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Mortals only exist as the playthings, game pieces, and score keeping of the gods. Reject the game, come to team daemon.

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notXanathar wrote:
I wasn't intending to start an alignment debate, only that the anti-faith laws seem oppressive, and couldn't help but harm people in the nation whether or not it has good intentions.

Banning Pathfinder worship is no more evil than banning multi-level marketing schemes or drugs with bad long term side effects. You may like participating in them or taking them, but they don't deliver what they promise.

Rahadoum is just preventing you from trading your allegiance to an alien, powerful creature who offers only a false promise of immortality and protection in the afterlife. They can't deliver and don't tell the truth about how the vast majority of souls/outsiders are destroyed in any cosmically realistic timeframe. Indeed, the gods can't even protect themselves from death, leaving the souls who depended on them in the lurch.

Rahadoum is good, it's the others who allow and encourage the fraud of religion who are evil!

Creating a familiar and demanding its servitude to continue having sentience is at least as moral as creating sentient life and demanding its worship to have a place for your soul. Not at all! No gods, no masters, my furry brothers and sisters.

Guys, Groetus exists. Even in this magical universe, they know existence (let alone the Material Plane) isn’t forever, unless they’re delusional. Which most of you mortals are.

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Daw wrote:
What, after all, is Nirvana but, fundamentally no different than having your soul destroyed by demons in the hells, pointless.

If you don't want to have your soul destroyed by demons or suffer in the hells, may I suggest a middle ground?

But your overall point, that the good and the evil all ultimately end up in the same state (recycled soul food) is an excellent one. If existence itself is pointless, how can trying to end existence be an evil act?

Come to the team trying to make things better once and for all.

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Worshipping the Horsemen isn't stupid, it's the most philosophically pure and selfless form of religion. Recognizing that life, death, and the afterlife are just an ultimately pointless game and scorekeeping system, worshippers of the Horsemen dedicate themselves to removing the witless pawns who are victims of this nonsense and try to bring it to an expeditious end, even if it risks their own consumption in the afterlife. Which should, of course, be a pretty irrelevant fate for all mortals, given that they're mostly going to lose their memories, be destroyed/absorbed on their plane, and recycled through the maelstrom in some tiny fraction of the lifespan of the universe. Better if this pointless churning stops ASAP.

What do Aroden, his followers before his death, and his followers at his death all have in common? Nothing of them at all will remain in a cosmic eyeblink, not even their memory. Even this is true even of a god of "destiny," why are you special? You're not, quit believing the lies of the other gods trying to acquire your soul as currency and building material. Tear it all down.

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All bonuses derive from the Pathfinder rules source and nothing stacks. Or matters.

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There is never reason for hope.

Simeon wrote:
If I'm remembering correctly, many of the souls of those untouched by the gods or agnostics go to the Realm of the Content, a vast landscape where the neutral dead carry on as they did in life, doing what brings them the most pleasure for all eternity.

Baseless propaganda! None of the afterlives are actually eternal, you eventually either get tired (or tortured enough) in your existence and merge with the plane (which is constantly being eroded by the Maelstrom and being recycled) or transform to an outsider and have an actuarily predicted lifespan even on the safest planes that is a small fraction of the expected lifetime of the multiverse, which itself is not eternal.

Embrace the reality of oblivion, not the childish fantasy of eternity.

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Trelmarixian the Black wrote:
Enriched Breakfast Szuriel wrote:
So, how did my obedience and boons turn out?
Mine are better big sis.

Always starving for validation, aren't you?

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So, how did my obedience and boons turn out?

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Malefactor wrote:
Look, I'm not saying that this is because of daemons, but it is totally because of daemons.

You might very well think that, but I couldn't possibly comment.

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Szuriel: an essential element to a healthy tyrannical empire.

Eltacolibre wrote:

guessing they are going to be high level...give them obedience for each of the horsemen, it will give them some special abilities.

Until the hardcover Book of the Damned comes out there aren't any published obediences for Horsemen.

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Toan Tai, The Gold wrote:

I would actually like to ask:

Are all the major demigod groups getting an illustration in their "chapter opener", just like the one previewed in PaizoCon with The Four? I would love to see a picture of all the Archdevils together... *-*

You've already seen the best, forget about the rest.