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Cosmo wrote:

Your items have been canceled.


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I sent an email asking for the same (and explaining my reasons for doing so). Please cancel:

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Thank you.

I have sent 2 emails to customer service trying to obtain a status for this order, and have received no response. Please cancel the order.

Fox_Reeveheart wrote:

You could also think of it as that you are using the gloves/wrappings as somewhat of a foci for your ki and inner concentration to help better guide your attacks.

Though not the best example, many anime things have examples of items that concentrate an energy into a single focal point.

That's a good point. I hadn't thought of that. I just would hate to see armies of monks running around with robes of harmonious bliss, wrappings of butt-kicking, and amulets of superfly. ;)

SarNati wrote:

All that said, (and using my play test last night (short 3hrs but still a simple play test of new classes)) I do think that monks should get more abilities to use the ki pool for. Elemental damage and +hit bonus come to mind. Now i'm not trying to turn it into dragon ball z or something... (personally i don't like DBZ at all) but the idea of focusing ones ki into elemental damage comes to mind from alot of movies... Lost Empire and The Dark Kingdom off the top of my head.

I think I like this option a lot more than lots of enchanted items, be they wraps or monk weapons. Calling on your inner strengths, your ki, is much more in line with the "feel" of a monk then running around with enchanted ace bandage wraps :)

Albuquerque, NM

TrickyOwlbear wrote:

That's fast reading, there, Farthing! I appreciate the comments and your time. Are you normally more of a crunch-hungry person? The even amount of words between the fiction and mechanics has worked well thus far but can always be adjusted.

Oh no, I like fluff :) I would say it wasn't the amount of words, there was just something about the story that didn't catch on with me. Chalk it up to personal preference perhaps. I did like the style in which it was written though. I've always been a fan of that style narration.

Thanks for the free pdf!

Spell Secrets and Related Research are some excellent ideas for expanding this spell. I REALLY liked the new weapon quality, Animating. It already sent the old wheels turning for some nasty new surprises for my players >:o)

I have to be honest, I was a little lukewarm to the creator section. The writing style was good, but I found myself kind of glossing over it to get to the rest.

Overall, I think I will be purchasing at least a couple of these products just to see the variant takes on some old classics.

Oops looks like fatespinner beat me too it :)

TrickyOwlbear wrote:

Well, you could say it's both a "history of" and a "mechanics-y" series. The first section of each pdf takes a look at the story of how the spell was created (in fictional terms, of course, but I do include one or more easter egg-like nods to D&D canon if a spell is radically changed from earlier editions to 3e). The second section--"spell secrets"--gives at least two ways to use the spell differently (usually by succeeding a Spellcraft check of varying difficulty). The third section--"related research"--describes at least two new spells/magic items/etc. that grow naturally from the spell's backstory (or are variants of the spell in question).

You know, Molech, it occurs to me that many folks on the boards here might be like you and not know anything about the Behind the Spells series. To rectify that, I'll give away one pdf of your choice to you and the next 5 different posters in this thread. Just post your interest and any other questions about the series below (along with your email address), and I'll send one pdf your way. How easy is that? :)

You can browse through the 38 available pdfs HERE!

Bret Boyd
Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc.

I think I made it just in time! :) Animate dead please.

and thanks!

Chris Self wrote:
Erik Mona wrote:
The books are stateside and clearing customs right now. We hope to get them next week, but this is a somewhat murky process that has plenty of capacity for nasty surprises.
...and by nasty, Erik means expensive and time consuming.

I just realized there were more posts to this :) Thanks for responding so quickly! I know all about those "nasty surprises". Thanks for the update.

Any idea when this is finally coming out? I'm trying to save on shipping, so this is holding up all of my pathfinder goodness... :(

Mike McArtor wrote:

I really like the idea of a White Russian delivery service, though. Unless that's just a front for something bad. Which it easily could be. Hmm... :\

Gotta watch out for that mail order bride business... Dr Venture said it best: "The damn thing was already dead when the crate finally showed up!"


Paul Ackerman 70 wrote:

I would want to keep it the same.. but houserule as you please.

For example; I challenge my players rolls. They roll their die and I roll one.. they get the higher of the two. We also always re-roll '1's.

They seem fairly happy with that.. even if we both roll a '2' on a d12.

They had two chances to get higher.. so they feel alright about it.

Just wanted to say, tried this this weekend and it worked great. We actually did both roll a '2' on a d10, but having that "extra chance" made all the difference! Thanks again for the great idea!

Mike McArtor wrote:
The campaign I'm running right now wraps up Memorial Day weekend. My next campaign will begin in September or October. I will be, in the meantime, modernizing the PRPG rules for my second campaign (which takes place in the near future). So yes, I do envision such a thing. Will such a thing ever see print? Doubt it. But maybe some day I'll throw my stuff up as a PDF or something. :)


Andreas Skye wrote:

That's probably because Conan had both Great Cleave and Whirlwind attack ;-)

Well, sure, OLDER Conan did ;)

But with the new cleave, I think the thing that makes it stick out is not having to actually drop the opponent before being able to continue with the attack. Heck, Indiana Jones does it all the time with his bare fists! Well, ok, maybe a bad example since he does drop them... but there are many examples in movies and novels where the hero smacks more than one villian/thug/meat shield with one attack. Realistic? Not really, but it sure makes for good imagery. :)

Tatterdemalion wrote:
Farthing wrote:
I'm pretty sure Conan would even take Chuck Norris
I'm pretty sure I could take Chuck Norris nowadays -- he's OLD!

