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Grand Lodge Mathias McMeel
(0 posts)
Joran Vhane
Grand Lodge Rolph Ironbrow

Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 1, HP: 10/10, AC: 17, Per: +3, Init: +0 (47 posts)


Verik Vancaskerkin
Bill Younger Jr.

Male Human (54 posts)
GT's Abominable Sousaphone Band
(10 posts)
GT's Gothic Fairy Sousaphones
(20 posts)
Joran Vhane
Horst IronBrow

Cleric of The Father 3, HP:30/30, AC:20 T:10 FF: 18, CMD:14, Fort:+5 Ref:+1 Will:+6 (+5vsSpells,SLA's,&Poison), Darkvision 60' Per:+3 SM+9, Init: +0 (75 posts)
Dragonslayer Dwarf
Karst IronBrow

NG Cleric of Torag 1, HP 10/10, AC:17 T:10 FF:15, CMD:12, Fort:+5 Ref:+1 Will:+6 (+Bonuses), Per:+3 SM:+8, Init:+0 CPE: 6/6 (73 posts)
Mogar the Mystic
(3 posts)