingmaker soon. Putting together a middle aged transmuter cartographer/geographer, and I'm looking for some advice on the build.

Human, middle aged, 25 point buy. The GM is doing something with item creation, so no feats along those lines, and he is frowny about metamagic. I'm looking for help with spell and feat selection as I progress. Much obliged!

So I have myself an Undine Tattooed Sorcerer with the Elemental: Water bloodline. My feat is Spell Focus: Evocation. The goal is usefulness in shipboard combat. I like direct damage spells, but I'm interested in good buffs and debuffs as well.

My request to the assembled is advice on spell choice and feats progressing into the low teens. My GM is not fond of metamagic, so no feats of that kind, please.

Thank you in advance.

Can you use a Companion stat increase to raise your Companion's Intelligence to 3, allowing it to understand your language?

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I'm sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn't find discussion of this with a search:

The Two handed Fighter archetype ability overhand chop says that it adds twice the fighter's strength to one attack. Does this mean:

A: That the two handed weapon adds the double strength bonus -instead- of the usual one and a half times strength bonus to the attack (2d6+6 becomes 2d6+8), or

B: That the two handed weapon adds the double strength bonus -in addition to- the usual one and a half times stength bonus to the attack (2d6+6 becomes 2d6+14)?

Your assistance would be appreciated.

I've looked in the elf handbook, the guide to Sargava, and the serpent skull player's guide, and wasn't able to find all that much about their attitudes or traditions. Is there a resource out there that can help me out?