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I can't get hold of the Pathfinder base Set, Rise of the Runelords anywhere in the UK. Does anyone know if it is going to be redistributed here and if so when, as I don't want to buy the expansions if I can't get hold of the base set! Is there UK distributor I could contact? Any information would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer


Before I can answer, I need to explain a couple of terms. In our industry, publishers (like Paizo) generally sell to distributors, distributors sell to retailers, and retailers sell to customers.

Our distributor in the UK is Esdevium, so any hobby game retailer who buys from Esdevium should be able to buy the card game. (And if they carry any Pathfinder gaming products, they're almost certainly buying from Esdevium.)

That said, there's a pretty decent chance that Esdevium is out of the Base Set at the moment, as many distributors are right now... but most of them should be getting a restock within the next few weeks.

The upshot of all this for you is that you should be able to ask your hobby game retailer if they order from Esdevium, and if they do, ask them to bring in a Base Set for you.

Thanks Vic,

I contacted Esdevium last night and was told that they were out of stock, but couldn't give me a date when it might be restocked, so your reply has brightened my day. I will ask my retailer to keep an eye out for it.

Thanks again

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