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Pardon sir, would you prefer a beltie in your wicket?

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I've got a shot.

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Loads Pa's prize steer.

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Fires environmentally friendly bikes on California, adds some cheese.

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Takes a swig from the udder and throws a cow at the band.

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And now, from another thread:

Question of the day: if you could *BOOP!* replace a bad guy with yourself, from a video game, a book, a play, an RPG, a computer game, a television series, or a movie (or different ones from each), who would it be, why, and how would that impact the narrative (if any)?

You keep your favorite features of yourself and/or them while retaining the full knowledge, skills, powers, and abilities of you both; for example, you could, if you so desired, seemlessly replace them with yourself and just take over their organization with no one the wiser - or whatever); "you" are the personality in charge, and though you have free access to their memories, "you" (the person answering) are the "real" person. You retain your meta-information about the whatever it is.

... this is late enough that it'll be tomorrow's question, too... XD

Cardinal Richelieu.

Because a) I'd have my own Guards, and b), I'd get to be played by Peter Capaldi on teevee.

This would have interesting results, in that a rather stupid English (Protestant) Atheist would be at once head of the Catholic Church in France and in charge of that country's foreign policy, but more probably cannot be said on FaWtL, even though the flaming bicycle won't be invented for another 300 years or so. Maybe there's a flaming horse instead.

Eh, close enough.

Loads Myrtle into a catapult, readies the oil.

Horse and livestock were too long, alas. Also, it's technically not religious if no one knows who he is/was besides a future or past role of Martin Freeman or Benedict Cumberbatch.