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Artifice Pool(16 points), Omni-Tool, Bonded Tool, Death Ray, Gadgeteer 5, Technologist, Back to Basics: Tool Kit/Weird Science(Mending), Disable Construct, Hacking, Force Blast, Force Field, Customize Armor 4, Unit ERG-02, Unit ERG-03, Share Function, Singularity(Alternater Composition(Cold Iron): +4 saves vs spells and spell-like abilities, +4 Natural Armor), Modify Units, Rapid Surgery, Improved Share Function, Fast Gadgets, Reprogram Omni-Tool, Disrupt Weapon, Greater Share Function

Alchemy, Bomb(8d6+8 plus 16 Splash, DC 26 Reflex for half damage and no splash damage), Lv2 Discovery(Infusion), Poison Resistance +6, Poison Use, Swift Alchemy, Lv4 Discovery(Lingering Spirit), Lv6 Discovery(Preserve Organs), Swift Poisoning, Lv8 Discovery(Scrap Bomb), Lv10 Discovery(Smoke Bomb), Poison Immunity, Lv12 Discovery(Tanglefoot Bomb), Lv14 Discovery(Fast Bombs), Lv16 Discovery(Ectoplasmic Bombs)

Program_2.0 Patch:

Nanite Colony
At 1st level, a Nanite Infused is implanted with a colony of Nanites, sometimes as part of an experiment or accident. The nanites fuses with the body part as a survival reflex; but other circumstances can influence the position of the colony, and nanites merging in the wrong way while trying to save the life of a dying entity are not unheard of. Ultimately, a colony may be placed anywhere on a body. This is a purely cosmetic choice. Enall's colony was successfully implanted in his spine.

A colony is an hive-mind type A.I. with its own programming and Intelligence, though its way of apprehending life is usually cold and mechanical, thinking only about its host entity's survival. A colony is incorruptibly loyal to its host, since the host's death pretty much signifies theirs : a colony may attempt to merge with another host, but such operation is so dangerous that few to none would attempt it. As such, all colonies begin as strictly Neutral, often suggesting to their host the best course to follow, keeping his morale high, checking his blood pressure or nutritious inputs, and complying to his desires, including those that could put it in danger. But the colony isn't a slave, and may not hesitate to deprive its host of any unneeded feature (a judgement the host wouldn't probably agree with), should he prove overly aggressive and determined enough to get rid of it. As such, a colony and a host usually have a close, weird relation and tend to work in concert.

Despite not controlling the brain, a colony controls the body part it is stuck in when it desires so, and can speak all of its host languages. A colony may assume the normal appearance of the body part it is stuck in, or distort, extend, and bend in twisted ways up to several feet of distance to move and carry (but not wield) light items on its own, like keys or books, up to 1 feet and 1/2 lbs. per level. It can freely create eyes or mouths of diverse sizes and on diverse places of the body part, which are required to speak, or see its surroundings. When a host sleeps, the colony enters into a kind of sleep mode and becomes inactive. A colony may enter into hibernation at any time while the host is awake to give him back the control of the body part, and immediately exit hibernation when the host is endangered or calling for its assistance.

But the most beneficial way a colony interacts with its host is by its offensive and defensive enhancements to the host's body. On these aspects, a colony is similar to a synthesist summoner's eidolon, with the exception that a colony does not have its own physical scores or statistics, and totally depends on the quality of its host body, which it enhances by the ability to shape blade-like weapons from the body part, assume a hardened coating around the body, create metallic wings, etc.

A host wearing armor loses any benefit provided by the colony, as it disrupts the nanites shapeshifting programming.

A colony has no hit points or magic item slots on its own. It shares the host's physical stats, but has a score in each mental stat equal to the Intelligence of a familiar of appropriate level for the host. A colony uses the host's skill ranks (with its own modifiers) and saving throws, which it improves with diverse abilities by gaining levels.

The nanites and the host are treated as a single creature and thus cannot take separate actions in combat; even though they sometimes seem to attack on their own, this is merely for a common goal, and attacks made from the colony aren't different from an attack made by the host. The host uses his own BAB and feats to attack. If the host is put unconscious by an attack, the colony may immediately perform a Constitution check to stabilize the host and hibernates until the host possesses again half his hit points. The link between the host and his colony is odd and powerful : if the host dies, the colony dies; and if the host is bring back to life, the colony is too.
Because of its nature, a colony reacts badly to mutagens, and as such, ingesting one is treated as a poison dealing instantly the ability damage it is intended to improve, once per round during 4 rounds, requiring one save with a DC equal to 10 + the alchemist level + the Intelligence modifier of the alchemist who brew it.

The colony must enter sleep mode 8 hours before providing any benefit.

This ability replaces mutagen, throw anything and the brew potion class features.

The following abilities indicate what benefits a conscious Host gains from its colony after having established a connection.

