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Mission completed - I finished downloading all the PDFs (at least one version of each PDF in the Humble Bundle).

Thanks and kudos to the tech team who managed to stabilize the situation.

Two things helped me in the end:
- Internet Explorer instead of Chrome. I never expected to say that in my life :(
- I personalized in batches around 5-7 files, then I went to do something else (showering, eating, household, ...). When I came back 15-30 min later, I could download the batch, then personalize the next.

Whoha, first download started! Liz, you seem to spread good luck!

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45 minutes of waiting or 45 minutes of clicking?

The long waits I can accept; being logged out and having to start over again is what makes it tedious.

If I could just let it run over night, that would be a perfectly good solution :)

I own both RotRL and S&S with all APs and Character Add-On. I won't buy the next set, though - because we're only halfway through with S&S, and it will take us a couple of months to finish it.

When we’re done, we'll reevaluate if we want to play a third PACG path, or something else for a change; if it is PACG again, we'll see if we go wit WotR or whatever comes afterward.

For us, the monthly AP release is actually too fast :)