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Hello, I hope you are having a lovely life.

My boy Roy is really trying to recharge some fine Aristocrats, but the party and I are on the 4 scenarios of the third adventure and those rum filled oligarchs are nowhere to be seen.

What utility has Royster if the only aristocrat is a loot that doesn't discard itself.

Please enlighten me.

Ahoy mates!

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I have a question regarding the power on the Academician role card.

"When you reset your hand (■ or at the start of the turn)"

Can I do both, at the start or the end, or is it an exclusive "or"?

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Hello, I'm Franco from Argentina, we are starting again to get into the organized play thanks in part for the simplicity and elegance of the PFCG.

But even if I used to be a few years ago an organizer for PFS RPG I cannot report my card events or add sessions now.

Can someone give me a step by step on how to report events?

Also, what should I do to see my events listed on the events page?

Many thanks in advance