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Makarion wrote:
Berselius wrote:
Hoping we get options for a dancer-type bard who works without an instrument.
I'm still hoping for a mime. The idea that performers must make noise (and cannot use non-vocalized spells) is pretty silly.

Even the fundamental laws of the multiverse hate mimes.

VampByDay wrote:

Friend of mine JUST came up with a silly idea. A female Icon Lashunta (Damaya) Operative (Detective) who is literally the fashion police. Like, she goes around and demands people change their clothes if it is too gaudy or out of season.

We just imagined the following scene:

Steward: "Ma'am, did . . . did you just shock that man unconcious and steal his shoes?"
PC: "No, it's okay, see, he was wearing TWO different colors of Crocks, CROCKS. Bright neon pink, and Neon green. Which means he bought TWO PAIRS. AND WERE WEARING THEM IN PUBLIC. So you see, totally justified."
Steward: Ma'am, you'll have to come with me . . ."
PC: "Not a jury in the Pact worlds will convict me."

Also at level 1, +14 to profession-fashionista

A Lashunta knowing fashion? That'll be the day.

Squeakmaan wrote:
I actually have an answer from the book on the armor. There are types of light armor that use force fields and ultra-high tech fibers to emulate daring modern fashions.

This simply means our condemnation must be transferred from armor designers to clothing designers. Too much money and technology, too little style.