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Atheory wrote:

Throwing my 2nd account on the market.

it is a DT account with the following colorful names

#1 - Kingkoopapoopa
Gemcutter 10
Jeweler 9
unspent XP as of posting - 78300

#2 - Seemorebucks
Sawyer 6
Engineer 10
unspent XP as of posting - 161176

The account will accrue xp for the next 3-4 days until sub runs out.

PM on the forums if you have questions/offers.

NOTE: This is for the two characters and the DT account, not any of the other things that came with the package.


I almost considered this. Almost. But, those names are absolutely horrible.

Anyone on this thread still have a DT account for sale?

Guy Ladouceur wrote:
I have a Crowdforger Pioneer account that I am interested in selling due to the fact that I have only used it a handful of times.

What is included in a Pioneer account?

Calidor Cruciatus wrote:

I really do appreciate the thread crapping guys! No really....

Anyhow. I will lower this to $250 but the offer is only good for 24 hours. After that I will shelve it for awhile. This is below what other similar accounts have sold for

Not really. Your account is less valuable as it is unused. You could probably do better if you chose some generic name and let it bank the xp and then sell it later with lots of unused xp. Most buyers value banks of xp over a chosen name.

nrok wrote:
No interest at all?

Most folks are only interested in Destiny's Twins accounts at this juncture.

TEO Lone_Wolf wrote:


My thought is that this should also increase the potential for rep free PvP. I didn't note it above, but after seeing your comment and thinking on it, perhaps those who dungeon delve get a criminal flag of some sort (they are "stealing", after all) that makes them rep free PvP targets. Its a meaningful decision for delvers then - you want that juicy loot from that dungeon? Well, then you're going to be a PvP target. Then it gives PC bandits something to do, too :-).

How that flag would work or how long it is tagged to the delver probably needs thought, but perhaps so long as you carry any dungeon loot you're flagged. Perhaps the flag does not prevent you from entering your own settlement, but does prevent you from entering other settlements.

Needs some thought, but my hope is dungeons would add content for both PvE'ers as well as PvP'ers.

Most ideas on this site and the Goblinworks forums are half- baked and simply wouldn't work. This actually has some promise to it. It satisfies both the PvE player and the PvP player at the same time. More ideas like this is what this game needs.

I read over the Platinum part of that. My apologies.

You sir, are grossly overestimating what you have.

This is the going rate for a Settlement Owner account. Not a simple DT account. No matter the amount of accrued xp.

Most DT accounts I have seen sold lately have only brought in $200 USD.

I did see one that went for $400 USD with a load of xp attached to it so you might get a high end price for that. But, $2000? Don't hold yoru breath.