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Drafting some characters for an upcoming campaign. DM has never DM'd, and players haven't played (except me). I'm making everyone's characters, at their request, to speed things up and make it a bit less overwhelming.

All books and official supplements. No 3rd party material. campaign starts at first level. Setting is high magic, in a city mostly. Lots of intrigue.

And now we come to Jacob. One of my best friends who wants to play a tank type role in the party.

To get things out of the way, I know the 3 keys to a good tank:
1) Threat: Enemies need to want to hit you first and foremost, or you somehow need to make them do so.
2) Control: Putting your enemies where they need to be, away from the rest of the party, and near yourself. On their backs is even better.
3)Survivability: None of it matters if you can't live to do the other two in the first place.
4* Pathfinder sucks at tank builds, just make a durable damage dealer.
...I know. But that's less fun.

Here's my starting idea: Samasran Bloodrager (primalist) with mystic past life, placing compel hostility on the bloodrager's spell list. Greater bloodrage now lets you make people attack you all damn day as long as you can see them. Swap out a couple bloodline powers for the rage powers: come and get me, boasting taunt, reckless abandon, and renewed vigor. And you have someone who consistently make people attack him.

"But, why not just be a barbarian, and be better at stuff?"
Bloodrager is more fun.
"But, by the time you get greater bloodrage up, the spell itslef can last for 11 rounds anyway. What's the point of using it with bloodrage?"
Bloodrage is more fun, and doesn't take up an action.
"But Greater bloodrage specifies that the spell used is a bloodrager spell. Just because you can add a spell to the spell list, doesn't mean it's a bloodrager spell."
That is the most litigious interpretation I've ever heard. How is not a bloodrager spell if it's on the spell list?
"Samasran is a terrible racial choice for a bloodrager just so you can get some lame corner case use of it."
I know. Not looking to min-max, just looking to make a fun and effective build. Also, Mystic past life adds more than just one spell, so there are other effects to be used with greater bloodrage that I haven't even considered.

Now that the rhetorical conversation is out of the way, any ideas for cool and unusual tank builds or ways to make this one more efficient (while retaining the core idea of the build)?