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Credit for the original Kool-Aid man by Glutton: https://paizo.com/threads/rzs2rlv2?OH-YEAH-The-KoolAid-man-cometh

While he focused the build on breaking every possible barrier, my 2.0 version will focus on increasing the Stunning Irruption DC, which is 10+BAB.
Increase BAB, that's impossible! Some might think at first. But is it?
There is this wonderful spell Emblem of Greed, which sets your BAB to your CL.

CN Male Half-Orc Cleric of Gorum
Alternate Racial Trait: Gatecrasher +2 strength checks
Domainsb Destruction (Rage), Strength
Traits: Muscle of the Society, +2 strength checks versus doors. Gifted Adept (Emblem of Greed)

1 Power Attack
3 Smash
5 Stunning Irruption
7 Spell Focus: Transmutation
9 Varisian Tattoo
11 Spell Specialization: Emblem of Greed
12 Rage Power: Strength Surge
13 Extend Spell
15 Furious Spell
16 Rage Power: Superstition
17 Quicken Spell
19 Spell Perfection

With Karma Prayer Beads we end up with a caster level of 32 and a Stunning Irruption DC of 42

Is there any wiggle room in letting these too Inquisitor arches stack?
What are your RAW readings and what would you do in a home game?

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Relevant FAQ

FAQ wrote:

New Spells Known: If I gain the ability to add a spell that is not on my spell list to my list of spells known, without adding it to my spell list, can I cast it?

No. Adding a spell to your list of spells known does not add it to the spell list of that class unless they are added by a class feature of that same class. For example, sorcerers add their bloodline spells to their sorcerer spell list and oracles add their mystery spells to their oracle spell list. The spell slots of a class can only be used to cast spells that appear on the spell list of that class.

However, neither the description of the Oracle mystery class feature, nor the Sorcerer bloodline class feature state that you add the new spells known to your class spell list. Thus you can't cast bloodline spells and mystery spells (and curse spells).

Just a button that sends standardized e-mails to everyone taking part in the game. Maybe with a link to the gameplay thread.

Can I use my Sleight of Hand bonus when using the Tanglevine spell-like ability?

And could I do this as a swift action with Quicken Spell-like Ability?

Does Nightmare Fist work with the Black Seraph stance Walk in the Dark?

And do I get a new stance at lvl 8, or will this be errataed to 9, because I remember reading this somewhere...

So he looses the Stalker Art at level 3, but nothing else.
He gains Judge Arts, which may be chosen from the Stalker Arts list at 7 and every 4 levels thereafter. Which incidentelly are the same levels he'd gain a Stalker Art anyways.

So is Judge Arts supposed to replace Stalker Arts from lvl 7 on, in order to add another option (Final Judgment)?


Does he get two Arts on each of said levels?

Can I deliver 2 spells and a special ability, i.e. domain power or bloodline power etc, with said gauntlets in one attack?

Cleric with Chaos domain has stored a Bestow Curse in his spell-storing gauntlet. He casts Harm and holds the charge. On the next round, he makes an unarmed attack (not touch). If the attack hits and deals damage (1 is enough), he uses a free action to release Bestow Curse and also delivers Touch of Chaos by expending two uses.

Is that possible?

Let's assume the worst case that all three revelations one gets suffer a -6 penalty. It's not clear the 2nd and 3rd do.
We can for example ignore all the armor revelations, as well as everything with rounds / Level.


Battle: Battlecry, battlefield clarity, combat healer, iron skin, resiliency, skill at arms, surprising charge, war sight.

Bones: Armor of bones, bleeding wounds, death's touch, near death, raise the dead, resist life, soul siphon, spirit walk, undead servitude, voice of the grave.

Flame: Burning magic, fire breath, form of flame, gaze of flames, heat aura, molten skin, touch of flame, wings of fire.

Heavens: Coat of many stars, dweller in darkness, guiding star, interstellar void, lure of the heavens, mantle of moonlight, spray of shooting stars, star chart.

Life: Channel, delay affliction, energy body, enhanced cures, healing hands, life link, lifesense, safe curing, spirit boost.

Lore: Arcane archivist, automatic writing, brain drain, mental acuity, spontaneous symbology, think on it, whirlwind lesson.

Nature: Erosion touch, life leach, natural divination, speak with animals, spirit of nature, transcendental bond, undo artifice.

Stone: Acid skin, clobbering strike, crystal sight, earth glide, mighty pebble, rock throwing, shard explosion, steelbreaker skin, touch of acid.

Waves: Blizzard, fluid nature, fluid travel, freezing spells, ice armor, icy skin, punitive transformation, water form, water sight, wintry touch.

Wind: Air barrier, gaseous form, invisibility, lightning breath, spark skin, thunderburst, touch of electricity, vortex spells, wind sight, wings of air.

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I'd like to ask your general option.
1) Do the lvl 15 and 19 revelations suffer the -6 penalty as well?
2a) is there any reason not to profit from a Ring of Revelation?
2b) of a revelation not in the limited list available through VMC?

It says it works like Augury,which can predict stuff for the next half hour. Yet, since I'm sleeping, I really don't care about things happening before I wake up, because I'm unable to read, what I write while asleep.

Sorcerous Strike, Hex Strike - has anyone used one of these in a successful build?

With VMC and now Ascetic Style new options are available, but I struggle finding a fun build. Except maybe Monk 1/ Ecclesitheurge...
Oracle Occult mystery's Phantom touch also looks interesting.

