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Will these new sets still include a PACG card as the previous sets? Doesn't show any mention of them in either description.

Frencois wrote:

You are missing the item Caltrops.

Thank you for all your help. Really appreciated!

Frencois wrote:

Maybe I entered them wrong in my database when unpacking (don't have the cards in front of me at work) but I have in my database the following :

Goblin Fight:
Armor 11
Item 19
Weapon 28

Thank you for your reply. We match on all but three categories. It looks like my missing card might be among Armor or Items, although I do appear to have an extra Weapon! Can I take the liberty of showing what I have in each of those categories, and if you have the time maybe you wouldn't mind letting me know what my missing card might be?

Base: Buckler, Buckler Gun, Doghide Armor, Stalking Armor
Level 1: Magic Studded Leather Armor
level 2: Shark Skin Armor
Level 3: Pot Helm
Level 4: Ophidian Armor
Level 5: Bearskin Armor
Level 6: Flaming Buckler Gun

Base: Alchemist's Fire, Beehive, Potion of Healing, Potion of Striding, Smoked Glass Goggles, Thieves Tools
Level 1: Emerald of Dexterity, Vicious Caltrops
Level 2: Goblin Pickles, Ivory Dice,
Level 3: Drums of Panic, Twitch Tonic
Level 4: Climber's Gloves, Potion of Heroism
Level 5: Serpentform Belt, Skill Slug
Level 6: Chaos Stone, Ring of Energy Resistance

Base: Blowgun, Dagger, Dart, Dogslicer, Garrote, Hand Cannon, Hand Crossbow, Shortbow, Sickle, Swordbreaker, Torch
Level 1: Animalbane Dagger +1, Dogslicer +1, Force Shortbow +1
Level 2: Flaming Scimitar +1, Javelin of Lightning, Tossglove
Level 3: Animalbane Dagger +2, Cleaving Dogslicer +2, Fangfile +1
Level 4: Dagger of Doubling, Improvised Monster, Sawtooth Sabre +2
Level 5: Humanbane Gladius +2, Planar Crossbow +2, Rapier of Puncturing
Level 6: Flaming Crossbow +2, Force Sling +3, Houndhacker

Thanks again for your help and please only check if it's quick and easy to do!.

Just opened and sleeved Goblins Fight and Goblins Burn and only have 108 cards in Goblins Fight, excluding the Guild Organised Play card. The breakdown of my pack is:
Character cards 9
Weapons 29
Spells 4
Armour 10
Items 18
Allies 21
Blessings 17

Total 108

I'd be grateful if anyone can let me know which category I might be missing a card so I might be able to narrow it down further. And before anyone asks, I've also made sure that I haven't sleeved two cards in the same sleeve. Easily to do, as I've done it before!*-

Not sure if it makes any difference, but the colour on the card backs on the second deck in the pack also differs as it gets towards the end.

Thanks for your help.

Ok sorry, Found them. I'd somehow doubled up and sleeved four cards in two sleeves! Sorry for the wasted post. Need to pay more attention next time!

I've just sleeved my cards and counted them and discover I only have 107 (108 including the generic 'Using PACG decks for Society Play') Does anyone have a deck list, or even a card count for card types, so that I can try and determine which ones I am missing. I've recounted five or six times, but keep coming up with 107. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks Vic,

I contacted Esdevium last night and was told that they were out of stock, but couldn't give me a date when it might be restocked, so your reply has brightened my day. I will ask my retailer to keep an eye out for it.

Thanks again

Can someone help with this situation over here in the UK please? I've been looking everywhere for the Base Set and am now delighted to see that it is going to a second printing. Can anyone tell me when it might arrive in the UK? I've been in contact with the UK distributor and they have no dates at the moment (not even sure that they knew it was coming!)

Regarding the expansions, if I buy the forthcoming 2nd print Base Set in the UK, will the backs of the cards in the expansions over here match or will I need to wait for 2nd prints of those too?

I can't get hold of the Pathfinder base Set, Rise of the Runelords anywhere in the UK. Does anyone know if it is going to be redistributed here and if so when, as I don't want to buy the expansions if I can't get hold of the base set! Is there UK distributor I could contact? Any information would be welcome. Thanks in advance.