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Thank you! Almost had Ardin make an early entrance in book 2, but I'll continue to play along and help dangle that carrot throughout! I love having a player that actively wants and searches for "his" slave for exactly this type of reason.

Having a lot of fun with this adventure path!

Hey! So... what's been unclear for me with Harrowings...does each character get their own reading? Or does the party as a whole get their own reading with Zellara?

Any clear rule about how to interpret an upside down harrow card? Misaligned?

What if a card in the spread is upside down?

Thought so. Maybe with the destruction or disabling of the world anchor, the forbiddance effect subsides, as it does with the unholy aura. Probably tier it. Thanks for the inspiration. ;)

Running book 5 and utilizing the rebuild. Anna's contingency still works in the monastery that has forbiddance cast within?

gmoyer87 wrote:
Anybody feel that "FREEDOM TOWN" is "ARWYLL STEAD?"

When comparing Maps, it appears Freedom Town is a little SE of where Arwyll Stead would be.

Anybody feel that "FREEDOM TOWN" is "ARWYL STEAD?"

In campaign traits, one such available is the scholar of the ancients. How much information does this trait allow for 1st level PC'S access to information on the Thassilonian lore?

I'm just hazy as to how much I can give out to the PC'S when it comes to Thassilonian history.