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Thanks but I was trying to close it so no could actually post any longer as the acrimony was becoming rather heated and even deactivated threads can be responded to...

Ohh boy guys, I believe we can shut the thread down now...

Happy Gaming to All!

This PvP game has run its course and it is best if it is just shut down.

Thank you!

Yeeeeaaah. I am thinking probably PvP is not really working any longer.

Let's just head to our respective tables (assuming all groups still want to play?) and resume those games individually.

Jedi Tion Cluster Gambit - Recruitment

Empire in Exile Tion Cluster Gambit - Gameplay

This will make the games move faster as well. Sorry that did not work out folks!

Errin Khass wrote:
The Jedi group appears bent on pushing things. Errin is not inclined to back down, so unless they turn tail and withdraw she'd probably end up shooting someone. Up to you whether you want us offing each other.

Yeah I do not see them turning tail and running when your group shot at them first. Having shot CSA guards it is likely that they would see you as dangerous which is why they were hesitant to just let you all go.

Quen also failed a UtF roll for the first time I think in the entire thread which if successful MAY have changed his initial approach when he arrived, ah well, what can you do?

There were OOC reasons that I wanted to finish that scene and fast forward both teams. So I was trying to come to a non-violent solution temporarily as I thought that would take less time, obviously, I was wrong in assuming that.

I ruled that Caleb stepping forward did NOT trigger the readied action as his step forward was not an "aggressive" step forward.

There is another reason I/C why the Transport stopped but that is neither here nor there at this point and for now will remain a mystery.

Based on the interactions of today, I don't think this is a viable PvP as the animosity seems to be between Players as opposed to Characters. No need for that to continue to escalate. Both tables can enjoy the same game without further interactions as separate Tables which I am more than willing to do assuming you all still want to see where this all goes! :-)


Folks, as this is getting heated we may just want to separate the tables and run them as stand alones where the DM controls the other groups action for each table.

Let me know if you all agree.

I certainly still want to run a game for each group but not together if you all feel the animosity has become too great.

Let me know!

The Wyrm Ouroboros wrote:
Just for my personal enlightenment, can someone direct me to where in the Star Wars canon, whether that's movies, shows, books, comics, or whatever, that the Jedi Mind Trick is talked about as 'mind rape'? I'm not arguing or anything, I just want to know.

I think that is more the characters [Errin's] personal attitude towards the Jedi and Force Users in general so not really a canon thing.

AIU-066; "Garrett Liantin" wrote:
Is there anything more you'd like to add to the pissing contest, or can we be done now?

I know I know, serious baiting going on there but let's just let it pass else this becomes less PvP and more 3 separate tables... :-)

Quen Pah wrote:
So if I start using my abilities are you going to complain, Garrett? And who would say that you win initative?

Please don't bait the other players. I know you are still steamed about the past transactions but we are past that now, I think... :-) Though Caleb just dropped for good so I might just DMPC him till we get past this scene.

AIU-066; "Garrett Liantin" wrote:
if you use Force powers, you get shot. That is how the rules of the game work.

Agreed though Diplomacy/Persuasion would be a skill check for Quen I think Force Persuasion simply allows Persuade rolls using the UtF skill so not a Force Power per se, at least that is how I read the rules as well so no Readied Action would trigger in this case. That is why I called for an Initiative test.

Did you want to use Diplomacy to ask Garrett to lower his weapon Quen? If so then I would agree an Initiative check would be in order.

Ultimately, if you are both going to request a de-escalation of the situation I suppose it matters little who "wins". Unless of course Quen asks Garrett to come quietly which he would not agree to...

Garrett Perception check DC 10:
The Jedi Quen does not seem to mean the attack as a "threat" he seems to have genuinely called off a CSA attack.

Quen Pah wrote:
Did I arrive there now?

Just as Garrett finishes his statement.

Endregaard - Evening 2 - The CSA Compound

As the groups "negotiate" back and forth a figure on a speeder bike heads towards the assembly though his pace is relatively slow.

You all recognize the figure though only the Jedi know his name.