Yeah, but so is Conan ;)

I like the new cleave a lot better myself. I absolutely think it's more cinematic than the old cleave. I don't imagine a character like Conan having issues smacking a big bad and carrying through to attack the baddie next to him who was trying to move in with a cowardly sneak attack.

We tested it this weekend, and our fighter LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

katman wrote:
While some halflings prefer to settle in one location, usually with others of their kind and extended families, others feel a greater sense of wanderlust and move from place to place as their moods and the situations dictate.

This is why I think it should be rogue/monk :)

Gavgoyle wrote:

Rock on!! Thanks for the quick info, Farthing!

No problem! I'm running my group through this now and they are having a blast.

Gavgoyle wrote:
Is this module good as a stand-alone, or does it need to be used with #51?

It's not bad as a stand-alone, and it gives you some ideas in the back for tying it into other modules, not just Castle Whiterock.

I've always been rather impressed with D20 Modern, particularly D20 Past. We've run through a couple of Pulp-era games using that system and it really worked great. I'd love to see what Paizo could do with it!

Seldriss wrote:

What i enjoyed in Dragon was the multitude of articles, fluff or crunch, about races, classes, magic, equipment, atmosphere, and all that stuff.
Whatever was inside could be used one way or another.
It was a source of inspiration.

I miss Dragon :(

I also miss Dragon for the same reason.

But if I had to choose between Dragon or Pathfinder - make mine Pathfinder! This is hands down the BEST setting I have seen for the D20 system, and as a MAJOR Freeport fan, that's really saying a lot!

I'm pretty sure Conan would even take Chuck Norris

Mistwalker wrote:

I like it as well.

I have always had a problem with cross-class skills in the past.
Example: A fighter that wants steath skills had a lot of problems, even with all the examples of such in fantasy.

Now, no problem.

This was one of the things our group was most excited about. The fighter picked stealth and actually had a decent chance of using it.

Mosaic wrote:
Wintergreen wrote:
Now there isn't any difference between your very first level and any other level.
This is absolutely true. I've said before - can't remember which thread - that one nice thing is that, now, there is no reason not to start characters with a level of Commoner or Expert or Aristocrat to represent their backgrounds and pre-adventuring experiences. There's no waste of all those 1st level skill points. Such a character would really be 2nd level but those NPC classes offer so little that it would be more like +.5 levels. And a lot of background and story telling opportunities for those who want it.

I'm a HUGE fan of the Dungeon Crawl Classics 0-level adventures. It really adds a lot for those who like to flesh out their characters a bit more.

OutlawJT wrote:
Should I be able to automatically succeed at tumbling through a colossal red dragons space(s) at 13th level? No. Should I have a serious advantage for the effort given a colossal's relative dexterity versus the skillful mobility of my much smaller character? Absolutely. While a character who trains heavily in tumbling shouldn't be able to readily auto-succeed on all of their checks by the higher mid levels they should clearly have the advantage to their attempt in most situations.

I'd have to totally agree with this. I actually like the way the rule is written currently, but then our group tends to go a bit towards "cinematic flair". It's just more "heroic" to tumble through the group of baddies and pop up behind someone to get your sneak attack damage in by flanking. Using the rule as is cuts down some of the overhead and lets the combat continue smoothly.

I'm not for "dumbing down" anything, but less checks in combat for this that or the other thing are better in my opinion. Besides, as has been pointed out, there are a number of feats that allow for avoiding attacks of opportunity. This really seems no different to me.

First rpg book I ever bought was D6 Star Wars. Paid for it with my "birthday money".

Jason Grubiak wrote:

Sure they do. Its in my post above. :)

I stand corrected! :)

Paul Ackerman 70 wrote:

I would want to keep it the same.. but houserule as you please.

For example; I challenge my players rolls. They roll their die and I roll one.. they get the higher of the two. We also always re-roll '1's.

They seem fairly happy with that.. even if we both roll a '2' on a d12.

They had two chances to get higher.. so they feel alright about it.

This sounds like something I might implement in our group! Especially since my players have always contended that I roll better than them ;)

Thanks for the suggestion!

As for the topic at hand, I would like to keep it the same as well. I like the random element of it all and feel it can reflect any number of things as somebody posted earlier (lack of training, frailty, etc).

golem101 wrote:
Fletch wrote:

This is something I can agree with. It's more a matter of adventure design, as in "use baby dragons sparingly and only in a meaningful scene where they're not the main danger".

I agree with this completely. I wouldn't say there's no place for them, but their use should be rare.

Besides, nobody gathers round the gaming table to talk about how the smacked down the baby red...

I've never been a fan of confirmation rolls myself, so I wouldn't mind seeing them go away. After all, I don't make the players do a confirmation roll on natural 1, I just grin evilly >:)

I'm planning on running my group through "Castle Whiterock". We created the players using Alpha 1, and I started running them through the prequel, but everybody really likes the Alpha 2 changes, so we'll be tweaking them before the next session (next Sunday).

I for one am really excited about the changes. Everyone in the group LOVES the new skill system and the changes that have been made (yes, even to the Sorcerer!)

This is the first time in well over a year that we're gaming and the first time in FOREVER that we're excited about it! Thanks, Jason, for putting some life back into the group!