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Gorbacz wrote:

That's completely unrelated. Distant Worlds sold bonkers despite no planetary AP to support it at all.

Sorry, katanas and kitsune just ain't that popular.

I am new to pathfinder with 2e, and would absolutely love an updated Tian Xia book. I was curious how popular the samurai and ninja classes were in 1e? And did the dragon empires book just not sell well when it came out? Thanks!

The gamemastery guide is going to have more magic items including artifacts and relics.

I would love to see the final stats for the katana. Thanks!

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For "running the game": in the playtest i found ambushes kind of clunky to run without a surprise round. I would be interested in a couple of simple examples where 1 character successfully beat the perception dc to sneak up on someone, then decided to attack. Initiative is rolled, attacker using stealth, and other character using perception. If the attacker rolls lower now, is he noticed, or does he just go second? If he is not noticed, is the other character even aware he is in combat? If he is noticed, it feels he has to successfully sneak twice to ambush someone.

I would love a 2e book on Tian Xia, preferably much bigger than dragon empires gazetteer. A hardcover compilation of the jade regent adventure path would also be great. Ideally these would be released very close to each other.