Quen, you are now approaching the negotiations.

Quen ONLY Perception DC 15:
Based on the body language of those assembled, the negotiations are tense and likely headed in the wrong direction.

Quen ONLY - Use the Force - Search Your Feelings DC 25:
You sense that the CSA is the wrong side here based on their actions and that if the Jedi did not come, these people would have been the best possibility of common folk actually getting assistance despite their methods being violent...

Kaldo is staying put in the Cab. The Jedi and his ally approach but come no closer than the Droid on the speeder. They do not appear to be hostile, yet. Is there a distance that they will become TOO close where your readied action will pop off?

You realize that this situation is crazy tense but listening in on Comms it seems that both sides want to do the right thing and help victims of the plague. The question is, will that happen with or without more violence between these two groups? Any action you want to take?

One of the men who is afflicted by the plague coughs and turns to you, "Are we gonna get that spice soon? The longer we wait here the better the chance they scramble those star fighters and we'll be sitting ducks out here..."

The guards facial reaction cannot be seen but he motions you along Rennah but you do hear his response.

"You kill a bunch of us and then say you want to resolve a situation you created? That's a good one lady. I'm not stupid, I see you're some kinda Jedi, you'll all pay for what you did here today"

Errin Khass wrote:
As I said in my last post, Errin stops once within firing range --and well outside charge or force power range -- and takes aim, covering the Jedi.


I have been running games since 1989, this is without a doubt the toughest one I have run yet! :-)

He used a Reading Action from Round 6 to attack and his Round 7 action to Intimidate you. You used a speaking action to contact Caleb who in turn asked Kaldo to contact his people to shut down the mob attacking the Compound. All parties took a deep breath and the approached one another. Thus we are out of combat and your intimidation by him has ended.

Doing the calculations in your head based on the size of the mob you believe that the request is more than reasonable. The question is why and what information does he seek that would require him to attempt such a dangerous stunt?

Your logic processors calculate that unless he could have brought that transport into a building with coverage, the IRD space fighters would have caught up with he and his crew within 9 1/2 minutes...

Indeed, you can hang back for now!

Gunnar, Caleb and Quen are the Jedi in your group.

Garrett, Rennah, and Errin are with the other group. For some reason the pilot of the stolen Transport is still inside and Caleb appears to be comfortable with that.

Quen Pah wrote:
The counselor will head out.

I will ping you when you show up, a few rounds of discussion back and forth essentially.

The Sarge moves to open his mouth again then pauses considering your words.

"Cancel that strike. If the fight is over we should not reignite".

He pauses and then turns to you, "Head back over there and tell Vryce that I expect him to bring these perpetrators to justice!"

Nice Roll!

The radio squawks back after a few minutes, "Sarge, it looks like Commander Gunnar has everything under control or at least the combat has stopped, advise".

The Sarge responds, "Stand down, I am sending in a few IRD's. They will blow everyone there to high hell! I'll not let this stand".

Quen, it looks like the Sarge is going to re0ignite a battle, actions? Currently, you are on the other side of the building and cannot see what is taking place.


First, Garrett wrote that he was aiming for AJ's lightsaber hand/arm. With that natural 20, I somewhat presume that that's exactly what he hits. Would AJ's hand/forearm being blown off (or nearly so) be effectively the special effect of moving two steps down the condition track and 25 damage?

No, much like D&D you are injured but not coming undone unless some sort of special attack action is declared.

Second, while the cargo skiff is swinging wide, will we at some point during this Turn be within 6 squares of either Garrett or AJTD1?

No as the transport swung in the OTHER direction away from Garrett.

Personal Roll: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24
UtF: Center self: 1d20 + 15 - 1 ⇒ (11) + 15 - 1 = 25

I do not, by the way, know if there's any actual 'centering' skill or ability; just using the UtF roll to determine how well Caleb is letting the Light Side flow through him.

Sounds good to me!

He will, however, have his unignitied lightsaber in his hand; if Garrett swings his sniper rifle to point at him (I presume it's currently pointed at AJTD1) he will ignite the lightsaber, Deflect any shot(s), and Redirect them into Garrett. As he does so, he will not stop his measured pace towards 'Mag-Foot'.