Nanological Enchancement (Ex)
At 1st level, the colony provides a +1 natural armor bonus to the host. This bonuses increases by +1 at level 2, then each three levels later (5, 8, 11...) up to +8 at level 20.
The colony also reinforces its host's body, giving him a +1 bonus to one of his physical stats (Strength, Dexterity or Constitution); this choice is made at level 1 and is definitive. This bonus increases by 1 at level 4, then every four levels later, up to +6 at level 20. At level 8, the host chooses another physical stat to which its colony provides a +1 bonus; this bonus increases at the same levels than the first physical stat. At level 16, the host gains a bonus to his third physical stat, this bonus increases as normal (up to +6/+4/+2 at level 20).
To the contrary of evolutions, these bonuses are preserved even when the colony hibernates, as they improve the host to a cellular level.
The colony also gains an evolution pool and a number of evolutions points like an eidolon of its level - it receives either the Claws or Bite, plus the Unnatural Aura [Paizo’s Ultimate Magic] evolutions for free.
Its base form and caster level for the purposes of qualifying for evolutions is that of its host; it must still meet the prerequisites of the evolutions it chooses. For example, a colony on a human host would be considered biped, and could not take Pounce (quadruped base form required); but it could take Pounce if one of its host's shapes is quadruped (like a werewolf), in which case Pounce would only work when the host is in the appropriate shape. If the host possesses abilities allowing him to change in an appropriate shape (like a Druid's Wild Shape, or a Beast Shape alchemical extract), this allows the colony to qualify for these evolutions; in which case these evolutions only work when the host is in the appropriate shape.

The maximum number of natural attacks of a host is that of an eidolon's of same level -1. The save DC against an evolution is based on the host's Hit Dice plus his stat modifiers. The host gains access to all his colony’s evolutions, and may select the Extra Evolution feat for his own purposes as normal for a summoner.

At the difference of an eidolon, any visible evolutions and their associated evolutions may be hidden, or shaped as a move action. An evolution that is hidden is considered dormant and unusable at the time. For instance, a level 1 host may spend a move action to shape his Clawed Limbs(arms), or another to hide them; while a more powerful host could later grow or reduce his size as a move action. Most evolutions, like Scent, Grab, Trip... present no true visual features, and don't need to be hidden in order to be almost undetectable to the naked eye. Any reduction to the host's or its colony's Intelligence modifier (like by wearing a +4 Headband made unusable in an antimagic field), also removes an appropriate number of evolution points and their associated evolutions; the choice of the temporary lost evolutions is made by the host when the reduction occurs.

Depending on the host and his colony's synergy, the host may refuse to let the colony grow evolutions anywhere else than on the body part the colony is stuck in; this is again merely a cosmetic choice that does not influence the evolutions efficiency.

Finally, the colony gains any special abilities like an eidolon, like Darkvision, Link, and Share Spells. The host gains all his colony’s special abilities.

Reduced Efficiency (Ex)
A host focuses less on understanding the principles of alchemy. He receives one less extract per day per spell level than indicated on the table (minimum 1/day).)

Colony Familiar (Ex)
At 2nd level, the host gains the Tumor Familiar discovery, using his colony as a familiar that provides him a +3 competence bonus to Intimidation checks. This also allows the colony to detach a part of itself from the host; doing so does not affect the benefits provided to the host, including if the familiar is killed (though the familiar itself must still be replaced as normal).

Shielded Body (Ex)
At 4th level, thanks to its colony assuming the shape of a ribbed shield of bones, skin, muscle and blood vessels whenever attacked, the host gains a +2 shield bonus to his Armor Class and a +2 circumstance bonus on his saving throws.

Tag-Team Tactics (Ex)
At 6th level, once per round, the colony may actively help its master. The host may now use the Aid Another action on himself in place of an attack roll to receive a +2 bonus to AC against the next attack of an opponent, or a +2 bonus on his next attack against the opponent.
At 10th level, the host and the colony learn to act in concert on their own to distract enemies and become more of a threat. When doing a melee attack against a creature, the host may attack the creature as if he was flanking it.

These abilities may be used a number of times per day equal to the host's plus the colony's Intelligence modifier, shared between the two abilities.

Hardened Shield (Ex)
At 12th level, the colony improves its ability to absorb hits and put its host out of danger. its gory shield now provides a +4 shield bonus to the host's Armor Class, and a +4 circumstance bonus on his saving throws. These bonuses replace the bonuses provided by the Shielded Bodyability.

Last Defense (Ex)
At 16th level, the colony is able to protect the body of its host even when it is put unconscious. Once per day, when the host's hit points reach -1, he is stabilized, and gains a number of temporary hit points equal to his level during one hour. The colony may keep moving and acting as if it was the host as long as the body has at least 1 temporary hit point.