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One of my players plays an Oracle and recently discovered the power of the combination Awesome Display + Color Spray.

A monster that was supposed to be a big challenge was dead within one round. I don't like "Save or Die" powers anyway and this is no better. Reading through the next modules of the Adventure Path we're currently playing (Carrion Crown), I see that this could be a big issue.

I have no problem with powerful characters, but it seems that this particular power may take away a lot of fun from the game as many of the fights will likely be decided with a single die roll in the first round.

What would you do to deal with this? (Note: I don't want to change every encounter to have only monsters that are immune to illusions or something like that. I also don't want to completely destroy the power of the character.)

Erik Freund wrote:
Phantom of the Opera - This one will be hard to run since the Phantom is actually just a pathetic man: the only reason he is powerful is because of Christine's weakness. I would play up the "Angel of Music" angle: the idea that there is a great benefactor that someone adores. This basically has to be an NPC, which is hard because you never get attached to any femme fatales in the series.

This would, however, fit greatly in Karcau. IMC, I have Adrion tell the PCs a story about how he spent some time with Petros in Karcau helping the people there to map the canals and deal with some haunts. So as a sidetrek maybe this would be a good location for a mini-adventure (as if the AP isn't long enough already).

Preston27, it seems you are doing quite well! Sounds like you're all having a fun time.

If Adivion was that replaceable, why would he even have risen to the position he is in? He came from outside the Way and rose all to the top, so there must be something very special about him. I would say that he has some knowledge regarding the Carrion Crown that he does not share with the other leaders of the Way.

sputangs advice is good. If you are writing a name of generic names, you also may want to write something unique about each name, a quick generic description that gives the players something to remember. Here is a good list: 100 descriptors for nondescript NPCs. For each character also reserve some space where you can write down who you assign the name to or you will get confused who is who.

IMC we are already in the midst of the Harrowstone part.

My plan is to introduce Adivion the next time the PCs return to the Lorrimor mansion. He is visitiing as an old friend of Lorrimor (using the "Xavier/Magneto" concept mentioned here) and the players find him flirting with Kendra.

I want to play him like Barney Stinson - very convinced of his "awesomeness", without much morals, but creative and quite likeable. This should be enough to make him memorable. When they ask him about his connection to Petros he will most likely tell them some outrageous story.

I think I'll go with a compromise: The characters faintly hear the music in their minds, but the saves' DC are at -4 (DC 10 instead of 14).

In the last session my group had serious problems with the Piper encounter. With two of them in the negative hit point range they finally retreated. Then they discussed a combat strategy and decided that the main problem was his music, so for the next attack they want to put wax or something in their ears, so they cannot hear anything. Of course, then they cannot communicate verbally during the fight (and get -4 initiative, etc.) making this an interesting encounter.

However, I am not really sure how I will rule this. My intuition is that the effects are like mind-affecting spells and the music is just flavour. The description says that all living creatures in the area are to make the rolls, so hearing is not relevant; but if you fail, how can then you be "entranced by the music" if you cannot hear any? Or do you hear it in your mind even if you are deaf? And would that also be true for music played by a character using the Piper's tarnished silver flute?

How would you handle this?

I regularly look at this site to see if anything new has been uploaded. Now it's been a while, and I wonder, if you plan on continuing the videos?

That's great stuff. And just in time for the start of my CC campaign. I'll definitely use them!

You can look up all the spells in the SRD:

Protection From Good is in the Core Rules, Pain Strike from the APG, and Diamond Spray seems to be from AP 24 "Final Wish".

Very interesting and very inspiring. Keep it up!

As there is an in-game spell to detect evil, how can there even be a trial, when every magician can soundly verify that it is not evil?

There are very short summaries of the chapters in the Wikipedia article