Sure would have been nice to have Quen actually wanting to get involved with the problem at hand instead of staying as far away from combat as possible, though.

He may have the most important roll of all in his side session here!

Endregaard - Evening 2 - The CSA Compound

The Transport skiff comes to a stop as Caleb agrees to Garret's demands.

In return, Kaldo asks Errin and Rennah to bring the mob to a halt.

He then steps out of the skiff and begins walking, lightsaber de-activated, towards where Garret and AJTD1 are currently having a stand off of sorts.

Gunnar swings around with his speeder but is too far to disarm the assassin.

Rennah after a few tries gets the mob to calm down once she convinces them that they will indeed get the medicine they have sought after for weeks.

The adversaries come together, to talk though everyone seems on edge, though Quen is not present and Kaldo is still in the Transport.

And we are out of combat... I think. Now to the RP!

Kaldo, you are in the transport drivers seat. We will assume that everyone meaning AJTD1, Caleb, Gunnar, Garrett, Rennah, and Errin is now with 12-20 meters of each other and the mob is settled. The CSA security agents hover nearby but none have taken any action seeing Gunnar present on the scene.

Yep you are a little too far Gunnar!

Post actions folks so we can move on to the next scene :-)

The mob is pretty far from your current location so you probably are not close enough to effect them.

The ground is grass so no dust to speak of, perhaps slow down and get line of sight on the assassin and use Force Slam or Move Object to effect him?

AJTD1: "AJ" tutoring droid - 1 wrote:
Should I go ahead and post? Or wait till my turn?

You can post a speaking action out of turn as I allow it as a Free Action (whether the rules do or not).

Just to address the question Caleb, yes he shot AJTD1 though I am not sure 12 meters would be considered point blank range it's not to far away either :-)

I agree it was rather broad in scope based on the description in the book but as the field of vision he had is so wide (zero obstructions in a wide open field) I allowed it.

Maybe the best policy is to announce a Readied Action. BUT not to roll UNLESS a triggering event takes place.

As a rule I tend to allow more actions than I restrict in my games so long as EVERYONE is treated equally. If the groups believe a more narrow interpretation of a Readied Action should be applied, I am fine with that.

We will use the original roll Garrett.

Round 7 -
Caleb GO!
Kaldo (Still moving the Transport back to the Building) & Quen (You can respond in a spoiler to me as you are out of combat at the moment)
Gunnar (Moving Alongside Transport Full Cover) & AJTD1 - (Condition Intimidated)
Errin & Rennah
CSA Security Guards

AJTD1, this man is quite imposing and having just shot you alongside slaying other CSA security guards, you know he means business.

You are intimidated and will back down from the confrontation likely disengaging the lightsaber once more.

AIU-066; "Garrett Liantin" wrote:

I asked the GM if refusing to stop the skiff would qualify as an overtly threatening action, to which I believe he replied yes. However, he said to wait to shoot until your action; in that action, you said you would move to re-activate your lightsaber. That is certainly overtly threatening (and more pressing to Garrett, too), so Garrett shoots you.

That part makes sense to me, certainly. I misread on the lightsaber (I thought that when the GM was controlling the character he dropped it, not deactivated it), so that was my mistake. Garrett fired on you when he sees you go to reactivate it, then, but the action still triggers. That works for me, if it makes sense to other people.

Agreed, you would shoot AJTD1 or Intimidate him. I think that the Intimidate may have more impact as you can get him to back down without killing him, he is worthless as a hostage dead/deactivated!

I see that Intimidate check on October 20, 2016. It took place when no one was playing the character.

However, Intimidate is a FULL ROUND action. See Page 144 in the Saga book. It would consume all of your effort in that Round.

Garrett you would need to Either Intimidate or set up a Readied Action to fire at the Transport last Round.

Of course, you go first this Round so there's that...

AJTD1: "AJ" tutoring droid - 1 wrote:
I did look up the intimidation part, and it seems like intimidation should work on droids because of their neuritics processors.