Elf Shaman FCB:

Add 5 feet to the range of a chosen shaman hex. Multiple bonuses from this ability can apply to the same hex, to a maximum of an additional 30 feet for any single hex.
Shaman Hex (Witch Hex):
The shaman selects any one hex normally available through the witch's hex class feature. She treats her shaman level as her witch level when determining the powers and abilities of the hex. She uses her Wisdom modifier in place of her Intelligence modifier for the hex. She cannot select major hexes or grand hexes using this ability. The shaman cannot select a witch hex that has the same name as a shaman hex.
Prehensile Hair (Su):
The witch can instantly cause her hair (or even her eyebrows) to grow up to 10 feet long or to shrink to its normal length, and can manipulate her hair as if it were a limb with a Strength score equal to her Intelligence score. Her hair has reach 10 feet, and she can use it as a secondary natural attack that deals 1d3 points of damage (1d2 for a Small witch)[...]

1) So, can I make my hair grow up to 40ft long by taking that FCB 6 times?

a) Is it within RAI/RAW to interchange the words range and reach?
b) Does the Prehensile Hair Hex become a Shaman Hex, when taken through the Shaman Hex (Witch Hex)?

2) How fun would that be? (Even with the Feral Combat Training nerf)

How to build this effectively within the following restrictions:
Deity: Erastil (e.g. Ranger (Divine Tracker)) or inquisitor, no dipping, VMC is fine

What I have so far:

Halfling Divine Tracker Ranger (the FCB is great), VMC Cavalier (Order of the Green)

Feats: 1-Weapon Finesse, 2-TWF, 5-Piranha Strike, 6-ITWF, 9-Chain Challenge, 10-GTWF, 11-Outflank, 13-Quicken Blessing, 14-TW-Defense

-That 1/day Challenge provides enormous damage boost and Chain Challenge can add some more.
-Instant Enemy adds static boost to TWF.
-With Quicken Blessing I can summon a flanking body that I can give Outflank to via tactician.
-Order of the green stacks nicely with ranger for massive Favored Terrain bonuses - Scrolls of Terrain bond assumed.

I guess this isn't the most optimal TWF build in general and in my case. The build can go nova, but on a long adventuring day will drastically deplete.

Any suggestions?

Even after errata, the master of many styles monk is still a viable dip, yet better for just one level than two. He can easily wear armor, he won't loose anything by doin so.

One idea I have is:

Master of many styles 1 / Mutation Warrior Fighter or Bloodrager for the rest

1: Power Attack
2: Ascetic Style, Stunning Fist, IUS
3: Dragon Style
5: Dragon Ferocity

You are now getting 2x STR on each hit with your (large) Urumi/Temple Sword or Sansetsukon or other weapon from the monk group

How viable is an Eldritch Guardian Martial Master Fighter with a King Crab Mauler Familiar?

I was thinking of all the Grapple Feats plus Coordinated Maneuvers.
Later on, once I have Anaconda’s Coils, I could add the Final Embrace Feat line.

Technically, since I have UMD as a class skill, I can get a lvl 2 or 3 wand of enlarge person and make the Crab and me size large.

I'm just not sure, how good a grapple build outside of Brawler and Tetori really is.

This was always my favourite class back in the time when I played, and I wonder whether I can tribute it in a pathfinder game.
There are many ways to pull it of, but none to reflect the shear varity that the DIII skill system allowed.

That's what I found so far:

My favourites:
Grasp of the Dead -> refluffed Black Tentacles, easy
Toad of Hugeness (Hex) -> Giant Frog Animal Companion (sucks), probably Mammoth Rider needed
Spirit Walk -> Ancestor Oracle actually has this. And there are ome similar spells I guess.
Rain of Frogs -> This spell exists, but is rather weak
Fetish Army -> urgh. Mad Monkeys??
soul harvest, very difficult mechanic

The good Stuff:
Gargantuan -> Eidolon, any questions?
Summon Zombie Dogs -> oh, well, summon dire wolves
Bats -> hm, refluffed burning hands or the like. A summon swarm spell might also be ok.
Mass Confusion -> Confusion?! or Witch

The rest:
Big bad vodoo ?
all the Decay stuff is some kind of spell I guess
Fire Bomb -> uh, Alchemist! Investigator and Rogue can also do this
Poison Dart -> poisoned darts!

So I see some very different builds here, depending on what to focus on. Summoner does give me a lot in this list, but is only a medium caster. Shaman, Witch, Druid and oracle are also contenders, especially with some VMC.

Hi guys.
I'd like to build a char that can support his allies by moving them arround the battle field. Getting them into full attack quickly, getting them into flanking, getting them out of harm, etc.
teleporting myself is also beneficial

so far I found these features:
Travel Domain
Jester's Jaunt Spell
Heaven's Leap Shamam spirit Hex
Teleporter Wizard for my self
Liberating Command, a spell everybody can take
and of course Dimension Door and Teleport spells.

Did I miss anything awesome?
Should I build a Shaman 1 / Cleric 19 with VMC Teleporter Wizard and Eldritch Heritage (Shadow Bloodline)?
Bonus points for finding ways to move enemies around.

Does the Vortex Spells effect trigger, when I critically hit with my Flame Blade or my "summoned" Spiritual Weapon critically hits?

Furthermore, does my Flame Blade that is treated as a scimitar, have a scimitar's threat range?
The Spiritual Weapon certainly does.

What or other spells that should work with Vortex spells and have a better threat range than your standard ray attack?

When I use plant shape III (either through sorc/wiz, Wildhsape or wood oracle) to transform into a Canopy Creeper, do I get the 100ft reach vines?

How does a ranged grapple work? Can I pin? Can I grapple several enemies at a time?

on a side note, why does plant shape not give Pull and Fast Healing :(?