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Enerika glares a little bit at Arfluoro. "The money we have are from my family's life savings and contributions from like-minded loggers who still have families to protect. This isn't an affluent place where people make lots of coin. And after so much death in just the last decade, this town doesn't have any time left." She huffs, obviously getting worked up before Gidget puts a hand on her wrist, seeming to calm her down as the gnome replies after that.

"We don't really have any contact with the centaurs. They never really reached out to us when they moved to the area, we didn't have any need to contact them, so I guess everybody just kept doing what they were doing until all this mess started. I'm not sure anyone knows what else to do."

Unless Tess or Shayna have other input, we will need to take a brief pause until my co-GM returns home from her conference as this next part is hers :)

Soundtrack #5 - Apothecary and Arborist: Just Another Job

Immediately after the battle, a rugged woman of Ulfen descent comes running into town from a patrol route to the north. The first thing you notice about her is that she is missing her left arm just below the elbow, replaced by a weaponized prosthetic of an oversized crossbow capable of hosting massive spiked bolts.

Art & Scenery Updated!

Emerging from a shop labeled "apothecary" is a gnome with bright green hair, apron full to bursting with potions and reagents. Seeing no active threats, the two women share a hug before turning to you, the tall blonde speaking first.

"I'm not sure who you are, but you couldn't have been here at a better time to protect the people. I'm Enerik-"

The gnome cuts her off. "And some of them are hurt and we shouldn't be making our guests stand in the middle of the street yapping, right?? I'm Gidget! Everybody inside the shop for soup and medicine!" Gidget picks up a discarded spear and uses it like an explorer's walking staff to lead the way back inside.

Despite being more than double the gnome's height and with arm muscles bigger than the little one's head, Enerika just smiles a bit sheepishly. "Well, you heard the lady. Let us take care of your wounds - it's the least we can do to thank you."

On your way inside, you can recover any of the following gear from the battlefield:
- 8 spears
- 2 longswords
- 2 steel shelds
- 2 breastplates

Once inside, Enerika helps Gidget make and serve tasty soup while the gnome applies her medicinal skills, restoring all of you to full health.

The pair share the town’s history as a simple logging camp until a selfless herbalist named Dianne set up a free medical clinic and soup kitchen in 4320 AR, on the very spot they now sit. Those acts of kindness influenced the types of people who settled the area. They share that the centaurs moved to the area in 4592 AR following the death of the dragon Maejerx Steeleye, but never seemed to want to interact with any humanoids living in the area.

The town suffered during the Fiendflesh Siege of Absalom in 4717. A temporary evacuation was called for, but rampaging demonic creatures still ranged into the area, killing many citizens. With nobody to defend the area, the whole town was heavily damaged, taking over a year to rebuild. When Tar-Baphon's armies drew close in 4719, the town voted to stand their ground rather than flee a second time. This would be a grave decision, leading to the deaths of over a third of Dianne’s population, including Enerika’s whole family.

Now, centaurs have started harassing the town's loggers and farmers. Today's raid on the center of town is the most brazen they've been. Neither Gidget nor Enerika know why the centaurs have taken issue with the townfolk, but fear that a third incident might break the town's spirit once and for all.

"Our friend Rose, the mayor, is in Absalom trying to get the military involved even though we all know they won't help," Enerika says as she helps collect dishes once everyone is finished eating and resting. "Most of the centaur tribes in the Kortos Mounts respect strength. My loggers and I think that removing this tribe's leader will stop these attacks. We'd like to hire you to do just that - track down whoever is behind this centaur tribe attacking our people, and do away with them. What do you say?"