Yes, agreed.

Readying an action lets you prepare to take an action later, after your turn is over but before your next turn has begun.

You can ready an single standard action or ove action. To do so, specify the standard action or move you will take and the circumstances under which you will take it. Then, any time before your next turn, you may take the readied action in response to those circumstances (assuming they occur). Star Wars Saga Edition page 162.

Based on this I would think that Garrett you cannot take a Readied Action against the Droid, as the Transport DID move, you can use that roll to shoot it for a lot of damage!

Then at the top of the next Round you can Intimidate AJTD1 to not take an action and instead Comm the Transport to stop moving. Is a Droid subject to Intimidation though? I'll have to look that up!

Garrett the Droid disengaged but did not drop the Lightsaber so you would not be able to kick it away. Can you link to the original roll? Thanks!

Just to be clear, your action for the top of the round is to approach AJTD1 and Intimidate him correct?

Sorry I missed that previous Intimidate check, should we make these types against other Players a Challenged check instead of a passive defense? The system seems to not allow for it I suppose to streamline action but I would like to hear suggestions OOC.

As you arrive back to give a report to the Sergeant he nods to you, "Well done! I am still calling one of the IRD's back anyway, air support will bring these criminals to heel!"

Gunnar Vryce II wrote:
Gunnar will continue following the transport is there anything big enough around here while hiding under the transport I could put in front of the mob and the other threats using the force?

No it is a wide open field with nary a large useful item in sight!

Round 7 -
Garrett GO!
Kaldo & Quen
Gunnar & AJTD1
Errin & Rennah
CSA Security Guards

I have revised the map and included it above as it seems an ensuing combat is imminent...

There are two guards remaining near (in relative terms) Rennah and Errin. Garret can either fire at the transport or at AJTD1 but not at Gunnar who has complete cover on the other side of the transport.

Another transport, this one with weapons is advancing from the west.

The Mob Scene is the mob that is heading towards the spice transport.

Quen, all is as you left it back at the building except the Commander is calling into a Comm device.

I have been PMING with the new player he will be posting by Monday and then we can move forward.

AIU-066; "Garrett Liantin" wrote:
Sure! I just wanted to know if it would trigger at all.

I sent our newest player some background on what is taking place, he should be posting no later than Monday. Then hopefully we can get moving past the longest scene I have ever had in a PbP game!

AIU-066; "Garrett Liantin" wrote:
GM, I'll leave it up to you if the refusal to stop the skiff represents an 'overtly threatening action' and trigger his readied action. If it does, he'll fire specifically on the skiff; he's trying to damage it enough to make it stop or convince Caleb (who he assumes is the one really in control) to stop the skiff, without actually damaging him or Kaldo. If it doesn't trigger, I'll let it expire for now.

It does, let's give the new AJTD1 a chance to respond to you an comm the transport and see how they react before we resolve your shot!

Endregaard - Evening 2 - AJTD1 & Garrett - Just Outside the CSA Compound

Erin sees two guards running towards the mob looking to cut them off and back up their compatriot. None fire weapons though they do level them towards the crowd threateningly.

The minute the first lowers his weapon, Errin's shot brings him low. The shot galvanizes the mob surging forward giving Rennah cover among them.

Updates I/C tonight.

AJTD1: "AJ" tutoring droid - 1 wrote:


I am the noobiest of noobs.

But I like Star Wars.

Hope that, and a ton of reading I'm about to do, will be enough.


I posted an action for your character at the end of last round, in the new round you can go ahead and pick up the action.

AIU-066; "Garrett Liantin" wrote:
I might be able to find someone who'd be interested in playing. I can ask around if you'd like; if you'd rather I didn't since I'm on another "team", I understand. I run three games here on the boards, I could ask there too.

I would like that! :-)

Once Gunnar, Rennah and Errin act and Kaldo responds (or does not) we will move to Round 7.

Gunnar, as the transport begins to move, do you move with it keeping under its cover or head towards the new threat on the outskirts of the compound?

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