Suit of Keys

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Nurah twisted her arm and escaped out of Arthas' grip.
"I don't know WHAT you are talking about milord!" She said hotly. "And I'll thank you NOT to manhandle me like I was some tavern wench!" She said, then turned on her heel and marched out of the command tent.

Lady Nurah looked at Arthas.
"What now?" She asked, genuinely puzzled at what Arthas said. "Teleport?"

You detect no Evil, but you saw something flicker behind her eyes; something very like an effortless lie.

Irabeth pointed to a small gnomish lady bearing a large horn.
"Lady Nurah Dendiwhar, Chief of Inspiration and Communications."
Nurah snickered at Anevia and waived at you cheerfully.

Lady Nurah hemmed and hawed as she fidgeted with her horn.
"So, well, what if they DON'T come down the hill?"

Then, as Voren is reading through the scrolls, Nurah is suddenly there amongst you.

"WHAT in the NAME of the GODS are you IDIOTS DOING!
"WHY are you GRUBBING through MY STUFF!"
She screamed wrathfully at you all.