Elen O'In's page

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Full Name

Elen O'In (see Melniboné Elenoin)


tiefling grimspawn


Ftr(DDervish) 4, Arcanist 2




m 5'8 150lb



Special Abilities

Death Knell@HD 1/d. Darkvision 60'.






Senara, Cheliax


Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Draconic.



Strength 14
Dexterity 19
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 6

About Elen O'In

Elen is lythe with alabaster skin, flame red hair that seems to have a life of its own at times(prehensile tail), a triangular face with large black shark like eyes that sparkle within due to reflective crystals in the back of the eyes, and rows of triangular shark-like teeth. She is physically attractive at first glance until she smiles, talks, or her veil parts and her demonic attributes become apparent and that like most dire predators she has little pity or compassion. She has been known to slay fallen foes on the battlefield and partake of their essence and body to increase her power. Elen wages a continual battle to remain neutral and she cycles through bouts of contrition, denial, self flagellation, and atonement as she tries to retain her place within The Society and humanity.
Normally she wears her maroon lambskin bikini and boots with crystal beadwork, a crystal beaded veil that obscures her lower face, a gold plated mithral MW chain shirt, then a white sheer chiffon gi on top with a white crochet belt. She entices and then repulses. When adventuring she dons her tan and brown explorer's outfit complaining that it cramps her style along with a maroon silken veil and scarf. She rides her roan war trained heavy war horse Boudicca which she continually cantrips to a dark maroon and protects with Mage Armor. Her usual trick is to run into battle and then dimensional slide behind the enemy, slay them with her gladii, then dance with their loosened entrails.
Weapons: cold iron mwk gladius, obsidian +1 mwk gladius, adamantine +1 mwk gladius, mithral +1 mwk gladius, mwk glaive-guisarme, 2 mithral mwk daggers, cold iron & obsidian daggers, composite mwk +1 longbow (+2STR) with cold iron arrows coated with various blanches. A few "spices"(poisons) for her enemies.